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K Cups vs. Ground Coffee Cost

5 Reasons Why K Cups Are The Better Choice It’s the eternal coffee debate: K cups vs. ground coffee cost. Which is your preferred choice? I’ve tried both ways and can tell you from research and experience that your best option is going for the K cups. To prove my point here are 5 reasons why k cups are your best option when it comes to coffee flavor and convenience. 1. K Cups Do Not Waste Coffee When you use coffee roast coffee you waste a large amount of what you buy. Think about how often... Read More »
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Seasonal Pumpkin Spice K-Cups Are Back

Cinnamon, nutmeg, a hint of clove, the spiced-pumpkin custard taste of Fall is back! Green Mountain Coffee Pumpkin Spice K-Cups are the taste of Autumn that many of us wait for all year, and they are back in stock at CoffeeForLess. Buy Green Mountain K-Cups by the case and stock up because this seasonal favorite is one that we always have trouble keeping in stock. It’s just too popular. We make sure our regular customers get first dibs on this exceptional flavored coffee K-Cup by announcing... Read More »
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995K Sales So Far: The CoffeeForLess One In a Million Contest

The heat is on, folks, as CoffeeForLess is rapidly approaching its one millionth sale. Your opportunity to win the prizes that we plan to award the one millionth sale customer and the two sales preceding and directly after the one millionth sale will soon pass. We have just recently passed 995,000 sales! One million sales is a really big deal for a company that set out to provide online coffee sales at the best price possible. We’ve accomplished that goal, and we would never have been able to... Read More »
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4 Tricks For The Best Coffee You Can Brew

Coffee has been elevated to an art in some cultures. Coffee drinkers across the globe pride themselves on their coffee preparations, and if you ask, most will tell you their method makes the best coffee. The best coffee, it seems, may not be a matter of preparation method or ritualistic artifice but instead all about the amount of care that goes into the cup. Whether you use a percolator that’s been in your family for generations, a Moka pot, pour over funnels, a French press, drip coffee... Read More »
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K-Cup Coffee Review: Green Mountain Coffee Island Coconut K-Cups

Coconut-flavored coffee fanatics, the day has arrived! Green Mountain Coffee’s seasonal Island Coconut K-Cups are out! This day is a pretty big deal in some circles. This seasonal K-Cup is one that we’ve had many requests to carry year-round, but it just isn’t possible. Green Mountain Coffee continues to release it as a seasonal, so now is the time to stock up. We regularly sell out of Green Mountain Coffee Island Coconut K-Cups, so while hoarding a stash might seem a bit absurd, it really... Rea... Read More »
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Eight O’Clock Coffee K-Cups Now At CoffeeForLess

Eight O’Clock Coffee has been an American favorite for more than a century and a half. After introducing a range of light coffees to Americans in 1859, Eight O’Clock Coffee has gone on to become one of the top four manufacturers of domestic coffee and a preferred coffee roaster across the nation. Named for the fact that the majority of Americans surveyed at the time drank their coffee at eight o’clock in the morning or eight o’clock at night, Eight O’Clock Coffee continues to put their great... R... Read More »
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K-Cup Coffee Review: Emeril’s Big Easy Bold K-Cups

Today, our K-Cup Coffee Review covers an intense coffee K-Cup that packs a bold dose of flavor in every single cup. Emeril’s Big Easy Bold K-Cups are a deep, dark French Roast coffee K-Cup that is ideal for fans of dark roast coffee. Emeril’s Big Easy Bold K-Cups combine chef Emeril Lagasse’s preference for big flavor with his passion for gourmet coffee. The resulting French Roast K-Cups are robust yet smooth with full, dark roast intensity. If bold, intense French Roast coffee is your type... Read More »
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October Brings Autumn Flavors of Flavored Coffee

Shorter days and cooler nights mean one thing to flavored coffee drinkers: Autumn seasonal flavors! The taste of this season is highly influenced by the traditional flavors of Autumn holidays, and these desserts tend to be a combination of enticing spices and seasonally appropriate fruits. These flavors are a natural pairing with coffee at the dinner table and make for a natural pairing in your coffee mug as well. The number one taste of Autumn seasonal desserts is pumpkin pie, a dessert that...... Read More »
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My Top 10 Flavored Coffee K-Cups

I was not much of a fan of flavored coffee before Keurig came along. I was leery of buying a pound of coffee that I may not like, and generally, if I wanted to flavor my coffee, I turned to a flavored creamer or a flavored syrup, feeling that either one was less of a commitment. Thanks to Keurig though, I’ve embraced flavored coffee K-Cups. Really, flavored coffee is not all that different from adding flavor after the fact. The flavors that one enjoys in creamer or syrups are simply applied... Re... Read More »
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K-Cup Coffee Review: Green Mountain Coffee Half-Caff Coffee K-Cups

Coffee is good, even great, in most people’s opinions, but caffeine is not always so positively reviewed. Many people want to enjoy their coffee without as much caffeine, and often the only option available is entirely decaffeinated coffee. Green Mountain Coffee has sought to provide a coffee that meets coffee drinkers in the middle, providing a coffee that is mildly caffeinated compared to regular coffee but not lacking in caffeine as decaffeinated varieties are: Green Mountain Coffee... Read More »
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What to Look For When You Buy K-Cups

Buying K-Cups for the first time can be a surprising experience. The first thing you notice when you buy K-Cups is that the variety of K-Cups is nearly overwhelming. When you are more familiar with buying a pound of coffee and enjoying that until it is gone, the novelty of having myriad coffee options presented to you can be truly stupefying. The first time you buy K-Cups, you might feel overwhelmed with the selection and be forced to contemplate new brands, unknown regional varieties, even... Re... Read More »
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9 Reasons Coffee Pods Will Revolutionize Your Morning

Just like Starbucks before them, coffee pods and K-cups have revolutionized the beverage world, allowing at-home coffee lovers the same high quality roast they normally buy in cafes.  With a small initial investment, daily coffee drinkers can reap hundreds of dollars of value using single serving machines made by manufacturers like Keurig and Tassimo.  Whereas K-Cups remain a popular, albeit less environmentally friendly option, coffee pods are gaining popularity due to their ease, simplicity...... Read More »
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K-Cup Coffee Review: Green Mountain Coffee Breakfast Blend

Coffee drinkers, pay attention. Today we’re taking a look at a truly delicious coffee, one that sets a high bar for drinkability and one that you can serve to friends, family, and coworkers expecting it to be universally appealing. Is it a light roast, a medium roast? No, it’s a blend, and my friends, it is an extraordinarily good coffee blend. Today, we review Green Mountain Coffee’s Breakfast Blend K-Cups. Now, you may hear the word blend and have your purist sensibilities offended, but hear... Read More »
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K-Cup Coffee Review: Tully’s Coffee Italian Roast K-Cups

Dark as night, bold as someone from New Jersey, for some, this is the definition of good coffee. Some coffee drinkers can barely picture themselves drinking anything but dark roast coffee with its intense flavor and strong body characteristics. If you are one of those people, then we have a great coffee for you today: Tully’s Coffee Italian Roast K-Cups. Tully’s Coffee Italian Roast K-Cups are some of the most satisfyingly bold K-Cups sold at CoffeeForLess. They are so strong, in fact, that... Read More »
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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from CoffeeForLess

Mother’s Day is May 13th, making now a great time to be thinking about gifts for mom. CoffeeForLess offers a great variety of gift options for Mother’s Day. We carry gift baskets for a variety of tastes and a number of excellent coffee gifts under $100. So, maybe think of trying something a little different this year from the regular old flowers, and give your mother a gift that anyone can enjoy. Coffee makes a great gift because it is one of the finer things in life, like a good bottle of... Read More »
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Why Buy K-Cups at CoffeeForLess?

I’ve been asked in the past why K-Cups from CoffeeForLess are such a deal when compared to other websites. The answer is a variety or reasons that I thought would be worth unpacking in today’s post. You see, CoffeeForLess goes out of its way to support a community of coffee-drinkers in ways that make one’s preferred method of coffee consumption easy and affordable. K-Cups, however, are a relative newcomer to the coffee world, and their popularity has soared off the charts, toppling... Read More »
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K-Cup Coffee Review: Green Mountain Coffee’s Kenyan AA Extra Bold K-Cups

  Have you ever had friends or coworkers tell you all about someone and how much they love that person, how funny that person is, and how much everyone likes to be around that person, only to finally meet the person in question and not like them at all yourself? Sometimes personalities don’t mesh universally, and this is particularly true of big personalities. You either love them or hate them, and today’s coffee from Green Mountain Coffee. Green Mountain Coffee Kenyan AA Extra Bold K-Cups brew.... Read More »
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Coffee Review: Tully’s Italian Roast Coffee K-Cups

  K-Cup coffee fans who are looking for a strong and flavorful K-Cup coffee experience are in for a treat this week as we review Tully’s Italian Roast Coffee K-Cups. This exceptional K-Cup offering from Tully’s Coffee represents the finer points in dark roast coffee served strong and delicious as most dark roast coffee fans prefer. Tully’s does not skimp on the amount of their Italian Roast Coffee packed into these K-Cups, ensuring that each K-Cup brews a bold, full cup of coffee. This in... Rea... Read More »
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Single Serve Coffee Brewer: What to Know When You Buy

  Single serve coffee brewers are all the rage, and while we have covered some of the differences between the various brands of single serve coffee brewers and their refills, we have not really discussed the more traditional coffee maker features on these single serve coffee brewers and how  they match up to one another. Today, we discuss the features that traditional make a coffee maker a quality machine and which single serve coffee brewers match up to traditional standards. Certainly,... Read More »
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The Old Debate: Ground Coffee versus Whole Bean Coffee

  One thing coffee drinkers seem to argue endlessly about is whether they are justified in buying their coffee ground or they would be better off buying whole bean coffee. This debate, while seemingly a matter of subjective preference in the eyes of some, does have some scientific merit. The process of grinding coffee beans to make ground coffee exposes more of the roasted coffee bean itself to the environment, essentially as a result of the grinding process creating more surface area on the... R... Read More »
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