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Time for Hot Chocolate K-Cups

  As anyone who reads the K-Cup Blog here at CoffeeForLess knows, I love coffee, and I love K-Cups. So naturally, I think coffee when I think K-Cups.  This time of year, though, brings with it a delicious treat that I look forward to every year: Hot Cocoa K-Cups! Hot chocolate K-Cups are great. They let me enjoy hot chocolate any time I want it without having to spill cocoa all over the counter ripping open an instant hot cocoa packet. With hot chocolate K-Cups, I can simply pop a K-Cup in... Read More »
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Coffee Review: Wolfgang Puck Hawaiian Hazelnut Flavored Coffee

  You have probably heard of world-famous chef Wolfgang Puck. He is famous for his fabulous dishes and amazing preparations. He has leant his name and palate to a line of coffee that truly lives up to his reputation for quality and excellence. Today, we look at Wolfgang Puck Hawaiian Hazelnut flavored coffee. Wolfgang Puck Hawaiian Hazelnut flavored coffee combines rich roasted coffee with delicious hazelnut flavor. This flavored coffee is full-flavored and aromatic no matter how you brew it.... Read More »
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I Need Better K-Cup Storage

It’s been a rough Monday, my fellow coffee fanatics.  We all know Mondays are tough, and if you’re as big of a coffeehead as I am, you know they hurt a distinctively measurable amount more prior to that first glorious cup of invigorating brew. The whole reason I love my K-Cup coffee maker is that when I’m preverbal, flailing about in the early A.M. blind as a naked mole rat, and barely reasonable at all, all I have to do is pop that little cup in and hit a button and then wait for sanity’s...Read... Read More »
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Buy K-Cups | Why Do I Buy K-Cups | CoffeeForLess Blog

I get asked this often: why do you buy K-Cups? Well, the answer is usually a lot more complicated than most people prefer to hear, so I thought I’d blog about it. You see, I buy K-Cups because I love coffee, but not just because I love coffee, also because I love life. Silly, right? Why would the fact that I buy K-Cups result in a discussion of existentialism? Coffee, to me, is an expression of life, and in everything in life, I try to experience it, enjoy it, and savor it to the fullest.Buy...Re... Read More »
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