Cappuccino and Lattes at Work

How to make lattes at work from CoffeeForLess

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Lattes and cappuccinos are hoity-toity coffee house fare, but these days they are as common as fast food despite lacking fast food prices. For many of us, a stop by Starbucks or some comparable coffee shop is a daily ritual. That daily ritual hits the wallet pretty hard, making finding any way one can cut into the cost of the habit a great idea. The luxury of steamed milk espresso drinks is not something most people are willing to give up, and so the advancements in single serving coffee brewing and the packaging of all of the materials necessary to make luxury espresso drinks into a single package.

Tassimo coffee machines that operate from T-Disc refills are just about the best when it comes to steamed milk espresso drinks on demand. They make it possible to enjoy an authentic cappuccino or latte at work, at home, or on the go. Cappuccino T-Discs contain the ground espresso and instant milk necessary to produce an authentic cappuccino. They even make both a Decaffeinated Cappuccino T-Disc and a Low-Fat Cappuccino T-Disc so that those who love their espresso drinks but don’t like too much caffeine or don’t want to break their diet can enjoy a nice frothy cappuccino. If you can’t kick the Starbucks habit but want to save some money, try Starbucks Cappuccino Primo T-Discs and enjoy your regular cappuccino at a fraction of the cost any time you want one.

Those with Flavia Drink Stations can enjoy an authentic cup of cappuccino thanks to Flavia’s Cappuccino Latte Swirl. The resultant cup of cappuccino is as close as you can get to the real thing without hiring your own barista.

Lattes Without Espresso

Not all steamed milk lattes are coffee drinks. Anybody who’s ever had a chai latte knows that they can be just as satisfying as an espresso latte. Chai spices and black tea combined with steamed milk yields one of the most flavorful lattes possible. Now they can be enjoyed anytime you want one, even at work. Twinings Chai Tea Latte T-Discs have all the black tea, spices, honey, and steamed milk necessary to make a quality chai latte at the push of a button. For those without a Tassimo T-Disc beverage maker, Oregon Chai Tea Packets are an instant solution that makes it just as easy to enjoy an authentic chai latte at work or on the go, at a fraction of the cost of a coffee shop chai latte.

If you want to mix up your instant lattes, I highly recommend investing in some flavored syrups. Just a splash of flavored syrup really adds authentic barista prepared coffee house flavor to any instant latte. Take a T-Disc cappuccino and turn it into a delicious vanilla latte, or add such traditional flavors as Irish Cream or Hazelnut to your latte.

There is no reason not to enjoy the luxury of coffee house lattes and cappuccinos whenever you want now. Be frugal, be smart, but don’t sacrifice what you enjoy just because it is too expensive these days.

Coffee Pods Are Not Evolution, Perhaps Revolution

Occasionally I get questions about coffee pods and other single cup coffee. People ask me, why a k-cup, why a coffee pod, what’s wrong with good old fashioned ground coffee, and more. These are good questions, and the answer to them is simple: convenience. Those coffee styles offer you variety and ease that is just far less attainable from traditional whole bean or ground coffee. Those good questions are occasionally accompanied by another odd one about coffee pods or K-Cups: Is coffee evolving? This, friends, is an interesting though possibly nonsensical question.


In consulting a few experts, I’ve learned that coffee is indeed evolving, certainly wild coffee Arabica plants are evolving, and those that we’ve cultivated are evolving as well, mostly by our hand as we force the coffee plant to adapt to new soils, new biomes, and to our palates. This question, though, is more about our methods of consuming coffee.


Is, for instance, the coffee pod the result of the mating of a tea bag and some rogue coffee beans? Could the K-Cup be the result of inter-merchandise relations between the coffee we keep in the company of plastic vessels such as the common disposable creamer? Well, sort of. Coffee pods are not a crocoduck moment or anything, but ideas evolve in much the same way as species do. Consequently, technologies merge and what we get is less evolution and more like revolution because in reality it is all about ideas, not things.


Coffee Pods A Coffee Revolution?


The revolution in coffee consumption of late is the use of traditional quick brewing technologies in new and exciting ways. The fusion of the tea bag concept with the coffee filter concept yields the coffee pod. The prevalence of cheaper plastics and the advances in disposable filtration technology give us the Keurig K-Cup and the Tassimo T-Disc.

Advances like coffee pods or T-discs will never displace traditional coffee. Just as purists of any sort prefer the analog version of the more modern digital equivalents, some coffee fanatics will always prefer freshly ground, even home roasted coffee. Instead, these advances in coffee preparation are making great coffee available to us all with greater ease of access.

So next time you look at the coffee pod in your hand and have visions of teabags filled with coffee, realize that you are not off too far from reality there. The way you drink coffee, tea, and any other steeped or extracted beverage continues to change. CoffeeForLess keeps a finger on the pulse of these changes, bringing us ever more options in media like coffee pods, so come back for more on the (r)evolution of coffee consumption!

I Need Better K-Cup Storage

It’s been a rough Monday, my fellow coffee fanatics.  We all know Mondays are tough, and if you’re as big of a coffeehead as I am, you know they hurt a distinctively measurable amount more prior to that first glorious cup of invigorating brew. The whole reason I love my K-Cup coffee maker is that when I’m preverbal, flailing about in the early A.M. blind as a naked mole rat, and barely reasonable at all, all I have to do is pop that little cup in and hit a button and then wait for sanity’s gradual return. This morning, that is not quite how it happened.

I did my usual flailing about in the dark, smacking the alarm clock and wandering in the direction of that machine that brings consciousness. Oh, sweet java goddess, glorious caffeinated savior, I approach your altar in supplicant humility, for I know it is your nectar that gives me the ability to work, nay to live!

Such horror I have not seen. The temple was empty, the goddess in absentia.

All I could think was, “Where are all my K-Cups? Where is my coffee!?!?” Though I assure you there was significantly more mumbled profanity amongst that abject terror. The only answer was an empty K-Cup box lying on its side on the counter.

The K-Cup Villain

My ears slowly woke up, catching up with my eyes, and I heard it: a terrible crunching sound coming from elsewhere in the house. It sounded like plastic. The sad, sleepy meander I took in that direction obviously cost me precious time.

My dog, normally my closest companion, best friend to this man, and adorable as can be, was suddenly cast as my nemesis, my villain, my very doom for she laid in a mess of coffee grounds, two or three wrecked K-Cups laying massacred about her, the last visible one crunching between her jaws.

Crunch-crunch. Crunch-crunch.

The sound represented the failure of a morning, a desperate run to the store half alert and behind the wheel, or worse: coffee chain coffee! Clearly, the cat and the dog had conspired. Perhaps the cat had been paid off by the dog to knock the precious K-Cups onto the floor, for surely the dog could not so perfectly ruin my morning alone! It had to be a conspiracy.

K-Cup Storage Saved Our Relationship

Though I wrestled the last K-Cup from my pooch’s jaws and did eventually get an excellent cup of Sumatran to get me going, it could have all been prevented if I’d just bothered to spend the money on some sort of K-Cup storage. K-Cup holders are the right solution to K-Cup clutter and let you look at your selection. More importantly, a K-Cup storage unit holds K-Cups so dogs, in all their adorable glory, cannot get at them. Of course, you probably don't expect your cat and dog to team up and destroy your K-Cups. I didn't.

I’ll have to admit though, that’s some tough plastic on those K-Cups.

Also, I’m buying some K-Cup storage system already. Nothing comes between me and my coffee or my dog!

Tassimo T-Discs Make Great Summer Coffee

Summertime is when the top shelf coffee shops roll out their iced coffee beverages, and these drinks are a satisfying solution to summertime heat but often a rough choice for the wallet. My solution has been to circumvent the middleman and cut those pricey coffee boutiques out of the equation entirely. What I do is buy flavored syrup sweeteners when I buy Tassimo T-Discs and make those iced coffee drinks at home.

Most times, that is all the pricey coffee shop chains do anyway.  The recipe is simple: good coffee, milk, flavor syrup, ice, and a blender. I’ll write up the proportions at the bottom of this blog post in recipe form, but it really is that simple. When you buy T-Discs, many of them even have the milk packaged in them. That cuts out a whole step.

Buy Tassimo T-Discs and Frappe

I have found that most any flavor syrup by Monin or Entner-Stuart works if you like that flavor, but certain flavors make rather good versions of more popular summertime iced coffee drinks.  My favorite flavored iced coffee drinks to buy out are usually coconut or chocolate, so those flavors are useful to keep on hand.  Combine them for a mocha coconut iced coffee cooler that is utterly decadent.

Now, I cannot name names, but many, if not most, coffee chains carry an iced coffee that is mint mocha flavored. Mint chocolate flavor syrup is all you need to make this at home, and let me tell you something, mint is great for keeping cool thanks to its natural cool flavor. While I generally like to make cooling mint iced tea to keep cool, a mint chocolate iced coffee frapped is a truly delicious way to stay cool.

Try out the recipe below to enjoy a delicious frapped flavored coffee drink without the hit to your wallet. Buy your favorite flavor next time you buy Tassimo T-Discs and make it in a snap.

Frapped Mocha Mint Iced Coffee


1 Serving of Tassimo T-Disc Espresso and Milk Discs

1-2 Cups of Ice

Mint Chocolate Flavored Syrup


Brew your T-Disc café latte or your favorite espresso coffee and add milk to it to taste. Add one cup of ice to your blender and then add your coffee. Blend at high speed in quick bursts. Add coffee syrup one tablespoon at a time until you have achieved the flavor you enjoy. Add more ice and blend in quick bursts until thick and icey. While this recipe is for a mint chocolate iced coffee drink, try any flavor you like.

Best K-Cup | Best K-Cup for Summer | CoffeeForLess Blog

What Is The Best K-Cup for Summer?

At CoffeeForLess, we are often asked what the best K-Cup is, and the answer is not a simple one: the best K-Cup is the K-Cup that is best suited for what you are doing. Certain K-Cups will be the best for your Summer uses, others better for the Winter months. Today, we’re going to look at some of the best K-Cups for the dog days of summer.

Best K-Cup for Iced Coffee

Cold coffee is the order of the day in the Summer. I find a lot of the best K-Cup iced coffee that I’ve had is made from flavored coffee. CoffeeForLess has some great seasonal flavored coffees that make your daily mug into a vacation treat. Try the sweet summer berry taste of Wild Mountain Blueberry coffee or a taste of the tropics with an iced Island Coconut latte. Kahlua flavored coffee on ice is a taste of vacation you can enjoy every day.

Best K-Cup for Iced Tea

With some estimating that eighty-five percent of tea drank in America is iced, you might ready for some new tea taste sensations. So if you’re looking for something new and exciting in iced tea, then I recommend trying something spicy like Celestial Seasonings Spiced Chai in a delicious chai latte. Just brew and pour over ice with milk and sugar or honey. Try a brisk and sunny take on traditional iced tea by making a glass of Celestial Seasonings Lemon Zinger iced tea. This herbal tea is elegant and sweet, making for a refreshing take on the traditional.

Look for more deliscious seasonal suggestions for how to get the most out of your K-Cup machine here. We’ll make sure you know which are the beK-Cups and give you guidance on great drinks you can make with K-Cups.

Single Cup Coffee Filter | Reusable K-Cup Filter

I am very happy to announce that CoffeeForLess is carrying the best single cup coffee filter on the market today: the K-Cup.

Okay, okay, you knew that, but now, CoffeeForLess is carrying the refillable K-Cup, and this means that you can enjoy single cup coffee convenience without sacrificing that obscure Turkish cat poop coffee roasted by Middle-Eastern eunuchs during the Autumnal Equinox. Now, put all that personal preference goodness into your own K-Cup and enjoy it a single cup at a time! Just imagine how happy the eunuchs probably are to stay in business!

Look, I’m usually excited about things. I blame the caffeine for that, but here’s the thing about this new product in the CoffeeForLess line up: it’s awesome. It’s just plain awesome. It solves the only problem that I have with the Keurig brewers.

Personally, I rarely brew a pot of coffee without adding a little espresso to it. This boosts the flavor, the body, and that all important caffeine content. So, when I started using K-Cups, I lost the ability to make my personal house blend. Not anymore, folks!

I’ll mix up my regular coffee and my espresso roast in advance and keep it in a quart canning jar on my counter. This means my house blend coffee is ready to go, and with this single cup coffee filter that fits in my Keurig machine, I’m just a scoop or two away from a filled K-Cup. That’s it. One step more than a regular K-Cup with a bit of forethought.

Now, I enjoy my K-Cups for variety, but when I want my coffee exactly how I like it, I use the refillable K-Cup. This is quite simply the best single cup coffee filter on the market today, and it works in the best machines!

How To Make the Best Tasting Coffee


Image: Ellen Munro/Flickr

When you’ve been in the coffee business as long as we have here at CoffeeForLess, one question that often comes up is how to make the best tasting coffee possible. We have put in the time and practice necessary to consider ourselves expert on the subject, and in this entry, we hope to give you great advice on how to get the absolute most out of your beans. Follow the advice below, and you will have the best tasting coffee possible.

Use Good Equipment for the Best Tasting Coffee

There are usually two devices between you and your cup of Joe: the coffee maker and the coffee filter. From there, coffee goes in the mug and in the belly. This makes an excellent coffee maker our first line of defense against bad coffee.  Regularly cleaning your coffee maker and your coffee carafe will ensure that you are not consuming stale, burnt, or sediment-riddled coffee. Any adulterant in an unclean coffee maker or carafe can add off flavors. Your coffee filter is a potential source of off flavors too. We recommend that you use a reusable gold tone coffee filter. These more inert filters are significantly less likely to add unwanted flavors. Don’t forget to clean your filter regularly though if you use a gold filter! This sort of proper maintenance of brewing equipment will ensure you the best tasting coffee possible from that equipment.

Use the Best Ingredients for the Best Tasting Coffee

Coffee, at it’s heart, is just two ingredients: coffee and water. We figure it is probably common knowledge that grinding your own whole coffee beans is always going to make better coffee than ground coffee if you’ve got the time to do it. Some people are going even further and roasting their own green coffee beans at home. This is a bit much to many coffee drinkers, but if you have the time to try it, even for novelty, you might just have some of the finest coffee you’ve ever had. Think store-bought bread compared to homemade bread. We aren’t kidding.

The most overlooked ingredient in coffee is the water. Using freshly filtered water or even bottled water makes for the best tasting coffee. Everything in your water, which can be such vile-tasting chemicals as chlorine, ends up in your coffee mug. So start with bottled water or even a point of use water dispenser’s water, and you will note a cleanness and clarity of flavor in your coffee.

Though some of our suggestions might seem over the top to you, they are par for the course to many coffee drinkers. The best tasting coffee comes from using clean, quality equipment with excellent ingredients.

Why Do I Buy K-Cups?

I get asked this often: why do you buy K-Cups? Well, the answer is usually a lot more complicated than most people prefer to hear, so I thought I’d blog about it. You see, I buy K-Cups because I love coffee, but not just because I love coffee, also because I love life. Silly, right? Why would the fact that I buy K-Cups result in a discussion of existentialism? Coffee, to me, is an expression of life, and in everything in life, I try to experience it, enjoy it, and savor it to the fullest.

Buy K-Cups for Bliss?

Will I attain bliss if I buy K-Cups? No. That’s silly, but when it comes to the things in life that you enjoy, you’ve got to reach. Don’t just settle for the low-hanging fruit in life. Reach for the best, and how are you going to know what the best coffee is if you don’t try as many as possible? One of the major reasons that I buy K-Cups is that I can avoid the coffee rut. A rut is something you get stuck in, a pattern you repeat lazily because you think it’s good enough. Let me tell you, folks, life’s not in the rut but in all that space outside the rut. K-Cups let me drink a different coffee every day if I want, and now, thanks to CoffeeForLess’s build your own K-Cup box K-Cup singles, I can completely control my coffee adventure.

Buy K-Cups and Learn

Did that sound silly? Maybe your coffee is not an adventure, and you should be asking yourself why. If you make an adventure of the things you enjoy in life, you become an aficionado. Wine drinkers understand this, craft beer drinkers, cheese appreciators, and fine art collectors too, and I can’t help but think coffee should be the same. You become an aficionado of something by experiencing it. By buying K-Cups, you can learn about coffee from all over the world without fear of committing to a pound of beans that you don’t like.

So, if you were wondering, that is why I buy K-Cups, friends. I’d love to hear why they’re your favorite too.