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Fall is most definitely in the air, and the season of shopping is nearly upon us. The leaves are changing into those beautiful autumn colors, and the evening air is brisk with the chill of the new season. Football season is in full swing, and pumpkin spice latte enthusiasts are getting their yearly fix.

Black Friday. Enough Said.

Fall means so many things to many people, but the biggest red circle on the calendar of any true bargain hunter is certainly going to be November 27th. That’s right, it’s time for Black Friday online deals, and tons of great shopping opportunities!

Are you saving up your spending money? Are you already scouring the advertisements to see what your favorite retailers have in store for the biggest shopping day of the year? Are you saving up your energy for the all-out madness that is Black Friday? Alright!

9 Out of 10 Professional Shoppers Recommend Coffee

We’re willing to bet that you’re going to go through a lot of coffee during that weekend. After all, what could be a better remedy for the standing-in-line blues than a piping hot thermos full of delicious, invigorating java? That hot mug of go-juice will keep your fingers warm and your instincts sharp so you can be the most competitive shopper out there. And when the doors open, you’ll be ready to go!

Hey, Where’d All the Coffee Go?

By the time Monday rolls around, you might find yourself wondering where all your coffee went. Never fear! CoffeeForLess has got your back with tons of huge online deals for Black Friday. Best of all, our deals make it so you won’t have to fight anyone to the finish to take advantage of them – you won’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home!

CoffeeForLess Black Friday Online Deals

So what exactly are we offering, you ask? Great question.

If you’re not already — sign up for our newsletter to find out! You’ll receive an email on Black Friday with all the details. It’s one of our biggest deals of the year. Trust us on this one, it’ll be worth it.

It’s your time to save big on a wide selection of K-Cups, including seasonal K-Cups like top-selling Pumpkin Spice, Autumn Harvest, and more of our (and your) favorites!

We’re also offering a door buster of a deal for you or someone on your gift list. The K145 Value Bundle Deal is our best bundle of the year: complete with a Keurig K145 machine and four 24ct boxes of K-Cups to get you started.

And did you know that we offer CoffeeForeLess gift certificates, as well? They really do make the perfect seasonal gift for all of the coffee lovers in your life.

Get It While It’s Hot

We wish you a wonderful holiday season, and a happy shopping experience on Black Friday! Stay safe out there! It’s probably too late to learn judo, but it’s not too late to stock up on coffee!

Enjoy McDonald’s McCafe Coffee Without Leaving the House

McDonald’s McCafe K-Cups by CoffeeForLess

When you’re hankering for a hot, fast, and tasty breakfast on the go, it’s hard to beat your local McDonald’s. Of course, the piping hot McCafe Coffee is undoubtedly one of the best things about starting your morning with Ronald McDonald and friends.

Caution: Contents May Be… Delicious?

If you’ve never experienced McCafe Coffee, then we’ll let you in on a little secret: it’s delicious. Gone are the days when McDonald’s coffee was simply average. These days, the Golden Arches serve as a beacon of hope for bleary-eyed commuters in need of an extra tasty morning pick-me-up.

Great Coffee Starts With Great Beans

McCafe coffee is made with 100% high-quality Arabica beans grown in Central and South America, and is lovingly roasted for a robust and velvety flavor.

So Many Flavors to Choose From

There was a time when McDonald’s coffee only came in one flavor: coffee flavor. Thank goodness for progress. All told, there are now seven eye-opening varieties to sample.


McCafe Premium K-Cup Coffee Available Now at CoffeeForLess!

The Premium Roast is smooth and balanced with a rich aroma that’s sure to make you eager to get out of bed in the morning. It’s also available decaffeinated, so decaf lovers can enjoy all of the flavor with none of the caffeine.

With its dark roast and intoxicating bouquet, the French Roast is ideal for the coffee connoisseur who loves a full-bodied coffee experience. For a fresh-from-the-roaster experience, be sure to try whole bean French Roast.

Breakfast blend is a light and classic coffee, full of energy and vigor. It’s the perfect complement for a hearty breakfast before a long day of work.

For something a little more nuanced, try out the Colombian Roast. It’s crisp, complex, and spirited; just the ticket for a great conversation at a sidewalk café.

McCafe Espresso Roast is as vigorous as you’d expect, but it’s also delightfully balanced, and blended to perfection for a flavor that you’ll keep coming back to over and over again.

Craving coffee with a bit more sass? Then you’ll love McCafe’s Hazelnut and French Vanilla flavors. They’re indulgent, luscious, and some might even say, magical.

Don’t worry, K-Cup fans; McCafe has something special for you, too. Hazelnut, French Vanilla, Premium Roast, Breakfast Blend, and French Roast varieties are all available in convenient McCafe K-Cup form, so you can savor these wonderful flavors one cup at a time!

Finally, You Can Enjoy Your McCafe at Home

Sometimes you’re in the mood to go out for breakfast, and other times, you just want to fire up the griddle and enjoy homemade pancakes. Now, whether you choose to dine out or stay in, you can enjoy delicious McCafe coffee wherever you go, and whenever you want! It’s a great time to be a coffee lover!

National Coffee Day at

National Coffee Day at CoffeeForLess

September 29 is one of our favorite days of the year because today we celebrate what we do best – coffee!

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Starting today (September 29) through Friday October 2, you can save 5% on your order at! The discount can applied to your favorite selection of coffee, including your choice of Keurig K-Cups, Coffee Pods, or Ground Coffee. Just remember to enter coupon code COFFEEKRUMBS at checkout for your 5% discount.

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Knowledge is Power

Our love of java can only be equaled by our thirst for knowledge to learn all there is know about coffee and its unique culture. Our website is brimming with facts, information, and more on all things coffee. For starters, try brushing up on your “coffee speak” by browsing the CoffeeForLess coffee glossary. You’ll also find coffee videos and how-to’s throughout the site.

Coffee Terminology by CoffeeForLess

Coffee 365

Sign Up and Save With Our Monthly Coffee Club by CoffeeForLess

Learn more about the CoffeeForLess coffee club.

For the most dedicated coffee lovers, the CoffeeForLess coffee club is the best way to sample new coffees, including four different varieties of single-serve K-Cups. Every month, CoffeeForLess will send you a personalized coffee box with four different varieties of coffee. You’ll get 24 K-Cups of each blend, so you’ll have plenty of servings to enjoy, and still have some left over to share with your family and friends.

Do Coffee Day Right…

kennys-krumbsAnd check out our friends at Kenny’s Krumbs for the perfect coffee companion: cookies! Satisfy your sweet tooth with a bag or two of delicious treats. As Kenny’s Krumbs puts it: “We take the best part of the crumb cake, the crunchy crispy top, and turn it into a crunchy cinnamon cookie you just won’t want to stop eating. We know you’ll love our cookies.”

You’ll see bags of Kenny’s Krumbs at select events and stores around the country, but the easiest way to pick up these tasty products is online at

Happy National Coffee Day from CoffeeForLess! We hope your favorite cup of coffee is extra special today. Our only question is, what will you brew?

Get Your Kids Back to School With Your Favorite Morning Coffee


Morning routine | Liz West, Flickr

Summer is coming to a close and it’s near time to get the kids back to school. Along with shopping for school clothes and school supplies, you also need to plan how you’re going to manage your morning coffee time, once those classes begin.

There’s a lot to do on a school morning: getting kids out of bed, making sure everyone is dressed and teeth are brushed, and remembering lunches and backpacks – and really, that’s just for the children. Even if you work out of the home, then you still need to get yourself ready, too!

Plan for Coffee in the Morning’s Schedule

In the middle of all the hustle and bustle, you have to find time to prepare your morning beverage, because, you know, you need it to keep you sane and functioning.

It’s not an addiction or anything, we get that. It’s just that morning cup is a nice ritual to wake up to each day. Morning coffee is soothing, the hot beverage tastes great, and it does tend to offer a bit of a pick-me-up when you need it most.

As you prepare for back to school time, let us help you arrange for what to do about your morning coffee. We have some great ideas, so that you can keep that “coffee first” routine you’ve had all summer.

Morning Coffee, With or Without a Timer

Unless you set a concrete plan for your morning when you’re busy in the back-to-school schedule, it may get overlooked. With that in mind, try any of the following ideas to ensure you get your morning coffee without delay.

Try setting a timer on an automatic machine to have your morning coffee ready exactly when you need it. Then, all you need to do is add a bit of sugar and milk if you like, and sip it as you’re getting ready in the morning, or pour it into a portable mug to take with you on the way to dropping the kids off at school.

If you don’t have a coffee maker with a timer, then prepare your drink the minute you get up in the morning. Set your alarm to ring 5 minutes before you need to dress and wake kids up. Go to the kitchen, start brewing, and then grab it on the way out.

Morning Coffee Accessories: From Ice to the Mug

If you like iced coffee, then try to make a batch of cold brew the night before. Then in the morning, you can simply pour your chilled beverage into a tumbler with some ice, and you’re good to go.

One important accessory to have for your favorite morning coffee during back to school time is a portable coffee mug. We suggest you purchase a couple of these, so that you don’t have to worry about washing one every day, especially if you leave yours in the car every once in a while.

To-go cups made with ceramic are nice, because they don’t leach any plastic flavor into your drink. Just make sure you choose one with a secure lid and one that fits into the cup holders in your car.

When you set aside a bit of time to make a plan for your morning coffee, you’ll be able to enjoy the delicious drink you’re used to – even when school means that a hectic schedule is par for the course.

Seasonal Pumpkin Spice K-Cups Are Back

Cinnamon, nutmeg, a hint of clove, the spiced-pumpkin custard taste of Fall is back! Green Mountain Coffee Pumpkin Spice K-Cups are the taste of Autumn that many of us wait for all year, and they are back in stock at CoffeeForLess. Buy Green Mountain K-Cups by the green-mountain-coffee-pumpkin-spice-k-cups-24ctcase and stock up because this seasonal favorite is one that we always have trouble keeping in stock. It’s just too popular.

We make sure our regular customers get first dibs on this exceptional flavored coffee K-Cup by announcing it and all of the seasonal K-Cups via our newsletter, Twitter, Facebook, and blog pages. If you love this flavored K-Cup as much as we know many of you do, then keep in touch and never miss out on another seasonal K-Cup.

Pumpkin Spice Coffee Continue The Spiced Coffee Tradition

The spices that make Pumpkin Spice Coffee K-Cups great are traditional to seasonal desserts at this time of year, from pumpkin pie, to pumpkin nut roll, and even simple pumpkin spice custard. Vanilla bean adds to these desserts sweetness along with cinnamon. Nutmeg and clove give the desserts a tangy intensity, a sharp bite that balances out the sweetness.

All of these spices are traditional to coffee as well for much the same reason. They accent coffee flavors in much the same way that they blend do with pumpkin. Vanilla coffee, cinnamon coffee, a sprinkle of nutmeg, all are café standards.

With Green Mountain Coffee Pumpkin Spice K-Cups, you can enjoy these traditional coffee and dessert flavors a single cup at a time, brewed with the convenience of Keurig K-Cup coffee brewing. Each cup has the pumpkin spiced coffee flavor that combines traditional Autumn dessert taste with quality Green Mountain Coffee. This flavored coffee is a grey dessert alternative the finish a great meal, one that many find supports their weight-loss plans.

From First Starbucks Café: Starbucks Pike Place K Cups Available Now

Enjoy Starbucks K-cups Pike Place Roast by CoffeeForLess

These days, Starbucks is a household name when it comes to coffee, known as much for its excellent brews as it is for its friendly service, tantalizing treats, and music, too. But legend has it that it wasn’t always that way… Read on for details!

Humble Beginnings

Three former University of San Francisco classmates opened the first Starbuck’s Café in 1971 at 2000 Western Avenue. It was later moved to Seattle’s Pike Place Market, where it has remained ever since. It’s amusing to think of these three scrappy young entrepreneurs hashing out the details of what would become one of the most successful businesses in the world, perhaps wondering if they had enough cash to cover the startup costs. But the rest, as they say, is history.

Great Coffee Around the World

Now, there’s a Starbucks on every street, in just about every part of the world. When you want a great cup of coffee, you look for Starbucks’ iconic green mermaid logo and you know you’re in for a treat, whether you’re in Phoenix, Beijing, or London.

Bring the Starbucks Experience Home

About the only place you couldn’t get a hot, fresh cup of Starbucks coffee was at home… at least until now. Yes, you read that correctly. Sure, there were beans for sale in the market, but what about coffee for people who are living life a bit of a faster pace? Well now you can now make Starbucks Pike Place Roast coffee at home with your Keurig K-Cup machine.

Pike Place Roast was inspired by Starbucks’ origin story: the time when it was just a small, scrappy coffeehouse with a big destiny, serving up delicious cups of coffee to grateful guests, while the lively sounds of Pike Place Market drifted in through its opened windows. And now, that spirit lives on in the new Starbucks Pike Place k-cups!

Starbucks Quality in a K-Cup

Just like the beans, Starbucks Pike Place k-cups are made from a proprietary blend of high altitude-grown, 100% Arabica coffee beans. Pike Place Roast is a delicious, medium-blend coffee handcrafted to have a smooth body, a rich aroma, and subtle hints of cocoa and toasted nuts. It’s just the thing to clear away the fog on a rainy Seattle morning.

Coffee connoisseurs know that it’s not just the coffee beans that make a great cup of coffee; it’s also the preparation method. Because the Keurig process is so precise, you’ll be enjoying your Starbucks Pike Place k-cups coffee exactly as it was intended to taste.

It’s (Almost) Like Having a Starbucks at Home

Thanks to Starbucks Pike Place Roast K-Cups, you don’t have to make the trip down to your local Starbucks to enjoy the richness of your favorite coffee house’s freshly roasted beans. Now, there’s truly a Starbucks on every corner, including the corner near the kitchen countertop, where you keep your Keurig!

Love coffee? Learn more about our monthly coffee club!

Sign Up and Save With Our Monthly Coffee Club by CoffeeForLess

You love your K-Cups, but there are so many different kinds to choose from that finding your favorite has become a real challenge. Sure, you probably have a few varieties that you prefer, but until you’ve tried a wider variety of choices, you may be missing out on some delicious hidden gem.

Of course, you probably don’t have the spare time to travel the world in search of the legendary “best cup of coffee ever.” After all, you have other matters to attend to. But don’t worry: with our K-Cup Coffee of the Month Club, all you have to do is sign up for the coffee club, and leave the coffee hunting to us.

How the Coffee Club Works


The K-Cup Coffee of the Month Club let’s you sample new coffees, and includes four different varieties of single-serve K-Cups.

Every month, Coffee for Less will send you a personalized coffee box with four different varieties of coffee. The monthly selections are sourced from a variety of first-rate roasters. You’ll get 24 K-Cups of each blend, so you’ll have plenty of servings to enjoy, and still have some left over to share with your favorite coffee connoisseurs.

If you’re a decaf coffee lover, then you will be pleased to learn that we also offer a Decaf K-Cup Coffee of the Month Club. You’ll get all of the wonderful coffee choices with (almost) none of the caffeine.

Our flavored K-Cup Coffee of the Month Club is just the thing for those who prefer their java with a little touch of something special. You’ll sample 24 varieties of delicately flavored, enticingly tasty coffee, all at the same great price as our standard Coffee of the Month Club members.

Each K-Cup Coffee of the Month membership is good for six months. With four wonderful selections to sample in each personalized coffee club box, you’ll have the chance to enjoy 24 of our favorite coffees over the course of your coffee club membership.

Of course, the deliciousness doesn’t have to end there; you’re free to sign up for another six months of wonderful coffee selections.

A Coffee Club Subscription Makes the Perfect Gift

Not sure what to get the person who has everything? The K-Cup Coffee of the Month Club makes an excellent gift for all of the K-Cup lovers in your life. Why get them some forgettable gift when you can get them a present that will brighten their every morning?

Not sure how our Coffee of the Month Club could get any sweeter? Try free shipping, no sales tax, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. What are you waiting for? Sign up for our coffee club today, and start getting great coffee delivered right to your front door.

How K-Cup Coffee Wastes Less Beans Than Drip


There’s nothing as convenient as being able to brew up a single cup of hot java in a k-cup coffee maker. For those of us who work independently, machines like the Keurig have been blessings. If a single worker had to brew a full pot of coffee, it would be a black and rancid mess by the time he got to the third cup.

However, there have been a lot of questions regarding how efficient the k-cup coffee machines really are. And it turns out that they waste less coffee than a drip machine, believe it or not!

The Secret Behind the Less Wasteful K-Cup Coffee Makers

The trick is that k-cup coffee lovers only brew what they need, and nothing more; it really is that simple. Plus, the coffee is brewed to absolute perfection, which saves the time and effort required to maneuver a pour-over system, or other do-it-yourself solutions that can be rather clumsy and arcane. Once the single cup is brewed, the grounds are easy to dispose of, as all a coffee lover needs to do is to toss the self-contained container into the trash or recycle bin, depending on the variety.

The efficiency of a k-cup coffee maker is even greater, when you consider that it eliminates human error with over-filling the basket of coffee grounds. In fact, k-cup coffee makers make greater use of the beans. Where traditional drip-brew machines use 10 beans to brew an ounce of coffee, k-cup coffee makers need only 6 beans, or a 40% reduction. Despite the seemingly drastic reduction in the volume of raw materials for a cup of steaming Joe, the cup is just as satisfying as those from any other brewing system.

K-Cup Coffee Reduces the Amount of Beans, But Coffee Consumption Is Rising

Cup of coffee and dollar sign from beanIn fact, overall coffee bean consumption has seen a decline, even as overall coffee consumption has risen. This seeming paradox is easily resolved when you consider the increased efficiency that coffee lovers employ when brewing the magical beverage with a k-cup coffee maker. Economists also note that this newfound efficiency is having an effect down in Brazil.

Brazil is in the midst of a drastic drought that would normally cause a supply shortage, together with an ensuing spike in coffee-bean prices. Since the k-cup machines blunt the overall demand for raw beans, the coffee market has a built-in leveling factor.

It would seem that k-cup coffee makers are here to stay. While they may seem like a fad, versions of the idea have been around since the mid-1980’s. Their rapid expansion in the market is changing the way Americans brew and enjoy coffee, while also having a worldwide economic impact. With increasing pressures to create technologies that emphasize sustainability, it seems that the coffee world already has a working example of how to be a better global citizen.


via quartz

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K-Cup’s New Recovery Project: Grounds to Grow On

There’s no doubt about it: the single-serving coffee trend is steaming hot. A survey conducted last year found that nearly thirty percent of java drinkers are now brewing their coffee one cup at a time. And the most popular purveyor of these single-serving coffee makers is undoubtedly Keurig, with their K-Cup coffee machines.

Keurig: the King of Single-Serving K-Cup Coffee

It’s easy to see why Keurig Green Mountain is edging out its competitors. The company has wide distribution, an extremely diverse selection of beverages, and Kleenex-like brand recognition in its market.



The K-Cup coffee producer reportedly sold 9.8 billion of its small, plastic, single use K-Cups last year. That’s great news for the company and its investors, but environmental watchdogs have raised concerns about the sheer volume of material the company is indirectly producing.

K-Cup Waste: A Complex Issue

Taken separately, the components of a K-Cup coffee unit are all recyclable or compostable, at least in theory. But as a unit, they’re certainly not what you’d call environmentally
friendly. Individual users could take them apart and compost the grounds and recycle the foil lids, but how many of us would do that on a daily basis? After all, convenience is one of the main appeals of the K-Cups coffee system.

Keurig K-Cup Introduces Grounds to Grow On

Keurig is sensitive to its customers’ concerns, so they’ve launched a new initiative called “Grounds to Grow On.” Under this program, workplaces (and soon, consumers) can opt to send their used K-Cups of coffee back to the company, where they’re burned as fuel.

Company representatives admit that it’s a less than perfect solution, but it’s certainly better than all those coffee pods ending up in landfills.

2020 and Beyond: What Happens to the K-Cup Market?

So what does the future hold for Keurig Green Mountain, when it comes to sustainability for its k-cup coffee? The company has been working on coming up with a solution that will keep coffee fresh, without such a sizable environmental footprint.

Paper K-Cups were considered as a possible option, but the company’s R&D department found that they didn’t keep the coffee fresh long enough to make it to consumers’ mugs.

Keurig’s goal is to make all of its single-use beverage pods recyclable by 2020. Its Vue and K-Carafe pods are more environmentally friendly, and are accepted by its newer Keurig 2.0 machines, but the many owners of its older devices aren’t able to take advantage of these advances, which aren’t backwards-compatible.



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Morning Coffee Not Hot Enough? Try Warming Up the Mug First

When you’ve just rolled out of bed and you’re still trying to shake the dreamy haze of sleep, there’s nothing quite like a hot cup of morning coffee to pry open those drowsy eyelids and put a spring in your step. But when your hot coffee turns tepid, it can really put a damper on your wake-up routine. Fortunately, there is a way to help your cup of coffee maintain its fresh-from-the-pot heat, and it starts by warming up the mug – here’s why.



Your Mug Is a Heat Thief

When you first grab your favorite coffee mug from the cupboard, you may notice that it’s cold to the touch, especially so during the winter months. And that makes sense; your cupboards are basically sealed off from the rest of your home, so they don’t benefit from your central heating system.

Fast-forward to a few minutes after you’ve filled your cup with steaming coffee, and you’ll find that the cup itself has become nice and warm. If it’s especially chilly, you might even wrap your hands around it to keep them cozy.

It’s a nice feeling, but that heat had to come from somewhere. You guessed it: your coffee cup is stealing heat from your fresh-brewed get-up juice. When hot coffee meets cold mug, thermal energy is exchanged. It’s simply a basic principle of physics.

Warm Your Cup First To Keep Morning Coffee Steaming

By now, you might be feeling a bit betrayed by your favorite coffee mug. Surely it knows you love hot coffee. So how could it do this to you?

Fortunately, there’s a trick to keep it from stealing your coffee’s steam. Just get in the habit of heating up your morning coffee mug first. Get some hot water from the faucet or boil some water on the stove. Fill your mug with the water and let it sit until the mug is warm to the touch. If you’re in a hurry, just throw it in the microwave for a little bit.

This trick works best with mugs that maintain heat well, but even thinner cups will keep coffee hot longer when preheated. And while it may seem like one more thing that you have to do in the morning, trust us – you’ll be delighted with the results as you sit your morning cup of coffee, and it stays hot until you’re finished.

hot drink