The World’s Largest Coffee Cup or Strong K-Cup Coffee

World's Largest Coffee CupThe size of the American coffee cup has been growing over the last century, from the European-style demitasse into all varieties of large, even quart-size monstrosities at your average gas station., however is selling a coffee mug that redefines the American definition of large.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present the World’s Largest Coffee Cup.

This mug can hold 20 cups of coffee, nearly enough to dunk your head in on those mornings when coffee by regular administration does not seem to be nearly enough. While I don’t advocate coffee consumption by personal immersion, this gag coffee cup makes a salient point about we coffee fanatics.

With time, one wants stronger coffee. Caffeine builds a tolerance in its consumers, and the tendency to increase coffee consumption over time is relatively common. Instead of upping your coffee cup size, may I recommend drinking stronger coffee? I’ve accumulated a list of some of my favorite strong coffee K-Cups below.

Strong Coffee K-Cups, Great Coffee Flavor

Most K-Cup coffee roasters carry an extra-bold or extra-strength coffee K-Cup, and I’ve searched through them all to find the best of the best: great, strong coffee that packs a punch without sacrificing flavor.

Emeril Lagasse is known for putting the BAM in his cooking, but his line of coffees also seeks to capture the intense flavors of his art. When it comes to intense coffee K-Cups, his Big Easy Bold K-Cups are worth a try. They have extra coffee in them to ensure a strong extraction as well as a rich French roast to the beans that ensures full flavor.

Green Mountain Coffee is a perennial favorite with Keurig K-Cup coffee maker owners, and two of their offerings belong on our list of strong K-Cups. Green Mountain Coffee Dark Magic K-Cups brew a truly dark cup of bold coffee that is robust without being bitter. For extraordinarily dark coffee with full-strength flavor, try Green Mountain Coffee Double Black Diamond K-Cups. Warning, though, Double Black Diamond is a full force coffee not recommended for those who cannot tolerate a truly intense brew.

Readers of this blog have heard me recommend the following K-Cups before, and this is because they hold a special place in the heart of myself and any other K-Cup coffee drinker who prefers coffee to resemble a kick in the head from a mule. Coffee People Jet Fuel K-Cups and Black Tiger K-Cups are intense. They pack seriously dark roast potency into a K-Cup that is only matched by the other K-Cups discussed today.

So skip the World’s Largest Coffee Cup and instead brew a truly intense cup of coffee from your Keurig. Lower the brew volume for greater intensity and let us know what super-bold K-Cups get your gears grooving.

Coffee Review: Coffee People Donut Shop Coffee K-Cups

Classic Donut Shop Coffee ServiceThe tradition of donut shop counters and the heady American style coffee brew one could have poured at them are slowly fading into history, but at least one coffee roaster is trying to preserve the legacy. Coffee People makes a modern day recreation of classic donut shop coffee, and it is available in convenient single brew coffee K-Cups.

This American style coffee K-Cup captures the essential traits of classic counter service coffee without necessitating the hunt for a donut shop that still has counter service. Brewing classic coffee with such ease is a privilege granted by modern K-Cup coffee brewing and put to perfect use by Coffee People Donut Shop Coffee K-Cups.  

Coffee People Donut Shop Coffee K-Cups Coffee Profile

Coffee People Donut Shop Coffee has a taste profile that is sure to please fans of classic American coffee taste when brewed in a K-Cup coffee maker. Donut Shop coffee is a medium roast coffee that is robust for a medium roast without being too strong. It is rich and sweet with a very palatable smoothness.

Coffee People Donut Shop Coffee K-Cups

One of our best selling coffees, Donut Shop coffee!

This coffee brews with a heady, classic coffee aroma. It hearkens to days of old and has a tendency to invoke a desire for sweet breakfast treats like donuts  or cinnamon sticky buns. For a modern take on that craving, biscotti makes for a good pairing.

The body of Coffee People’s classic Donut Shop Coffee K-Cups is syrupy and full without being cloying.  Every mouthful has a refreshing feeling on the tongue without leaving behind a bitter or sour aftertaste. Quite to the contrary, Coffee People’s Donut Shop Coffee has a pleasant aftertaste that does not feel too dry.

Try Donut Shop Coffee K-Cups today for a quality cup of joe that just might remind you of the coffee of days of yore.

K-Cup Coffee Review: Tully’s Hawaiian Blend K-Cups

Tully's Hawaiian Blend Coffee K-Cups ReviewKeurig K-Cup coffee maker owners are in for a treat this week. We are reviewing a recent line to the Tully’s Coffee line of K-Cup coffees, Tully’s Hawaiian Blend K-Cups. This Hawaiian coffee blend from Tully’s manages to capture some of the finer qualities of Hawaiian-grown coffee beans while enhancing those qualities with complexity resulting from the 100% Arabica coffee beans blended with them.

If you are looking for a great everyday-drinking coffee and are already a fan of Hawaiian coffees, then Tully’s Hawaiian Blend K-Cups provide the right brew for you. Each brew is a consistently pleasant, temptingly aromatic brew that is excellent for clearing groggy morning minds without being too strong.

Tully’s Hawaiian Blend Coffee K-Cups Cup Experience

Tully’s Coffee discontinued their Kona Blend K-Cups and then released Tully’s Hawaiian Blend K-Cups as a replacement. Comparing the two is difficult to avoid, but fans of Tully’s Kona Blend have typically found this alternative Hawaiian coffee blend to be an excellent as well. They contain 10% Hawaiian coffee blended with 100% Arabica coffee.

This blend creates a lovely aroma as it brews from the Keurig, a stronger, bolder aroma than one would expect from most Hawaiian coffees thanks to the Arabica beans used in the blend. The brew has a medium roast appearance and a relatively light oil content.

The taste of Tully’s Hawaiian Blend Coffee is quite good. It is mellow yet robust with a light mouthfeel but full flavor. The depth of the flavor profile is surprising, mostly thanks to the way the brighter acidity of the Hawaiian coffee plays off the robust character of the other beans in the blend. This provides a complex and interesting taste profile that is exciting to the tongue before diminishing to a relatively sweet aftertaste.

If you are looking for a replacement for Tully’s Kona Blend K-Cups, try Tully’s Hawaiian Blend K-Cups. I’m certain you will find this coffee blend’s artful composition is an excellent replacement.

European Coffee from Green Mountain Coffee Barista Prima K-Cups

Green Mountain Coffee Barista Prima K-CupsEuropean coffee is renowned for the heavy body and bold taste imparted by the dark roasts that are most popular across the continent. These roasts are even named for European countries, French Roast coffee being a popular roast the world over and Italian Roast agreed upon as the espresso extraction standard. Now, Keurig K-Cup coffee system owners can enjoy true European coffeehouse-style at home or at the office with Green Mountain Coffee Barista Prima K-Cups.

Barista Prima K-Cups from Green Mountain Coffee capture the essence of European roast coffee and provide an intense flavor and full body by packing more coffee into each K-Cup. The brew from these K-Cups is so full and bold that even the two-time Italian Barista Champion, Francesco Sanapo, sang its praise in the video below.

Flavors of Barista Prima K-Cups at CoffeeForLess

CoffeeForLess carries the full light of Green Mountain Coffee Barista Prima K-Cups. Give them a try and let us know what you think.

Green Mountain Barista Prima Colombia K-Cups – a high-altitude coffee selected for taste with a bold fruit flavor with hint of nutty flavors, brewing with a smooth, balanced body every time.

Green Mountain Barista Prima House Blend K-Cups – a blend of Arabica coffee beans selected for strong extraction with a bright taste and lighter body.

Green Mountain Barista Prima French Roast K-Cups – a bold and roasty brew with a full body and hints of wood smoke and a bitter-sweet taste that lingers with mild astringency.

Green Mountain Barista Prima Italian Roast K-Cups – 100% Arabica beans roasted deeply to produce a brew perfect for espresso-lovers, with balanced acidity and sweetness, hints of earth flavor, and a lusciously full body.

K-Cup Coffee Review: Starbucks Verona Blend Coffee K-Cups

Caffe Verona Starbucks Coffee K-CupsToday, we review a coffee that is certain to delight fans of dark roast K-Cup coffee. This brew is dark and mysteriously complex, and though we once had to trek to a Starbucks café to have a single cup of this dark coffee, Starbucks Verona Blend Coffee is a blend of Starbucks Yukon Blend and Starbucks Italian Roast that combines Indonesian and Latin American coffee beans. It is available for brewing at home, recently having been added to the Starbucks Coffee K-Cups line as well, much to the joy of Keurig K-Cup coffee maker owners who love dark coffee.

Starbucks Verona Blend Coffee K-Cups are a great way to enjoy an authentic Italian roast coffee at home or at the office. It’s a strong brew that is best brewed at the medium cup size setting on your K-Cup brewer to ensure a thick and satisfying extraction. If you fear the dark roast intensity of this brew, use the large cup setting on your machine for a slightly more watered down dark roast brew.

Overall, this thick and satisfying Italian roast coffee is a great addition to the Starbucks K-Cup Coffee options available to Keurig owners.

Starbucks Verona Blend Coffee K-Cups Cup Experience

Starbucks Verona Blend Coffee K-Cups are simply good fortune for dark coffee fanatics like myself. From the moment they brew, one is greeted with a very roasty aroma that hints at burnt sugar and smoke. It’s an earthy aroma that is complex and curious, a bit sweeter on the nose than your average espresso roast.

The resultant coffee is very dark with a light oily sheen that clings to the mug. Frankly, it’s lovely with its oily rainbow patterns and distinctive brown-black color. The aroma blooms in the cup, offering an olfactory mélange of wood smoke, deeply caramelized sugars, and hints of bitter cocoa.

Starbucks Verona Blend Coffee K-Cups brew a cup of coffee that follows through on its aromas, presenting an interesting and complex array of flavors to the tongue. For a brew as dark as this one, the flavor is surprisingly sweet, lacking the bitters associated with other full roasts. One cannot help but note strong hints of dark cocoa intermingled with the resultant Maillard reaction savory-sweetness from the roast. The aftertaste is very smooth with very little aftertaste but for a hint of sweetened smoke.

If you like your coffee extra bold, brew this one at lower cup volumes, but for a regular cup of dark coffee, your normal settings will work well also. The strong character of Starbucks Verona Blend Coffee from K-Cups stands up to the addition of cream, resulting in a more milk-chocolate character particularly with sweetening as well. A bit of sweetener alone accents the caramelized sugar flavors resulting in a complex, syrupy cup of coffee that is very easy to drink.

Starbucks Verona Blend Coffee K-Cups by the case are also available. Trust me, you’ll want a case if you love dark coffee.

Starbucks K-Cup Coffees Now At CoffeeForLess

Starbucks Coffee K-Cups at CoffeeForLessGoogle, in their 2012 Zeitgeist Report, declared Starbucks the fifth most searched for business in their local search statistics. People love Starbucks, and Starbucks coffee has come to define good coffee for many. From its humble start with a single Italian coffee shop-style  store in 1971, Starbucks has grown to be a multinational provider of gourmet roast coffee and espresso drinks.

Now, you can enjoy this world-renowned coffee at home or at the office with your Keurig K-Cup Coffee Maker. Starbucks Coffee K-Cups provide the regional varieties and roast styles that you love, even the Starbucks Pike Place Roast that started it all, cheaper and without a trip to the Starbucks café.

So, Starbucks fanatics, what are you waiting for? Enjoy your favorite Starbucks Coffees brewed fresh any time with Starbucks K-Cup Coffees.

Starbucks Coffee K-Cups at CoffeeForLess

House Blend Starbucks K-CupsStarbucks Breakfast Blend K-Cups – a medium roast blend composed to have a tangy, smooth taste with a light body and clean aftertaste

House Blend Starbucks K-CupsStarbucks House Blend K-Cups – a medium roast blend of beans selected for their rich aroma and smooth, balanced taste

Decaf House Blend Starbucks K-CupsStarbucks Decaf House Blend Coffee K-Cups – all of the flavor of Starbucks House Blend regular coffee without the caffeine

French Roast Starbucks K-CupsStarbucks French Roast Blend K-Cups – a dark roast coffee with a full body and rich, roasty taste enhanced with hints of smoke flavor

Pike Place Starbucks K-CupsStarbucks Pike Place Roast K-Cups – the medium roast coffee blend that made Starbucks famous has a smooth and luxurious flavor that carries hints of toasted nuts and cocoa

Sumatra Starbucks K-CupsStarbucks Sumatra K-Cups – a dark roast blend of Sumatran coffee beans roasted to draw a strong aroma and heavy body from these naturally earthy, herbal-tasting coffee beans

Veranda Starbucks K-CupsStarbucks Veranda K-Cups – a light roast coffee blend that is utterly smooth with very mild acidity and hints of toasted nut flavors, producing a truly mellow, smooth cup of coffee

Verona Starbucks K-CupsStarbucks Verona K-Cups – a dark, Italian roast coffee with a thick, syrupy body and delicious caramelized sugar flavors that hearken to dark chocolate

K-Cup Coffee Review: Green Mountain Coffee Gingerbread Coffee K-Cups

Green Mountain Coffee Gingerbread Flavored CoffeeGingerbread is a classic taste of winter holidays. Its ginger-spiced, molasses-sweetened taste is made into cookies, traditionally cut into the famous gingerbread man or made into eccentric gingerbread houses, that are enjoyed around the holidays. The taste is so popular that it can be enjoyed year-round in the form of ginger snaps-style cookies.

Green Mountain Coffee Gingerbread Flavored Coffee K-Cups from CoffeeForLess produce a coffee that captures this sweet and spicy flavor in a cup of flavored coffee. Imagine yourself dunking a gingerbread cookie into your coffee and then savoring the combination of flavors, and you are imagining the taste of this delicious gingerbread flavored coffee.

Green Mountain Coffee Gingerbread Flavored K-Cups Cup Experience

Green Mountain Coffee Gingerbread Flavored Coffee is a true treat. From the moment that you brew a cup of it, you are greeted with the sweet aroma of molasses cookies and the piquant spice of floral ginger. It is wonderful and can make your kitchen or break room smell as if someone’s baking cookies and brewing coffee at the same time.

In appearance, the coffee brewed from these K-Cups has a light roast character. It is loose and light unless brewed intentionally strong, and it continues to be particularly aromatic in the cup. This modest appearance, however, does nothing to belie the taste contained in the cup.

This gingerbread cookie flavored coffee tastes fantastic. The sweet yet complex molasses cookie flavor and the bright and exciting clove, sweet cinnamon,and ginger spice flavors are very foregrounded by the balanced acidity and mellow flavor of the light roast coffee. The combination seems to highlight subtle coffee flavors that make light roast brews so intriguing while at the same time presenting a delicious dessert cookie flavor to your palate.

The aftertaste of the coffee is overwhelmed with echoes amongst the taste buds of gingerbread cookie taste, creating an excellent dessert taste with any additional sweetening to the coffee.

If you like gingerbread cookies and flavored coffees, do yourself a favor and try Green Mountain Coffee Gingerbread Cookie Flavored Coffee K-Cups. As a fan of spiced cookies, I cannot recommend this one more.

Coffee Review: New York Coffee House Blend

New York Coffee House Blend CoffeeNew York Coffee is an exclusive coffee that is proudly offered by CoffeeForLess. The vast array of flavored coffees and high quality regional varieties offered by New York Coffee are roasted in small batches to produce an artisanal quality coffee of excellent consistency and precise roast.

While you may not find New York Coffee Beans at your local grocery store, this is for good reason. Each batch of coffee beans is roasted to meet demand and avoid excessive storage and the spoilage that comes with it. This makes New York Coffee always fresh and always superb.

Today, we review New York Coffee House Blend, a composition of coffee beans that truly showcases the best of what makes New York Coffee so great.

New York Coffee House Blend Cup Experience

New York Coffee House Blend Coffee is a blend of medium roast coffee beans that have been selected for their aroma and taste before being artfully composed in proportions that ensure maximum flavor and aroma.

NY Coffee House Blend Aroma

As soon as you brew New York Coffee House Blend Ground Coffee, this focus on quality aroma is readily apparent. The aroma is rich and enticing, capable of filling your kitchen with the smell of delicious medium roast coffee.

NY Coffee House Blend Appearance

New York Coffee House Blend Coffee has a full, dark color for a medium roast blend when poured. It exhibits a moderate amount of cling to the cup and a smooth body in appearance.

NY Coffee House Blend Taste

This medium roast House Blend has a very smooth taste that is at once rich and mildly sweet. It exhibits the best of the medium roast taste profile with mild caramelized flavors and middling acidity, making it an extraordinarily easy to enjoy daily brew.

Overall, the artful composition and top of the line roast quality that makes New York Coffee an excellent small batch coffee roaster is very much on display in New York Coffee House Blend. It’s an ideal entry into the world of gourmet New York Coffee for those that haven’t explored this coffee roaster and a coffee standard for those who already appreciate this elegant coffee roaster’s offerings.

New York Coffee House Blend Decaf is also available.

Flavored Coffee Fans Love New York Coffee

New York Coffee Flavored Coffee BeansNew York Coffee is the best small batch coffee that you may not know about. This craft coffee is made from the finest Arabica coffee and roasted by coffee artisans. The range of flavors and regional varieties offered by New York Coffee exceeds the offerings of most any other coffee roaster, allowing you to experience coffee flavors and varieties not offered by any other coffee roaster.

For gourmet ground coffee or coffee beans, look no further than New York Coffee. The immense variety almost guarantees that you will find a coffee, flavored or not, that you will enjoy. The flavored coffee options make for great dessert coffees or for lower calorie daily coffee drinking than heavily sweetened flavored creamers. Great quality, amazing variety, and excellent roasts make New York Coffee Beans a great choice.

Flavored Coffee Varieties From New York Coffee

Below is just a sample of the many flavored coffee options available as either coffee beans or ground coffee from New York Coffee.

New York Coffee Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Flavored Coffee – Delicious chunky chocolate chip cookie flavor and quality roast coffee make this flavored coffee a real treat.

New York Coffee Maple Flapjacks Flavored Coffee – Sweet maple syrup and savory butter flavors come together to make for a delicious breakfast taste in a cup of coffee.

New York Coffee Cinnalicious Coffee – Cinnamon sweetness that is strong, sweet, and spicy make this flavored coffee exceptional amongst cinnamon-flavored coffees.

Orange Juice Flavored CoffeeNew York Coffee White Chocolate Cherry Flavored Coffee – White chocolate cordial that tastes as if it were fresh from the chocolatier can be enjoyed in your cup of coffee with this amazingly delicious flavored coffee.

New York Coffee Fresh squeezed Orange Juice Flavored Coffee – Two great breakfast tastes come together in this sweet, citric orange flavored coffee. It’s sweet and sour, smooth and delicious.

New York Coffee Hot Fudge Sundae Flavored Coffee – Enjoy dessert in the morning or any time with this sweet flavored coffee that combines delicious vanilla ice cream and cocoa-rich hot fudge flavors with gourmet coffee.

New York Coffee White Russian Flavored Coffee – You don’t have to be The Dude to enjoy the taste of a White Russian, and with this flavored coffee, you can enjoy this sumptuous, creamy cocktail taste, without the alcohol, in your morning coffee.

New York Coffee Sweet Southern Bourbon Flavored Coffee – Southern bourbon is renowned for its caramel, vanilla, and oak flavors, and this flavored coffee makes it possible to enjoy these classic bourbon flavors in a flavored coffee that contains no alcohol.

Eight O’Clock Coffee K-Cups Now At CoffeeForLess

Eight O'Clock Coffee K-CupsEight O’Clock Coffee has been an American favorite for more than a century and a half. After introducing a range of light coffees to Americans in 1859, Eight O’Clock Coffee has gone on to become one of the top four manufacturers of domestic coffee and a preferred coffee roaster across the nation.

Named for the fact that the majority of Americans surveyed at the time drank their coffee at eight o’clock in the morning or eight o’clock at night, Eight O’Clock Coffee continues to put their great amount of experience into every roast. Their coffee is renowned for its smoothness and the perfectionism with which they approach every roast. Their Columbian roast has been ranked a “best buy” by Consumer Reports in the past, beating a variety of nationally popular varieties.

Now, you can enjoy the classic taste of Eight O’Clock Coffee from your Keurig K-Cup System with Eight O’Clock Coffee K-Cups from CoffeeForLess.

Eight O’Clock Coffee K-Cup Varieties at CoffeeForLess

Eight O’Clock Coffee Original K-Cups – The coffee that put Eight O’Clock Coffee on the map is now available in K-Cups, making it easy to enjoy the delicious taste enjoyed by generation of Americans from your single cup coffee system. This smooth coffee has a complex finish thanks to the medium roast applied to the 100% Arabica coffee beans that make it.

Eight O’Clock Coffee Colombian K-Cups – Rated “Best Buy” by Consumer Reports in 2009, this Colombia-sourced coffee has a full, rich flavor with a lingering sweetness and a syrupy body. Eight O’Clock Coffee Colombian Coffee is a medium roast with full flavor well worth savoring fresh from your Keurig.

Eight O’Clock Coffee Hazelnut Flavored K-Cups – Medium roast, 100% Arabica coffee beans are selected to be combined with savory hazelnut flavor to produce the delicious flavored coffee in Eight O’Clock Hazelnut K-Cups. This delicious flavored coffee K-Cups is a delight for daily drinking or as a dessert coffee.