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9 Reasons Coffee Pods Will Revolutionize Your Morning

Just like Starbucks before them, coffee pods and K-cups have revolutionized the beverage world, allowing at-home coffee lovers the same high quality roast they normally buy in cafes.  With a small initial investment, daily coffee drinkers can reap hundreds of dollars of value using single serving machines made by manufacturers like Keurig and Tassimo.  Whereas K-Cups remain a popular, albeit less environmentally friendly option, coffee pods are gaining popularity due to their ease, simplicity...... Read More »
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3 Cups of Coffee Per Day Protects Against Alzheimer’s Disease

A recent study to be published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease describes the results of observation of 124 people between the ages 65 to 88 over the course of either a 2-year or 4-year period. What the study found may just surprise you. Those who had blood caffeine levels equivalent to those experienced by those who consume three cups of coffee peer day were significantly less likely to develop Alzheimer’s Disease as well as a number neuropathic disorders. Further study will be... Read More »
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Coffee Pod Review: Baronet Coffee Fair Trade Organic Small Village Blend Coffee Pods

This week we review a coffee pod that offers coffee pod coffee drinkers the opportunity to enjoy coffee that is truly delicious while also organically grown and ethically acquired. Baronet Coffee Fair Trade Organic Small Village Blend Coffee Pods are an excellent coffee pod offering from Baronet Coffee Roasters that is truly delicious. Baronet Coffee Fair Trade Organic Small Village Blend Coffee Pods contain organic-certified coffee grown with organic farming practices. From this healthy... Read More »
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Try Baronet Coffee Pods If You Haven’t Yet

CoffeeForLess carries Baronet Coffee Pods, and they contain rather excellent coffee. Baronet Coffee has been roasting top-quality coffee since 1930, making them a traditional North American coffee for generations. Previously, Baronet Coffee was mostly offered to commercial enterprises, making it possible to enjoy this quality coffee at a restaurant or while staying in a hotel. Now, though, you can enjoy Baronet Coffee in Baronet Coffee Pods for your pod coffee brewer. This means you can enjoy...... Read More »
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Single Cup Coffee Makers Take America By Storm

Single cup coffee makers are here to stay. Americans from coast to coast are  taking to the convenience, variety, and time-saving single cup coffee makers at a pace that few expected. It could be the efficiency of the machines, or it could be the freshness of the coffee, but one thing is for certain, we all seem to love our single cup coffee. CoffeeForLess has your back, America. If you are looking for great deals on single cup coffee makers or are looking for the best prices on the K-Cups,... Re... Read More »
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Tea Pods Turn Pod Coffee Makers into Tea Makers

The tea bag is not a new image to most anyone, but the appearance of tea pods might be a new sight to some. Tea pods are almost exactly the same as tea bags but lack the iconic dunking string and tag familiar to most American tea drinkers. Tea pods also differ in that they are specifically calibrated to make a great cup of tea in a specific brewing device, rather than the usual single cup dunking procedures for which regular tea bags are designed. Today, we discuss the many tea options... Read More »
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Coffee Review: Lacas Coffee Passion Cafe Colombian Supremo Coffee Pods

Coffee pod aficionados know that coffee pods provide convenience and ease, as well as unprecedented freshness when compared to ground coffee in general due to each coffee pod often being sealed in its own individual packet. So, today, we celebrate a delicious coffee pod from the Lacas Coffee Passion line of coffee pods. Lacas Coffee Passion Café Colombian Supremo Coffee Pods are an exquisite example of everything that makes coffee pods fantastic. This Lacas Coffee Passion coffee pod... Read More... Read More »
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Best Single Cup Coffee Makers for Those On A Budget

Being on a budget doesn’t mean you want to sacrifice convenience or quality for cost necessarily, and coffee is definitely one of those things in life where quality matters. So, if you are on a budget and shopping for the best single cup coffee maker for you, then read on. Today, we evaluate some of the competitively cheap single cup coffee makers on the market today. By comparing the features available on the Melitta One:One Coffee Maker, the Senseo Single Cup Pod Coffee Maker, and the... Read More »
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Single Serve Coffee Brewer: What to Know When You Buy

  Single serve coffee brewers are all the rage, and while we have covered some of the differences between the various brands of single serve coffee brewers and their refills, we have not really discussed the more traditional coffee maker features on these single serve coffee brewers and how  they match up to one another. Today, we discuss the features that traditional make a coffee maker a quality machine and which single serve coffee brewers match up to traditional standards. Certainly,... Read More »
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Can I Brew Coffee Pods in a Regular Coffee Maker?

  The profusion of such prepackaged single serving coffees as coffee pods, T-Discs, and K-Cups has left many of today’s coffee drinkers a bit perplexed as to which kind of single cup coffee will work in their coffee maker. While Tassimo T-Discs and Keurig K-Cups are proprietary refills for their specific branded coffee makers, many coffee pods are capable of being used in any pour over or drip coffeemaker. This universal functioning alongside the convenience of a prepackaged paper filter and... R... Read More »
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Coffee Review: Melitta One:One Vanilla Creme Brulee Coffee Pods

Melitta One:One coffee pods offer a good variety of gourmet and flavored coffees, but one of the going favorites around here is the Melitta One:One Vanilla Crème Brulee coffee pods. These top notch flavored coffee pods seem to get everyone’s attention each and every time someone brews them. Between the aroma and the conjuring of gourmet dessert memories, our Melitta One:One coffee maker never seems to make just one Vanilla Crème Brulee pod at a time. Someone makes one, someone else smells it... Read More »
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One Cup Coffee Pod Espresso from Senseo Coffee Pods

  Whether you would prefer your espresso neat with a frothy rich crema or like to open up the flavors of espresso the traditional Americano style, the ability to brew a single serving of espresso on demand is a gateway to luxury. Senseo Coffee Pods for your one cup coffee pod brewer make this once specialty coffee accessible to anyone with the predilection. Senseo one cup coffee pod espresso brews quickly and authentically without the need for expensive specialty equipment, making the brewing... Read More »
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New Year, New Coffee Maker: Tassimo and Keurig Coffee Machines

  The New Year is a time for a fresh start. People stay up to greet it and welcome the myriad possibilities it holds. If you are looking for a fresh start, why not try a new coffee maker? The effects on your life, the impact of a more satisfying coffee experience, are of a daily nature. One simple replacement, one little change, and every day of the new year ahead is impacted, all from replacing your old coffee maker with a new one. Maybe it is time to modernize your coffee maker?  Today’s... Rea... Read More »
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Single Serving Coffee Pods for All

Coffee pods have really taken off. They are ubiquitous in hotel and lodging services, and they are rapidly easing the effort of food service staff in their coffee service. Single serving coffee pods are now becoming a choice of preference for home coffee service as well. Home coffee and office coffee are rapidly becoming a primary consumption market for single serving coffee pods. The only problem today’s household coffee pod consumer is encountering is that the market has proliferated... Read... Read More »
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Senseo Pod Coffee Makers: Elegance and Affordability in a Pod Coffee Maker

  Senseo has come to be one of the key players in the coffee pod coffee maker marketplace, and the reason for this is the sheer elegance and affordability provided by Senseo Pod Coffee Makers. Senseo’s dedication to providing a pod coffee maker that has top-shelf features and first-rate performance while remaining reasonably priced is a show of their priorities. Clearly, Senseo values the user experience and seeks to extend that user experience of their pod coffee makers to as many coffee... Read... Read More »
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Coffee Review: Wolfgang Puck Hawaiian Hazelnut Flavored Coffee

  You have probably heard of world-famous chef Wolfgang Puck. He is famous for his fabulous dishes and amazing preparations. He has leant his name and palate to a line of coffee that truly lives up to his reputation for quality and excellence. Today, we look at Wolfgang Puck Hawaiian Hazelnut flavored coffee. Wolfgang Puck Hawaiian Hazelnut flavored coffee combines rich roasted coffee with delicious hazelnut flavor. This flavored coffee is full-flavored and aromatic no matter how you brew it.... Read More »
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K-Cup Filter: The Magic in the K-Cup

K-Cup coffee or tea is a product of advances in both the K-Cup filter and our understanding of what it actually means to steep or brew hot beverages. As these two technologies have developed side by side, we have gained such products as K-Cups, Tassimo T-Discs, and even coffee pods of certain types. The K-Cup filter that ensures a quality cup of coffee every time that you use your Keurig K-Cup brewer is not actually that different from a regular coffee filter. How it does differ is in scale.... Read More »
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Tassimo vs Keurig: T-Disc Coffee Takes on K-Cup Coffee

The many options now available in the single cup coffee maker realm have a lot of people asking which of these machines is best for them. The reality of it is that each type of single serve coffee maker has its advantages and disadvantages. Today on the CoffeeForLess blog, we are going to look at the differences between two of the leading brands in the single cup coffee machine market: Tassimo vs. Keurig.   In the battle of Tassimo vs. Keurig, we’ll discover what sets each style of... Read More »
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Coffee Review: Aloha Island Kona Coffee Pods

Aloha Island Kona coffee pods are by far some of the most elegant coffee pod options available for your pod coffee maker. Aloha Island Kona Coffeeprides itself on both its quality of Kona coffee beans but also the high standards to which it holds its roasting procedures. The end result is that Aloha Island Kona coffee pods clearly excel their peers in the coffee pod market. Many think Kona coffee is always mellow and buttery smooth, but the truth of the matter is that Kona coffee beans can be...... Read More »
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Single Serve Coffee Machines Are The Latest Trend

Office coffee workers the world over are embracing fresh brewed coffee at their desk or in their home office with the recent trend of compact single serve coffee machines. These highly engineered single cup coffee machines produce a single cup of coffee at a time from coffee makers that advances in technology have allowed to be so small as to be perfect for your desktop. Single serve coffee machines of this size make it possible to brew coffee right at your desk. Gone is the need to halt your...... Read More »
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