Your Favorite Coffee Flavors Taste Even Better as Coffee Smoothies

Try coffee in smoothiesIt’s that time of year: the flowers are blooming, the night is losing its chill, and the birds are filling the mornings with song. Soon, it will be summertime. We love the warm weather, but drinking hot coffee on an equally hot day isn’t necessarily the most refreshing experience. And yes, we’ve heard those dubious rumors that drinking a steaming cup of java on a hot day can actually cool you down, but our money’s on cold brew, or better yet, coffee smoothies!

Coffee smoothies are the ideal warm-weather pick-me-up. They’re a frosty morning treat that will give you your daily jolt of caffeine, and you can mix in all sorts of healthy extras, taking your coffee smoothie to the next level.

Making a Coffee Smoothie? Start With Good Cold Brew

Any great coffee smoothie starts with good cold brew coffee. In a pinch, you can toss a spoon into the freezer and pour hot coffee over it to avoid melting all of your ice, but that only does so much. You still end up with tepid, watered-down cold brew. So let’s do this the right way. Though it requires some preparation, in the end, it’s totally worth it.

Start the cold brew for your coffee smoothie the night before with your favorite coffee beans, coarse ground. Add 1 part beans to every four parts water, put the mixture in a mason jar, and whip that bad boy into the refrigerator. Now go to sleep.

Yay! It’s tomorrow already. Get your mason jar out of the fridge, and use a fine strainer to filter out all the grounds. That’s it. Easy peasy. The first step of your coffee smoothie is complete!

It’s Coffee Chocolate Banana Smoothie Time

Now that you’ve made pro-level cold brew, you’re ready to make coffee smoothies. Let’s start with a classic: chocolate and bananas.

Mix 16 oz of chocolate milk or soymilk with two ounces of that strong cold brew we just made. Add a big banana or two small ones into the mix. Toss in a tablespoon of chia seeds, and blend to perfection. Serves two.

Fresh made Banana Milkshake

Vanilla Protein Blaster, Including Coffee Smoothie!

This version of a coffee smoothie is an excellent pre-workout drink. Make your vanilla protein shake as usual. Hemp and soy protein will do in a pinch, but we find that whey provides optimum results for this recipe. Add two tablespoons of plain Greek yogurt for some extra muscle fuel, and blend in half a cup of cold brew. Bam! Your coffee smoothie just got pumped up!

Tropic Lightning Coffee Smoothies

For this coffee smoothie recipe, you’ll need a cup of pineapple chunks (canned or fresh), 5oz light coconut milk, 3oz cold brew, 1oz of water, and some ice cubes, just for extra frostiness. Blend it all together, and voila: a pina colada with some serious kick!

The Wicked Green Speed Machine


via Jules,

We know what you’re thinking: coffee smoothie that includes green juice? Come on. But don’t be frightened. This particular coffee smoothie is going to turn out great.
Here’s what we’re tossing into the blender:

  • A cup of cold brew
  • Two cups of rainbow chard, juiced
  • ¼ cup of rice milk
  • Two heaping tablespoons raw cocoa powder
  • Your sweetener of choice
  • A dash of vanilla extract
  • A tray full of ice cubes

Fire up the blender, and when you’re done, you’ll have a phytonutrient-rich super drink that will also give you a nice caffeine kick. We know this coffee smoothie might look a bit questionable, but just go with it. See? It’s great.

Liven Up Your Friday Night with These Coffee Cocktail Recipes


True lovers of morning coffee often face a disappointing realization. Sure, if you work in an office environment, chances are pretty good that around 2 or 3pm, you’re ready for an afternoon pick-me-up, but after that… what are you supposed to do? Too much caffeine in the evening or after dinner may adversely affect your night’s sleep, and brewing up a full pot of coffee at home might be a bit much as you head into the later part of the evening.

Enter the amazing world of coffee cocktails, a paradise where two flavorful worlds collide to create something truly special – specifically, for the coffee fanatic. Let’s take a look at a few coffee cocktail recipes, both classic and exotic, for the coffee lover in you.

Classic Coffee Cocktail Recipes

Every great two-part combination that comes out of the food and beverage world is taken to legendary heights of flavor when the quality of each ingredient is scaled up. So these coffee cocktail recipes may sound simple due to their pronounced lack of ingredients, but the devil is in the details: the better the brew and the spirit you use, the better the cocktail, so don’t skimp on the quality of either.

The Irish Coffee is perhaps the most well-known coffee and alcohol combination. The good news is that this cocktail coffee recipe is maybe as easy as it gets: simply combine 1.5oz of Jameson Irish Whiskey with a hot cup of coffee, and a teaspoon or two of sugar if you prefer it on the sweet side.

The Spanish Coffee cocktail recipe is another simple classic one. Start with your favorite brandy snifter for the vessel, and add in 0.75oz of brandy, together with 0.25oz of Kahlua. Top the combination off with hot coffee, and a float of whipped cream for a dash of sweet-creamy goodness.

Lovers of The Big Lebowski will know the White Russian coffee cocktail recipe by heart, but for the rest of us, this classic cocktail recipe goes like this. Combine the following ingredients into a shaker with ice: 2oz vodka, 1oz Kahlua, 1oz cream, 0.5oz cold-brewed or chilled coffee. Shake the ingredients together and pour into an Old Fashioned glass for serving.

More Exotic Coffee Cocktail Recipes

One of the more exotic and involved coffee cocktail recipes is the Café Brasileiro, which yields a rich and complex drink that’s not as sweet as you might think, given the recipe’s ingredients. For this coffee cocktail recipe, start by adding the seeds of a Vanilla bean to 2oz of heavy cream in a cocktail shaker, and shake until frothy. Next, add 1.5oz Cachaca, 0.5oz chocolate liqueur, and 2.5oz fresh hot coffee to a clear mug so you can see the drink as it’s being created. Pour the frothy vanilla combination over the other ingredients, which should float on top, adding extra sweetness with each sip!

We like the Black Forest cocktail, which combines the tastes of stout beer with nuts and chocolate to create a coffee cocktail recipe you won’t soon forget. Add the following ingredients into a shaker with ice: 2oz cold-brewed or chilled coffee, 0.25oz Benedictine, 0.25oz maraschino liqueur. Shake together and strain out the ice, pouring the mix over a fluted champagne glass. Perfect for a fabulous brunch cocktail with coffee!

Creating Coffee Cocktail Recipes of Your Own

Now that we’ve covered a bit of ground when it comes to classic and simple, or exotic and complex coffee cocktail recipes, it’s time to try a few of your own. Why not try a classic peaty Scotch with your morning brew? Or perhaps a bit of Bourbon and whipped cream might make for a delightful combo. With just a bit of experimenting, you might stumble on a brand new coffee cocktail classic!

Kick Up Your Favorite Recipes by Cooking With Coffee

No one can imagine Tiramisu made without coffee, but did you know that coffee is a great enhancer for many other types of dishes? The acidic, earthy tones of coffee boost flavors in both sweet and savory dishes, which makes cooking with coffee a wise choice in the kitchen. Coffee gives your dish that special, added depth of flavor. So whether you brew a cup fresh or use what’s left over from your morning pot, consider using coffee as your “secret ingredient” next time you head for the kitchen.

Cooking With Coffee to Make Sweets

There’s no need to have a special recipe to add coffee to your next dessert. Simply replace the liquid portion with the same portion of coffee, and Bam! You’re cooking with coffee! Coffee compliments most dessert dishes, especially those made with chocolate: cakes, puddings, fudge, muffins, pies and ice cream. Use coffee in place of water, or as a replacement for milk.

Cooking With Coffee for Sweets

Tasty muffin cakes with chocolate and spices

For a powerful taste booster, try using coffee grounds when you bake. Coffee grounds are especially delicious in recipes that feature nuts: coffee cake, pecan pie, muffins, or cakes. For baking, use grounds that have already gone through the brewing process, and because coffee grounds are so strong, use them sparingly. Mix the grounds into liquids, or replace a small portion of flour with them. You can also use instant espresso if the recipe has a smooth finish, like ice cream, or when you want a stronger flavor than just liquid coffee will provide.

Cooking With Coffee in Savory Dishes

For centuries, chefs have used coffee in Mexican chicken, beef, or pork mole dishes, and cooking with coffee and chipotle makes for an excellent combination. But the reality is that coffee goes well with all sorts of meats.

Coffee rubbed pork belly

Coffee rubbed Pork Belly via Alan Teo,

From rubs to sauces, consider cooking with coffee to intensify other savory meat dishes. Add a small amount of coffee grounds to your rub mixture for grilled pork or beef, and for deeper flavors – with or without BBQ sauce. You can add it to: pork loin, steak, ribs or pot roast, as well. The acid in coffee paired together with the earthy, soft flavor makes an excellent addition to the liquid in any meat you plan to braise. Just use coffee in the same quantity as you would usually use wine.

Save Your Leftover Coffee for Cooking

Refrigerate your leftover coffee and coffee grounds so you will have a fresh supply on hand the next time you plan to cook a savory dish or prepare a dessert. Just remember this simple rule for cooking with coffee: proportionately use liquid coffee to replace liquids in cooking, but grounds are stronger, so use them sparingly. Experiment by cooking with coffee and expect to have someone ask you, “What’s your secret ingredient?”

Promoting Arts Awareness Through Coffee

Community is a big part of our mission at CoffeeForLess. That’s why we’re excited to announce our partnership with Arts For All, a New York City-based non-profit organization that provides under-served children the chance to discover and develop their creative side through arts outreach.

The value art can bring to a child’s life – building, creating, learning, doing – can last a lifetime, and it’s been proven that children who make art are stronger readers and get better grades in both math and science. Through their efforts, Arts For All aims to use art to instill self-confidence, self-expression, teamwork, resilience, and creativity in children.

This is a mission we’re very fond of, started by the late, great Vice President of, Zachary Ciperski. Zachary was well known for his caring and giving nature, and we’re very proud to carry on this partnership in his name.

Fine Coffee for Fine Arts

You can support this great cause by purchasing one of our signature Purple Bag coffee blends of New York Coffee. Proceeds for every bag purchased through will be directly donated to Arts For All, which will help bring creative workshops to over 3,500 in-need NYC children.


Shop Arts For All Charitable Coffees

Choose from four blends of ground coffee, appropriately themed in honor of the core principles championed by Arts For All: Resilience 100% Colombian, Self Express-O Blend, Confidence Builder Blend Decaf, and Creative Blend. Each one is delivered in a beautiful purple bag and contains our signature house blend of New York Coffee. Make a difference in children’s lives while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee.

We thank you for your help in promoting awareness for Arts For All. Together we can remove barriers and help children explore the arts who may otherwise face socio-economic, physical, or emotional barriers in doing so. Visit our dedicated partnership page at, and learn more about this uniquely enriching outreach program at

Have a story to tell about your experience with art and community? Share yours in the comments section below and we’ll help spread the word.


Get Up, Stand Up With Marley Coffee

Jamaica is famous for Reggae music and having some of richest soil for growing coffee. That’s why Rohan Marley, son of the legendary Bob Marley, has returned to his father’s estate in Jamaica to create Marley Coffee. Founded in 2009, Rohan set out to complete the other half of his father’s dream by coming back home to farm.

Varieties of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee began flourishing in the 1700′s and continue to be some of the most sought-after coffees in the world. What makes Rohan’s brew of coffee unique is that the beans are grown on the family’s 52-acre estate farm with no genetic engineering or use of pesticides in the production process. In fact, Marley Coffee is certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture and the Organic Crop Improvement Association of Canada, OCIA.

Rohan and the other members of the company pride themselves on producing coffee through sustainable methods. This means the production process doesn’t just take from the environment, it also gives back by growing new trees and shrubbery after the
land is tilled. The company recently partnered with the Rain Forest Alliance, using the organizations guidance on how to produce coffee in ecologically friendly ways.

Community is also another important principle of Marley Coffee. The company has created economic opportunities in Jamaica and other parts of the world through their coffee producing methods. The jobs provide a living for many growers who would otherwise not be able to earn a livable wage.

You can find Marley Coffee online, at retail stores like Safeway or Whole Foods and others throughout the United States and Canada. Rohan believes that as the organic movement continues to grow and become commonplace in the everyday diet, Marley Coffee will be positioned to be a major player in the coffee market. If things work out like he expects, it won’t be long until you’ll see bags of Marley Coffee alongside those of Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts.

Top 7 Flavored Syrups To Put In Your Coffee

It’s estimated that 1.6 billion (with a “b”) cups of coffee are consumed worldwide everyday. Considering the variety of flavors brewed in coffee beans – let alone flavored syrup for coffee – the possibilities for concocting a perfect cup of coffee are endless.

There are plenty of occasions where I sit down with a particular roast and think that it could use an additional flavor or two. I can readily add these flavors with a small contribution from my stock of flavored syrups. If you are unfamiliar with flavored syrup for coffee or want to broaden your horizons, the following list will help you make the best purchases. Here are the 7 flavored syrups that every coffee drinker should own.

Monin Strawberry Syrup

Monin Strawberry Syrup is great when you are looking to add sweetness to coffee. It’s a good choice for anyone who loves strawberries and strawberry flavored products. It also contains no preservatives for a more natural taste.


Monin Peach Syrup

Many people enjoy the fuzziness and sweetness of a peach, but it is hard to find coffee that is peach flavored. This Monin syrup uses natural ingredients to sweeten your coffee. Peach flavored coffee offers a pleasantness unparalleled in many standard brews.

Monin Lemon Syrup

For coffee with a crisp fresh taste, you should add a healthy dose of Monin Lemon Syrup. This fat free, cholesterol free, and alcohol-free syrup is healthier option to add flavor to your coffee. I recommend this particular syrup after a big meal for palette cleansing.

Entner-Stuart Caramel Premium Syrup

Coffee drinkers who want to add a subtle hint of caramel flavor to their coffee should try this. While caramel flavored coffee is readily available, it sometimes has too strong of a caramel flavor. This syrup solves that problem by allowing you to manipulate the concentration of flavor.

Entner-Stuart Almond Premium Syrup

This choice from Entner-Stuart Coffee Syrup collection is a fantastic addition to any cup of coffee. Made with 100% Hawaiian liquid cane sugar, you know that this syrup is made from the highest quality ingredients. Entner-Stuart Almond Premium Syrup is an excellent choice for making your coffee taste a bit more tropical.

Monin Yellow Banana Syrup

You will go bananas when you realize that banana flavored coffee is a possibility. This product is great for those fringe coffee drinkers who want to mask some coffee flavor with a less intense fruity sweetness.

Entner-Stuart Blackberry Premium Syrup

A tart, sweet, and fruity flavored is just a quick pour away with a bottle of this in your cabinet. This brand of syrups provides maximum flavor but also prevents any sludge from accumulating at the bottom of your cup.

Getting Started

For those of you who are interested in purchasing flavored syrup for coffee, your local coffee shop or are great places to start. A set of options to spice up your coffee is never a bad thing. Just one questions remains: How do you like your cup of coffee?

Top Flavored Coffee Beans of 2013

Another year has come and gone, and – no matter what – I always enjoyed a cup of coffee. So, I’ll let old acquaintance be forgot and take a moment to laud our favorite flavored coffee beans of 2013. Without further adieu, we present the best flavors of 2013 and wonder if any could top the list in 2014. Happy New Year!

New York Coffee Irish Coffee

These flavored coffee beans made me think of my ancestors who immigrated from the Emerald Isle. They never failed to give my taste buds the Irish Coffee flavor they craved. The creamy body and mouth-feel were just another reason New York Coffee Irish Coffee is included on this list.


New York Coffee Jamaican Rum

Whenever I needed to escape to a tropical place, I brewed a cup of Jamaican Rum (a plane wasn’t usually an option). Each sip brought sweet rum flavor to my lips that was always “Jamaican me crazy.” I think of it as an island paradise in a cup.

New York Coffee Hot Fudge

Sometimes, all I needed to cap off a particularly great day was a cup of Hot Fudge. Having the soft spot I do for sundaes, there is no better thing to drink. Every gulp of hot fudge heaven brought warmth to my belly and a smile to my face.

New York Coffee Gingerbread

Run, run as fast as you can! You might not catch the Gingerbread Man, but Gingerbread flavored coffee beans don’t run very fast. They have a spiced, gingerbread flavor that can make any day feel like the holidays. This is a great brew for days that you feel blue.

Barrie House French Vanilla Cream

There was no single association I had with this coffee flavor other than pure and utter deliciousness. Any time I brewed a cup of French Vanilla Cream, the sweet aroma filled the house. I always keep a bag on hand for any social occasion.

Barrie House 100% Colombian Decaf

For those days when I needed a smaller boost to start my day, I turned to my bag of Colombian Decaf. What it lacks in caffeine, it makes up for in rich, caramel flavor. Every cup brewed from these flavored coffee beans was guaranteed to have premium quality flavor and smoothness.

Aloha Island Hazelnut Paradise

Mentally escaping to a tropical island was a very common pastime for me this year! Aloha Island Hazelnut Paradise has the ideal blend of coffee and hazelnut flavors to put me in total relaxation. Any night that featured Hazelnut Paradise felt like a luau to me.

Who Will Be The Best of 2014?

These sevens varieties of flavored coffee beans reined supreme in 2013, but 2014 is a whole new ball game. I have decided to broaden my horizons and have actively been searching for new flavors to try. Who knows? Maybe one of them will make it onto this list next year.

Coconut Water A Healthy Alternative to Sports Drinks

Vita Coco Coconut WaterWe’ve been hearing it for years: electrolytes are key for quick and effective hydration. Sports drinks advertise them, enhanced water brands add them, and now coconut water is making a splash by focusing on its natural electrolyte content. Some swear by the rehydrating power of coconut water while others just like the taste. Either way, coconut water appears to be here to stay.

Coconut water is the water that is naturally found within coconuts. It has been the survival strategy of Robinson Crusoe-type island survivalists and a delicious treat throughout any region that supports coconut palms. Now, coconut water is being touted for its health benefits. It is a natural source of such natural minerals as Potassium, an electrolyte and essential nutrient, and it also boasts a high antioxidant content, allowing some to argue that coconut water can be an dietary element in cancer prevention.

Coconut Water Options at CoffeeForLess

CoffeeForLess is proud to carry the Vita Coco Coconut Water product line. Vita Coco has been a leader in bringing coconut water, a once exotic island vacation treat, to the consumer market and continues to innovate flavored coconut water beverages that meet our customers’ discerning tastes.

Running with the tropical themes associated with their product, Vita Coco has introduced a variety of flavor options that hearken to the islands that grow coconuts. Enjoy pineapple, orange, peach-mango, or tropical fruit flavors and savor the tastes of the tropics. Original flavor tastes very much like sipping from a freshly cracked coconut.

Coffee fanatics can enjoy the healthful benefits of coconut water with Vita Coco’s Coco Café. This fantastic flavored coconut water combines espresso and coconut water for a tropical late unlike any other. The combination of coconut water and coffee is an abundant source of naturally-derived antioxidants and an energy drink that hydrates as it invigorates.

So the next time you think about reaching for a high-fructose corn syrup-sweetened sports drink, remember the humble coconut. It packs much the same hydration power but is less heavily sweetened and quite a nutritious choice when you are in need of serious hydration.

Refreshingly Cool: Discover Organa Mint Green Tea

For many, the art of tea drinking has become a daily ritual. Each step in the process brings you closer to enjoying a steaming hot cup of tea. From heating the water to selecting your favorite mug, tea time is your time. Exploring new blends of tea is part of the ritualistic process. Organa Mint Green Tea Pods offer a delectable new experience. Filling your cup with an enjoyable blend of organic green tea, the refreshing taste of mint creates an overall revitalizing brew.

Organa Mint Green Tea

Experience a Cool Flavor Burst with Organa Mint Green Tea

Organa Mint Green Tea travels to your cup from China’s Zhejiang province. Known for its high-quality green teas, this eastern coastal area is the main green tea growing area in China. It produces some of the most popular green teas including, Longjing. This green tea is mostly produced by hand and known for its high quality and delicate flavor. Organa Mint Green Tea Pods from CoffeeForLess infuse your senses by combining that delicate green tea flavors with American spearmint and peppermint. Part palate cleanser and part refresher, this soothing cup of mint green tea is simple yet flavorful. With its highly aromatic minty blend, it satisfies with notes of smooth herbal ones and minty finishes for an overall delightful blend. Perfect for an afternoon cup of tea, Organa Mint Green Tea can be sweetened with a touch of sugar and is enjoyable warm or served over ice for a refreshingly cool blend.

Boost your Health with Mint Green Tea

Drinking mint green tea offers quite a number of health benefits, including the anti-cancer antioxidant, catechin. High numbers of catechins are naturally found in green tea. Likewise, green tea helps increase the number of regulatory T cells in the body, which can strengthen your immune system. Green tea also is associated with boosting functioning abilities in old age, losing weight, shrinking tumors and lowering your risk of heart disease. It’s definitely a step forward for your health to enjoy a daily cup of green tea.

Organa fine teas offer fresh, organic teas that are harvested in small batches from renowned tea estates from around the globe. No chemical fertilizers, growth stimulants, pesticides or antibiotics are used in growing the tea leaves, making the tea 100% organic and certified by the US Department of Agriculture and the Organic Crop Improvement Association. Served to you in tea pod form, Organa Teas pods are compatible with the single-serve pod brewing systems. Each pod contains no calories, fat or allergens. Likewise, they are gluten free and Kosher certified.

Crystal Light Instant Drink Packets Beat the Heat

Crystal Light On The Go Instant BeveragesThe weathermen are predicting a huge heat wave over the next week, and that means thirsty times are ahead. If you are looking for a great diet-friendly way to beat the heat and quench your thirst, then Crystal Light instant beverages are a great choice.

Try any of a variety of Crystal Light drink mixes over ice and enjoy a cooling, satisfying drink beverage that has as much as 90% fewer calories than leading drink brands. CoffeeForLess carries a variety of Crystal Light flavors, so there’s certain to be one that you like.


Crystal Light Drink Mix Flavors at CoffeeForLess

CoffeeForLess carries a variety of Crystal Light flavors in boxes of thirty individually packaged servings. These Crystal Light packets are so convenient that all you need to do is add cold water and a tasty beverage is yours to enjoy immediately. Don’t forget the ice if you want to beat the heat.

Nothing beats the high temperatures of a heat wave like lemonade, and Crystal Light On The Go Lemonade Drink Mix is a great low-calorie way to enjoy lemonade on a hot day. Feel like something fruity and delicious but not looking for something as sour as lemonade? Try Crystal Light On The Go Raspberry Ice. The sweet taste of raspberries has never been so easy to make or so diet-friendly. If you want a more traditional beverage, try Crystal Light Fruit Punch. It is sweet and satisfying without any of the worries involved in other high calorie beverages.

For some, nothing quenches thirst on a hot day quite like iced tea. Crystal Light On The Go Iced Tea is the drink for you then. Classic iced tea flavor instantly without any of the calories usually associated with sweet tea. For a more adventurous flavor, try Crystal Light On The Go Peach Tea. A hit of sweet peach flavor really makes this instant tea delicious.

Beat the heat and get yourself a sweet and satisfying beverage without having to worry about burning off those calories at the gym. Crystal Light has been the dieters’ friend for decades, and now you can get it at CoffeeForLess.