Refreshingly Cool: Discover Organa Mint Green Tea


For many, the art of tea drinking has become a daily ritual. Each step in the process brings you closer to enjoying a steaming hot cup of tea. From heating the water to selecting your favorite mug, tea time is your time. Exploring new blends of tea is part of the ritualistic process. Organa Mint Green Tea Pods offer a delectable new experience. Filling your cup with an enjoyable blend of organic green tea, the refreshing taste of mint creates an overall revitalizing brew.Organa Mint Green Tea

Experience a Cool Flavor Burst with Organa Mint Green Tea 

Organa Mint Green Tea travels to your cup from China’s Zhejiang province. Known for its high-quality green teas, this eastern coastal area is the main green tea growing area in China. It produces some of the most popular green teas including, Longjing. This green tea is mostly produced by hand and known for its high quality and delicate flavor. Organa Mint Green Tea Pods from CoffeeForLess infuse your senses by combining that delicate green tea flavors with American spearmint and peppermint. Part palate cleanser and part refresher, this soothing cup of mint green tea is simple yet flavorful. With its highly aromatic minty blend, it satisfies with notes of smooth herbal ones and minty finishes for an overall delightful blend. Perfect for an afternoon cup of tea, Organa Mint Green Tea can be sweetened with a touch of sugar and is enjoyable warm or served over ice for a refreshingly cool blend.

Boost your Health with Mint Green Tea

Drinking mint green tea offers quite a number of health benefits, including the anti-cancer antioxidant, catechin. High numbers of catechins are naturally found in green tea. Likewise, green tea helps increase the number of regulatory T cells in the body, which can strengthen your immune system. Green tea also is associated with boosting functioning abilities in old age, losing weight, shrinking tumors and lowering your risk of heart disease. It’s definitely a step forward for your health to enjoy a daily cup of green tea.

Organa fine teas offer fresh, organic teas that are harvested in small batches from renowned tea estates from around the globe. No chemical fertilizers, growth stimulants, pesticides or antibiotics are used in growing the tea leaves, making the tea 100% organic and certified by the US Department of Agriculture and the Organic Crop Improvement Association. Served to you in tea pod form, Organa Teas pods are compatible with the single-serve pod brewing systems. Each pod contains no calories, fat or allergens. Likewise, they are gluten free and Kosher certified. 


K-Cup Coffee Review: Green Mountain Coffee Half-Caff Coffee K-Cups

Green Mountain Coffee Half-Caff Coffee K-CupsCoffee is good, even great, in most people’s opinions, but caffeine is not always so positively reviewed. Many people want to enjoy their coffee without as much caffeine, and often the only option available is entirely decaffeinated coffee. Green Mountain Coffee has sought to provide a coffee that meets coffee drinkers in the middle, providing a coffee that is mildly caffeinated compared to regular coffee but not lacking in caffeine as decaffeinated varieties are: Green Mountain Coffee Half-Caff Coffee K-Cups.

If you are looking for a delicious coffee that is mildly caffeinated, then Green Mountain Coffee Half-Caff Coffee K-Cups are the brew for you.


Green Mountain Coffee Half-Caff Coffee K-Cups Cup Experience

Green Mountain Coffee Half-Caff is an excellent blended roast coffee that is designed with two intentions: a lower caffeine content that is not as low as decaf coffee and an excellent brew that is satisfying any time of the day. Green Mountain Coffee has succeeded at these two goals with their Half-Caff Coffee K-Cups.

Green Mountain Coffee Half-Caff Coffee brews with a medium aroma that hearkens to traditional breakfast blends. It is enticing and mellow but the exact sort of aroma that lures the many coffee drinkers from the comfort of their beds.

As these mildly caffeinated K-Cups brew into your cup, the color of the coffee most resembles a medium roast, though this brew is blended from multiple roasts. The overall character is most similar to medium roast coffee, and this character comes across distinctly in taste as well. The flavor of this coffee is middle-of-the-road pleasant with a smooth taste and mild acidity. It has a nice lack of bitterness as well.

The mouthfeel is light, almost watery, and the aftertaste of Green Mountain Coffee Half-Caff K-Cup Coffee is mild, distinctly lacking in the astringency to be found in some decaf coffees.

Most importantly, the caffeine buzz of Green Mountain Coffee Half-Caff lives up to its half-caffeinated reputation. There is a mild pick-me-up to it, but it truly is not a buzzy blend, making it a great coffee for evening coffee consumption.

If you love this half-caffein coffee, you can also buy Green Mountain Coffee Half-Caff K-Cups by the case.


Keurig K-Cup Storage: Simple Elegance, Organized Convenience

Keurig K-Cup StandKeurig K-Cups provide luxury and variety that is unparalleled, but if you are the sort of K-Cup coffee drinker who truly appreciates that luxurious variety, then you probably have an exceptional variety, even quantity of K-Cups, that provide you an excellent and various single cup coffee experience.

This level of variety poses a problem though, one that many a K-Cup coffee drinker has encountered: how does one organize all of these K-Cups? When it comes to simple solutions to this common problem, nothing beats the Keurig K-Cup Stand. It utilizes simple design to store and display K-Cups in a very convenient way.


The Keurig K-Cup Stand

Keurig K-Cup Stand K-Cup Storage UnitThe Keurig K-Cup Stand is a wire rack that displays up to thirty different K-Cups. Its simple design does not truly illustrate its capacity to store and display your K-Cups. The simple wire rack style is a product of conscious engineering, making it so that what appears to be a simple arrangement of bent steel is actually specifically designed to hold K-Cups in a highly visible arrangement.

The simplicity of the Keurig K-Cup Stand also gives it a small footprint on your countertop. Now you can get those K-Cups out of the drawer and into arm’s reach right beside your Keurig coffee maker without sacrificing much of your countertop space. The Keurig K-Cup Stand puts your K-Cups on display so that you can select a K-Cup to meet your tastes every time that you brew with your Keurig.

Simplicity and convenience, variety and options, are what make K-Cups great. With the Keurig K-Cup Stand, you can increase the very traits that you enjoy about K-Cups, adding further convenience and easier variety through this simple K-Cup storage rack organizational system.

Check out the Keurig K-Cup Stand  at CoffeeForLess where you can simply add it to your regular K-Cup order. Simplicity, convenience, and organization are just a Keurig K-Cup Stand away.

Flavia Fresh Packs Make a Single Serving Coffee or Dessert Beverage

Flavia Fresh Packs are similar to such other single serving beverage media as K-Cups or T-Discs in how they brew a single cup of a select beverage on demand, but what sets them apart is the variety of beverage options available in Flavia Fresh Packs.

With branded flavor options like Mars candies, Flavia Fresh Packs provide a true dessert beverage experience with the ease and convenience of single serving brewing. Beyond that, Flavia Fresh Packs offer a solid variety of coffee and tea options. Today, we look at some of the top offerings available in Flavia Fresh Packs.


The Top 5 Flavia Fresh Pack Beverage Options

Milkyway Swirl Fresh PackMilkyway Swirl Fresh Pack

Milkyway Swirl Fresh Packs turn hot chocolate into a gourmet treat and make a regular cup of coffee into a high-end café drink; these tasty Fresh Packs may not stand on their own but add to any beverage to which they are added.

Cappuccino Latte Fresh PacksCappuccino Latte Fresh Pack

Cappuccino Latte Fresh Packs produce a delicious gourmet cappuccino drink on demand, making it possible to enjoy a café-quality espresso beverage any time at a fraction of the cost.

Flavia French Vanilla Coffee Fresh PacksFrench Vanilla Coffee Fresh Pack

Delicious flavored coffee in a matter of minutes, brewed perfectly and always smooth and tasty; these French Vanilla Coffee Fresh Packs make for a fantastic singe cup of coffee any time.

Flavia Chai Spice Tea Fresh PacksBright Tea Co. Chai Spice Tea Fresh Pack

Bright Tea Co. Chai Spice Tea Fresh Packs brew a cup of chai spice tea in a moment, allowing you to enjoy Chai tea without the extensive labor traditionally associated with producing chai spice tea.

Flavia White Tea with Orange Fresh PacksBright Tea Co. White With Orange Tea Fresh Pack

White tea is  elegant and subtle with a delicate flavor that pairs well with citrus, and Bright Tea Co. White With Orange Tea Fresh Packs capture this lovely  taste pairing perfectly, making it possible to enjoy light and delicious white tea from your Fresh Pack brewer.


Best Single Serve Coffee Maker: Keurig, Senseo, or Tassimo


Proprietary single serve coffee makers are flooding the market, and while each may have its own character or advantages, the sheer number of them may confuse the cBest Single Serve Coffee Maker For Youonsumer. This often leads to the question: which is the best single serve coffee maker? It is not an easily answered question, as it is a bit like asking someone the best coffee. Everyone has a different answer because coffee is such a personal experience, such a subjective preference, that we all consider our intimate perspective on it to be the correct one.

So, when looking for the best single serve coffee maker, we decided to compare three of the most popular single serve coffee makers available at CoffeeForLess. Each uses proprietary single cup coffee refills, putting them on equal fitting when it comes to that common criticism of single serve coffee makers. By comparing what each type of single serve coffee maker offers, each coffee drinker will be able to compare features and seek the best single serve coffee maker for her or his coffee preferences.


The Best Single Serve Coffee Maker Features

Keurig, Senseo, and Tassimo single serve coffee makers all offer you the ability to produce a single cup of coffee on demand, and all of their style single serve coffee makers are popular with our coffee community. So, we surveyed the reviews and decided to focus on the type of coffee drinker most satisfied by each coffee maker, allowing the character that comes through in the reviews to speak for the brewers themselves.

Best Single Serve Coffee Maker By BrandTwo types of coffee drinker will find the Keurig coffee makers to be the best single serve coffee maker: the “Adventurer” and the “Sharer.” The “Adventurer” and the “Sharer” can sometimes be found within a single coffee drinker, often not far from a Keurig coffee maker. The “Adventurer” coffee drinker enjoys trying new coffee often while the “Sharer” enjoys sharing beloved coffees with friends, family, and coworkers. Whether you are one, the other, or both, you will love the vast array of coffee offered in Keurig K-Cups.

If your coffee drinker type is the “Old Spirit,” you will find that Senseo coffee makers are the best single serve coffee maker for you. The “Old Spirit” already loves coffee, knows good coffee from bad, even prefers classic Old World coffee flavor, but is new to this whole single cup coffee maker thing. Senseo single serve coffee makers have a low entry cost and a good variety, making them perfect for someone who wants good coffee but is just now trying out single cup coffee-making.

The best single serve coffee maker for the classic “Coffee Shop” style coffee drinker is certainly any of those offered by Tassimo. The “Coffee Shop” coffee drinker does not mind spending a little extra money to get exactly the double skinny soy latte or the full cream cappuccino with flecks of shaved chocolate that they want. For this sort of discerning coffee drinker who is used to boutique style coffee drinks, Tassimo coffees makers are certainly the best single serve coffee maker.

Whichever type of coffee drinker you are, one or another single cup coffee maker available today is sure to be the best single serve coffee maker for you.

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