5 Reasons Why Tassimo Makes Great Coffee Machines

In case you haven’t heard, Tassimo has a unique line of coffee makers that brew the perfect beverage every time, be it at home or in the office. This innovative machine offers features like T-Disc technology, multiple beverage types, and liquid foam for a Tassimo latte. Before you run out and buy your next coffee machine, check out these five great reasons to consider a Tassimo.

1. T Disc Technology

T-Discs can be filled with coffee or espresso grounds, tea leaves, or milk creamer (the milk creamer can be frothed to make cappuccinos or lattes). In less than a minute, your machine will brew you a fresh cup of coffee, latte, or tea. Each disc comes with a barcode that tells the brewer the exact amount of water, optimal temperature, and the length of brew. This way you’re guaranteed a perfect cup on each use.what-is-tassimo-t-disc

2. Adjustable Stand

Tassimo’s machines feature adjustable stands that allow you to fill most any sized container. Fill coffee cups or travel mugs with ease.

3. Easy to Clean

All removable components of a Tassimo machine are hand washable and all parts are dishwasher safe, except for the water container. The barcode reader can be wiped down with a damp cloth.

4. Automatic Cleaning and Descaling

Many other brewers need to be descaled or cleaned manually, which means you have to take time filling your brewer with vinegar and water. However, with a Tassimo, it’s programmed to do cleaning and descaling on its own. You simply pop in a special T-Disc (that comes with your purchase), run the machine, and your brewer stays clean. It is recommended that the re-usable cleaning insert be used about once a week.

5. Tassimo Vs. Keurig

Tassimo has a variety of unique features that make it comparable to the best-selling Keurig brewer. For instance, Tassimo’s barcoding system can program the machine to adjust to different types of drinks like lattes. Another unique feature of the Tassimo is that it makes coffeehouse style foam from liquid milk that any latte or espresso lover would appreciate. Keurig brewers, on the other hand, generally only use powdered milk to create foam.

As you can see, the Tassimo machine can compete with the best brewers on the market. If you’re someone who loves lattes, or even just the type of coffee drinker who appreciates convenience, the Tassimo may be just the right coffee machine for you.

The Battle for the Keurig Crown: The Keurig B60 v the Keurig B70

Both the Keurig B60 and the Keurig B70 are the most wish-listed coffee makers out there. The eternal question seems to be: which one is better? Well, we’ve done some research to find out, once and for all, who should be crowned the King of the Keurigs: the Keurig B60 vs. Keurig B70 is about to take place.

Let’s start with Keurig B60. It’s the first model of the two to have hit the market. It’s the simpler of the two, yet maintains popularity among many K-cup drinkers.keurig B60 vs. keurig B70

Some of its best features include:

·       Priced at $149.95

·       Dimensions: 14.9 x 12.2 x 14.2 inches

·       Three brewer size options (5.25 oz., 7.25 oz., 9.25 oz.)

·       Holds 48 ounces of water 

So what are the pros and cons? For starters, it’s the more affordable of the two machines. Second, it offers you a number of different pods sizes to choose from. While some cons include:

·       Holds less water than the B70

·       Not ideal for espresso drinkers (no 3.25 option)

·       Does not offer a travel mug size option

Now let’s look at the Keurig B70. Aside from having a higher model number, what exactly stands out about this machine? Some of its features include:

·       Priced at $179.95

·       Dimensions: 13 x 10 x 13.25 inches

·       Five brewer size options (4oz., 6oz., 8oz., 10oz., and 12oz.)

·       Holds 60 ounces of water

Some pros of the B70 are:

·       Holds more water

·       Compatible with espresso pods

·       Fits travel-sized mugs 

So why would you want to choose the B60? Obviously, it’s less expensive, so if you’re not a coffee drinker who needs a lot of options, then the simpler B60 would be a smart choice. Now if you are a more serious coffee drinker, who enjoys espressos, and uses a travel mug for work, then the B70 is the more attractive option. Sure it’s a little more expensive, however, you get so many added features.

There you have it. The smoke has cleared and the verdict is out. The B60 is the model for the simpler coffee drinker, while the B70 is the better option for the more serious coffee drinkers out there. Like everything in life, it all comes down to preference.

K Cups vs. Ground Coffee Cost

5 Reasons Why K Cups Are The Better Choice

It’s the eternal coffee debate: K cups vs. ground coffee cost. Which is your preferred choice? I’ve tried both ways and can tell you from research and experience that your best option is going for the K cups. To prove my point here are 5 reasons why k cups are your best option when it comes to coffee flavor and convenience.

K Cups Vs. Ground Coffee Cost

1. K Cups Do Not Waste Coffee

When you use coffee roast coffee you waste a large amount of what you buy. Think about how often you throw away excess after you make a full pot. Second, when you run out of coffee you spend three times as much by buying from your local Deli or coffee shop. With the average price of a cup of medium coffee being enough to buy six K cups, K cups are the smarter choice when you add it up.

2. Convenience

You can’t put a price tag on convenience. Think about the countless time you’ve woken up running late for work and didn’t have the time to brew up an entire pot of coffee. The beauty of the K cup is it allows you to brew a perfect amount of coffee in minutes without having to scoop out grounds of coffee and pour out excess coffee when your pot is full.

3. Savings

When you compare K cups vs. ground coffee roasts you buy at coffee houses like Starbucks, you save a lot more in the long run with K cups. Your total cost for the first year of drinking K cups comes to approximately $331 or $0.91 cents per day. Compare that price with the average cup of Starbucks coffee of approximately $2. That’s easily double the cost of what you pay for using K cups.

4. Variety

Try an experiment. Walk down the coffee aisle of your local grocery store and look at the variety of flavors and brands selling K cups coffee. Then go to your local Dunkin & Donuts or Starbucks and peruse their coffee menu. It’s easy to see that when you compare K cups vs. ground coffee roasts at local coffee houses that K cups offer you a much larger selection. Not only does this give you flexibility with choosing flavors, it also gives you the price options, as well.

5. Freshness

You can’t beat the freshness of a K cup. While ground roast coffee roasts you buy at the grocery store lose freshness the day you open up the bag, K cup coffee cups stay airtight until you brew them. That means you get a fresher more flavorful cup of coffee every time you choose K cup packaged coffee.

Keurig Troubleshooting: 5 Simple Solutions to Common Problems

Save Time and Money with These Keurig K-Cup Brewer Solutions

Having problems with your Keurig K-Cup Brewer? Repeated usage can cause functional issues, disrupting your coffee drinking experience and the quality of your coffee and tea. The good news is there are a number of ways to fix these problems and get your machine to function as good as new.

Here are five common Keurig troubleshooting solutions and easy ways to correct these problems.

Common Problem 1: K-Cup Coffee and Tea Grounds Get into Your K-Cup Holder and Causes a Water Line Clog

Keurig Troubleshooting Solution:

Remove or clean the needle that punctures the K-Cup then do a small cup cleansing brew to clean out any residual. This will ensure any left-over debris is flushed out before you have you start your next brew.   

Common Problem 2: K-Cup Brewer Shuts Off Unexpectedly Between Brews

Keurig Troubleshooting Solution:

Remove the water reservoir and insert it back into place. The magnet in the reservoir can become dislodged during brewing from the vibrations in the machine.

Common Problem 3: Not Ready Message on Your Keurig Machine Stays On

Keurig Troubleshooting Solution:

  • Turn off your machine and unplug it
  • Detach the water reservoir
  • Wait 5 seconds then repeat the steps 1 and 2
  • Insert the water reservoir then press the menu button and when the “Not Ready” message appears lower handle

Common Problem 4:  Blinking Blue Light in Water Reservoir

Keurig Troubleshooting Solution:

Simply add more water to the reservoir. All Keurig models need a minimum amount of water to activate the brewing process, so if you’re reservoir is low the machine will not start.

Common Problem 5: Installing Your Water Filter

Keurig Troubleshooting Solution:

This problem applies to only the models with the water filter feature. If you own one of these models, you can install the filter in three simple steps:

  • Soak the entire filter in cold water for five seconds
  • Place the filter at the bottom of the Water Handle Assembly
  • Set the timing dial two months from the day to ensure it is replaced at the appropriate time

Use these five Keurig troubleshooting solutions for your machine and you’ll ensure your coffee and tea always taste great and your brewer lasts a long time. As a result, you’ll save yourself time and money not having to replace your Keurig K-Cup Brewer.

The 5 Best Single Cup Coffeemakers

5 Best Single Cup Coffee MakersEveryone wants their own fresh cup of coffee now and that is part of the reason single cup coffeemakers have become so popular in past few years. While some coffee drinkers enjoy the pour over method others prefer K-Cups, or Coffee pods for their single cups of coffee. Both sides can agree though that the days of heated all day pots of coffee are behinds us.  Keurig has been leading the trend for single cup coffeemakers, but there are plenty of other companies like Tassimo, Senseo, and Cuisinart making quality single cup coffee makers for people who need their coffee on the go.

Best Single Cup K-Cup Coffeemakers

Coffee drinkers love the Keurig K-cup coffee system due to the variety of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate available to brew, along with the comfort of brewing a single cup of coffee at home. One of the most popular models of the Keurig coffee machines is the Keurig Platinum B70. The Keurig Platinum B70 is one of top single cup coffee makers available because it offers 5 different cup sizes, a 60oz water reservoir, and an award winning design. The Platinum B70 is a stylish single cup coffeemaker that brews a perfect cup of coffee each time. With a blue lit LCD screen this Keurig single cup coffeemaker is simple to use for all ages, and is fully programmable.  If there is ever an issue with your coffeemaker Keurig offers an exceptional warranty program that will replace your machine.

An evolution from the Keurig is Cuisinart SS-700, which supports the K-cup brewing system and is quiet similar to Keurig machines.  This single cup coffeemaker has many different brewing options, and like the Keurig has 5 different cup sizes to choose from. Adding even more convenience the water tank is able to hold 80oz of water, which means far less refilling, and works great for an office setting. Unlike any other single cup coffeemakers the Cuisinart features a hot water button that will dispense a cup of hot water, which is great for making hot chocolate, soup, or tea. Quiet brew technology allows for coffee drinks to enjoy their favorite K-cup in a peaceful environment, while not disturbing others. Equipped with a rinse control button cleaning this system is simple. Rise control instantly cleans the inside of the brew chamber making every cup taste just as delicious as the first.

Best Single Cup Coffee Pod Coffeemakers

K-cups may be the most popular type of brewing system, but it is not the only, coffee pods are a great alternative that many top of the line single cup coffeemakers use to produce a quick, fresh, quality cup of coffee for you each morning.

Best Single Cup Coffee Making EquipmentThe Tassimo T65 is a stunning device that uses top technology to deliver a premium cup of coffee for each and every brew.  Using the T-disc brewing system the Tassimo T65 comes equipped with a new exclusive barcode system that scans each T-disc and then identifies the correct brewing instructions with the exact pressure, temperature, water, and time duration so each cup is uniquely perfect.  The noise reduction system, light under the cup stand, and dishwasher safe parts add convenience and make drinking coffee even more enjoyable.

One of the most affordable single cup coffeemakers is the Senseo Coffee Pod Machine that brews a great cup of coffee quicker than most comparable machines. In under a minute the Senseo heats up and produces a cup of coffee with a rich and great taste making it one of the favorite coffeemakers for someone in a hurry in the morning. Not only is it a fast machine, but it is durable and travels quiet well, with its small size the Senseo is a great option to bring along on a vacation. Since all of its parts are dishwasher safe cleaning the system is a breeze and hassle free. With many different varieties of coffee pods to choose from and even more Senseo brand coffee pods available everyone will be able to have their own favorite flavors.

Top Pour Over Method Single Cup Coffeemaker

Although the pour over method is less popular it is still a cheap and quick way to brew a single cup of coffee in the morning. Recent innovations have helped create the Aerobie AeroPress, which is a modern take on the classic French press coffee brewing system. For a mere $44.99 the Aerobie AeroPress produces a remarkable espresso, with a smooth, rich, and pure taste. Since this single cup coffee maker uses the pour over method it takes under 30 seconds to brew a delicious cup of coffee.  Perfect for traveling the Aerobie Aeropress is very portable, and only needs coffee grounds and boiling water to operate, which is perfect for a summer camping trip.

Keurig Declared Best Single Cup Coffee Maker 2013

Keurig Best Single Cup Coffee Maker 2013A 2013 Harris Poll EquiTrend(R) Equity Study declared Keurig "Brand of the Year" in the coffee maker category. Keurig K-Cup single cup coffee systems were recognized for “emotional connection, functional attributes, brand awareness, influence and familiarity.” This poll showed the 38,814 U.S. consumers polled viewed Keurig the best single cup coffee maker for the second year in a row.

Consumers love Keurig K-Cup systems for the convenience of single cup coffee brewing but also for the vast array of coffee options available for Keurig systems. The K-Cup cartridge has proven to be a great medium for coffee roasters to reach today’s on-the-go coffee drinkers, even more so, Keurig K-Cup systems are designed with the way today’s coffee drinkers enjoy their coffee in mind. Systems are designed with travel mugs in mind, and the ability to brew a fresh cup of your favorite coffee directly to your travel mug is very popular with commuters, offices, and households from coast to coast.

Keurig Best Single Cup Coffee Maker Thanks to Green Mountain Coffee

Green Mountain Coffee Barista Prima K-CupsGreen Mountain Coffee is the coffee-roasting powerhouse behind Keurig K-Cup coffee systems. The key to their success has been offering an immense variety of K-Cup coffee options, including their own line of Green Mountain Coffee K-Cups. The result has been a single serving coffee system that has something to offer everyone, brewing popularity a single cup at a time on its way to being the best single cup coffee maker two years in a row.

Green Mountain Coffee continues to innovate. Just this year, Green Mountain Coffee unveiled its Barista Prima line of coffee K-Cups.  This select line of European-style coffee K-Cups brews a richer, darker cup of coffee than most other K-Cups.

Their recently released Iced Coffee K-Cups are sure to be a hit this summer. They are filled with a volume of coffee specifically calibrated for full-flavored coffee ideal for brewing over ice. Iced coffee makes such a great summertime treat, and these Green Mountain K-Cups are just one more reason that Keurig continues to be the best single cup coffee maker year after year.

Senseo and Other Coffee Pods Compatible With Hamilton Beach Coffee Makers

Senseo Coffee Pods Not The Only Refills For Hamilton Beach CoffeemakersI was asked recently why anyone would buy the Hamilton Beach Coffee Makers that the person asking thought only used Senseo coffee pods. The answer was not what the person expected. Senseo coffee pods are excellent, but the Hamilton Beach coffee pod systems do not brew Senseo coffee pods exclusively. As a matter of fact, these pod coffee makers brew a great variety of single cup coffee pods.

This is not to say, of course, that Senseo coffee pods are not reason enough to invest in a Hamilton Beach pod coffee maker if you are in the market for coffee pod brewers. Senseo Mystic Valley Colombia Blend Coffee Pods and Senseo 10% Kona Blend Coffee Pods are two great examples of what makes Senseo coffee pods great. Though both varieties contain medium roast, blended coffee, the difference in flavor is truly distinctive, accenting the artful showcasing of each region’s beans that the respective blends accomplish.

Below, I’ve put together a helpful list for Hamilton Beach coffee maker owners that shows the vast array of coffee pods compatible with your coffee maker of choice, summarizing why each roaster’s coffee pods are worth a try for Hamilton Beach pod coffee maker owners.

Top Coffee Pods Compatible with Senseo or Hamilton Beach Coffee Pod Brewers at CoffeeForLess

Aloha Island Coffee Pods – If you like Senseo’s Kona Blend, then Aloha Island Coffee Pods are the coffee pods for you. They capture true Kona coffee flavor in a variety grades of Kona coffee and Kona coffee blends. Aloha Island Coffee Pods are of excellent quality and can turn your Hamilton Beach pod coffee maker into an island getaway.

Baronet Coffee Pods – Baronet Coffee Pods add a variety of regional coffee varieties, Fair Trade organic coffees, and delicious flavored coffees to your Hamilton Beach coffee maker’s range. Baronet Coffees tend to have a very traditional taste range that is good for regular coffee drinking.

Java One Coffee Pods – Java One Coffee Pods don’t break the coffee pod mold, but what they do is excel at traditional coffee varieties, roasts, and flavors. These pods are calibrated to brew a flavorful brew every time.

Lavazza Coffee Pods – Lavazza Espresso Gran Crema Coffee Pods turn the Hamilton Beach pod coffee maker into an espresso machine, producing a rich and robust espresso with a notable crema. This line of coffee pods truly adds a touch of traditional espresso coffee class to your pod coffee experience. (Note: Lavazza cartridges are not compatible with pod coffee makers, only Lavazza Coffee Pods).

Melitta Coffee Pods – Melitta Coffee Pods brew authentic European style coffee, offering a variety of blends and styles to choose from. Melitta Tea Pods are compatible with Hamilton Beach pod coffee makers, making Melitta pods a great way to include traditional European coffee and great tea varieties to your pod brewing experience.

Wolfgang Puck Coffee Pods – Known for his flavorful concoctions and innovations in taste experiences, Wolfgang Puck has applied his art to selecting coffee blends to bear his name in this delicious line of gourmet coffee pods that are compatible with Senseo brand  and Hamilton Beach pod coffee makers.

Keurig K-Cup Coffeemaker Holiday Packages A Great Deal

Keurig K-Cup Coffeemaker Holiday Packages at CoffeeForLessCoffeeForLess has packaged some excellent Keurig K-Cup Coffeemaker Holiday Packages that are available exclusively through CoffeeForLess. These bundles make great last minute gifts but are also a great opportunity to replace your old coffee machine and venture into K-Cup coffee.

These Keurig K-Cup Coffeemaker Holiday Packages provide both a high quality Keurig K-Cup coffee maker and a variety of delicious K-Cup coffees to either your gift recipient or yourself. They are a great introduction to the world of always-fresh single cup coffee that is provided by the Keurig K-Cup coffee system that you choose.

Keurig K-Cup Coffeemaker Holiday Packages at CoffeeForLess

Whichever package you choose from CoffeeForLess, you get a great deal and a good number of accessories and K-Cups  to get you started on your fresh, single-cup coffee journey. Explore great coffee a single serving at a time or give the gift of coffee exploration with these options from CoffeeForLess:

Keurig Black Mini Plus Holiday Package

Available in both Black and Platinum models, the Keurig Mini Plus is a great coffee maker that is ideal for lower volume environments and small enough to sit on your desk. It comes with Green Mountain Coffee Nantucket Blend and Green Mountain Coffee Breakfast Blend and a My K-Cup coffee filter that allows you to brew any ground coffee a single cup at a time from your Keurig Mini Plus.

Keurig B60 Holiday Package

The Keurig B60 is a great K-Cup coffeemaker for the home or office, featuring intuitive controls and a reservoir suited for supplying fresh coffee to multiple people between refills. The Keurig B60 Holiday Package includes Green Mountain Coffee Nantucket Blend and Green Mountain Coffee Breakfast Blend, and a My K-Cup coffee filter, as well as a convenient K-Cup storage carousel for displaying and organizing your K-Cups.

Keurig B70 Holiday Package

The B70 has one a larger water reservoir than the B60, providing single cup coffee brewing for higher volume environments. The Keurig B70 Holiday Package features the same K-Cups and accessories as the Keurig B60 Holiday Package but provides a K-Cup coffeemaker that is suited for more constant coffee brewing.

Keurig B145 Brewer Holiday Special Value Pack

A GREAT DEAL – This office-oriented K-Cup coffee packages is a steal at the price it is being offered. The Keurig B145 Holiday Package comes with the Keurig B145 K-Cup Coffeemaker, a single cup coffee system designed to meet the needs of high volume coffee consumption environments like offices or businesses, and four 24-count boxes of some of the finest K-Cup coffees to get you started. Try Green Mountain Coffee Nantucket Blend, Green Mountain Coffee Breakfast Blend, Green Mountain Coffee Dark Magic, and Coffee People Donut Shop Blend K-Cups the moment the B145 is set up.

Keurig B155 Brewer Holiday Special Value Pack

A GREAT DEAL – Get a great price on the Keurig B155 K-Cup Coffee System, truly the top of the line when it comes to single cup coffee brewing, with this holiday package. This system can meet the needs of home or office with its large reservoir and many features. The Keurig B155 Holiday Package includes 24 K-Cups each of Green Mountain Coffee Nantucket Blend, Green Mountain Coffee Breakfast Blend, Green Mountain Coffee Dark Magic, Coffee People Donut Shop Blend, Green Mountain Coffee Colombian Fair Trade, Newman's Own Organic Coffee, and a K-Cup organization rack, all at a discounted price.


Tassimo Review Pride Vs. Keurig Review Pride

Tassimo Reviews and Keurig Reviews Show People Love CoffeeA distinction appears, even with a mild perusal of community chatter,  in the single cup coffee drinkers of our coffee community. Tassimo reviews on our site show some who enjoy the convenience of single serving  brewing clearly prefer their Tassimo machine, and they have their reasons. Others, just as passionately, hold their Keurig brewer dear as is evident in their impassioned reviews of various Keurig machines and K-Cup coffees.

While the two camps may seem to be a civil war amongst coffee enthusiasts, they enjoy many of the same conveniences and appreciate a variety of similar attributes between the machines. Tassimo reviews and Keurig reviews both speak to single serving coffee’s ease, speed, convenience, and all of the other more cup experience oriented details that make single serving brewing such a pleasure.

What differs between single cup coffee maker reviews offers an insight into the joys of both brands of machines.  Someone once said to me that there are two types of coffee drinker, those who prefer to taste the roast and drink darker roasts and those who like to taste the bean and often drink lighter roasts. While one may oscillate between these two camps, this Yin and Yang of coffee appreciation, a correlation to the joys of these two brands of single cup coffee maker seems to exist.

In Tassimo reviews, the reviewers often focus on the espresso drinks that they enjoy or on the full body and robust character of the coffees that Tassimo T-Discs brew. Keurig users often describe the joy of differing varieties of coffee, of the fun of trying new things, and of their daily coffee instead of a fancy coffee drink. It is a loose correlation, but the joys of owning one machine or the other seem to be savored amongst their owners.

Show Your Coffee Machine Pride, Write a Tassimo Review or Keurig Review

At CoffeeForLess, we offer you the opportunity to wear your coffee maker pride on the outside. We never get tired of hearing about your love for your coffee maker, as some in your life may have during periods when you were seriously enamored with these wonderful machines.

Tell us what you love about your Tassimo or Keurig machine. Have you had a conversion experience from one machine to the other? We would love to hear about it, and by writing a review, you help future customers choose the correct machine for their preferences.

So step out on the balcony and declare your Tassimo or Keurig love to the world. Okay, maybe don’t do that. Write a review on CoffeeForLess and have a receptive audience. We understand. Coffee is our passion too.

The Best Single Cup Tea Brewer: Tassimo Vs. Keurig

Tassimo Tea T-Discs BrewersWhen it comes to single serving tea brewing, the community is divided between those who love the ease and convenience provided by T-Discs and K-Cups and those that feel some finesse is lost when tea is put in individual serving pods and brewed through a single cup coffee maker. For today’s post, we are not going to debate the merits of analog tea steeping versus digital single serving tea brewing and instead focus on which single cup system is best suited to meet your tea drinking desires.

Tassimo and Keurig both produce a variety of individual serving hot beverage makers that do a reasonably good job of brewing tea, but we will focus on those aspects of each system  type that offer efficient tea brewing potential.

Tassimo Tea Discs Versus Keurig Tea K-Cups

Both Tassimo and Keurig use proprietary refills to brew a single serving of a given hot beverage, and this is true when it comes to tea as well. However, what truly sets them apart is the variety of tea options that each system presents.

Tassimo has licensing rights to Twining’s Teas T-Discs, and this provides Tassimo T-Disc brewer owners a good variety of classic teas to choose from, but the majority of the offerings are such classic tea types as English Breakfast and Earl Grey, leaving the herbal tea enthusiast a bit disappointed in the options offered for Tassimo systems.

Keurig Tea K-Cup Brewing SystemsKeurig systems excel at offering variety, and this is very true of their tea offerings. With a Keurig K-Cup system, you can enjoy such K-Cup teas as Timothy’s traditional tea K-Cups and Celestial Seasonings tea K-Cups and herbal tea K-Cups. These two major players in the North American tea marketplace offer a solid array of tea options that brew very well in Keurig systems.

Further, a variety of reusable K-Cup filters make it possible to brew quality loose leaf tea from Keurig systems.  This option is great for the tea enthusiast who yearns for push button brewing convenience but refuses to brew anything but the quality loose leaf green tea or black tea that they have spent years seeking. If you know your favorite tea and thought that using a Keurig meant sacrificing quality for convenience, these reusable K-Cup filters change the whole game.

Unfortunately for Tassimo T-Disc system owners, the tea options are not as plentiful, and so Keurig seems to take the match when it comes to single cup tea brewing. Let us know your experiences with single serving tea brewing.