Hot Chocolate K-Cups in the Summer

Hot chocolate is a delicious winter treat, and thanks to K-Cups, I get to enjoy it all winter with almost no effort.  The problem comes in when this warming that happens every spring and refuses to abate until the nethers of autumn these days starts to get in the way of my chocolate fix.  What I need is a good way to enjoy K-Cup hot chocolate cold.

Hot Chocolate in the Summer

The Internet, as always, offers a number of solutions to this problem, some odd and some
unreasonable but inspiring. It seems there is a trend of making fancy frozen hot chocolate beverages going on, perhaps in part thanks to Oprah. These seem good, and they make mechocolate-shake
try a super simple version of this fancy frozen hot chocolate recipe that everyone’s into. My version: brew K-Cup hot chocolate, pour over ice. To be honest, it was pretty darn good for such a haphazard preparation. The K-Cup hot chocolate flavor comes through strong and creamy and the chill doesn’t seem to take away from anything. Afterall, I brewed first then poured it over ice, so it’s full strength hot cocoa, just iced.

I’ll consider that my plan for days when I’m yearning for hot chocolate but haven’t had the chance to prepare for what, I should say, is a rather predictable occurrence. So, I put my mind to coming up with something even better, something cold and chocolate for a chocolate-hungry summer day, and that was when it came to me: fudgesicles.

Hot Chocolate K-Cup Fudgesicles

Fudgesicles were one of my favorite things as a kid in the summertime, such a cool cocoa treat. I had to try to make K-Cup hot chocolate fudgesicles, and I devised a plan also derived from childhood, a plan so cunning that I could execute it at the office!

All that I needed was K-Cup hot chocolate, an ice cube tray, plastic wrap, and toothpicks. I remembered doing this with fruit juice, but would this work? Were instant summer fudgesicles only as far away as my K-Cup brewer?

They were. Fudgy, icey, cool and creamy, mini-fudgesicles on a stick. Now, I have the perfect use for my K-Cup hot chocolate in the summer!

Why Do I Buy K-Cups?

I get asked this often: why do you buy K-Cups? Well, the answer is usually a lot more complicated than most people prefer to hear, so I thought I’d blog about it. You see, I buy K-Cups because I love coffee, but not just because I love coffee, also because I love life. Silly, right? Why would the fact that I buy K-Cups result in a discussion of existentialism? Coffee, to me, is an expression of life, and in everything in life, I try to experience it, enjoy it, and savor it to the fullest.

Buy K-Cups for Bliss?

Will I attain bliss if I buy K-Cups? No. That’s silly, but when it comes to the things in life that you enjoy, you’ve got to reach. Don’t just settle for the low-hanging fruit in life. Reach for the best, and how are you going to know what the best coffee is if you don’t try as many as possible? One of the major reasons that I buy K-Cups is that I can avoid the coffee rut. A rut is something you get stuck in, a pattern you repeat lazily because you think it’s good enough. Let me tell you, folks, life’s not in the rut but in all that space outside the rut. K-Cups let me drink a different coffee every day if I want, and now, thanks to CoffeeForLess’s build your own K-Cup box K-Cup singles, I can completely control my coffee adventure.

Buy K-Cups and Learn

Did that sound silly? Maybe your coffee is not an adventure, and you should be asking yourself why. If you make an adventure of the things you enjoy in life, you become an aficionado. Wine drinkers understand this, craft beer drinkers, cheese appreciators, and fine art collectors too, and I can’t help but think coffee should be the same. You become an aficionado of something by experiencing it. By buying K-Cups, you can learn about coffee from all over the world without fear of committing to a pound of beans that you don’t like.

So, if you were wondering, that is why I buy K-Cups, friends. I’d love to hear why they’re your favorite too.