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What's The Deal With Keurig Cup Sizes?

There were a ton of things to consider when I went on the market for a new coffee maker. Most importantly, I needed a machine that made delicious coffee fast. As I was doing research, my mom suggested I go with a Keurig. I found that the machine brews various Keurig cup sizes to which I wondered what the benefits would be to choosing one size over the other. Size Does Matter Keurig brewers feature sizes ranging anywhere from 2-5 cup sizes. For example, the Keurig Platinum K75 K-Cup Coffee Brewer ... Read More »
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New Product: Lipton Tea K–Cups at CoffeeForLess

Lipton, one of America’s favorite tea brewing companies, has recently reached an agreement with Green Mountain coffee. This means that Lipton will introduce its popular blends of hot and iced tea for the Keurig K-Cup machine. This presents a huge opportunity for Lipton because Keurig and single cup coffee makers are an increasingly popular choice for consumers in the United States. This also is a great opportunity for fans of tea – currently there are only a few brands of tea that are made in...R... Read More »
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What’s the Actual Amount of Caffeine in K-Cups?

Every morning I do the Frankenstein walk to my kitchen. Still semi-conscious, I reach up into my cupboard and grab a K-Cup of Green Mountain Coffee. As I fill my mug, my eyes are fixed on the slow, teasing stream of dark coffee pouring from my Keurig brewer. Soon the energizing elixir is ready to be enjoyed. I add milk, sugar, then sip. Viola! The caffeine in the K-cup jolts my senses, and I’m ready to take on the world. However, as I’ve come to find out, when it comes to caffeine in K-cups,... Read More »
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Seasonal Pumpkin Spice K-Cups Are Back

Cinnamon, nutmeg, a hint of clove, the spiced-pumpkin custard taste of Fall is back! Green Mountain Coffee Pumpkin Spice K-Cups are the taste of Autumn that many of us wait for all year, and they are back in stock at CoffeeForLess. Buy Green Mountain K-Cups by the case and stock up because this seasonal favorite is one that we always have trouble keeping in stock. It’s just too popular. We make sure our regular customers get first dibs on this exceptional flavored coffee K-Cup by announcing... Read More »
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Enjoy Starbucks Single Cup Coffee at Home

In the aims to provide customers with a consistent, quality cup of coffee that is equal to what is severed in stores, Starbucks has been producing single cup coffee products. As customers call for the ability to craft rich and flavorful cups of their favorite coffee at home with just the press of a button, Starbucks has delivered with their limited selection of single cup coffee. In an attempt to build their brand, enter consumer’s homes, and be in their head morning through night, Starbucks... Read More »
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Iced Coffee with Green Mountain Coffee Brew Over Ice K-Cups

All signs say spring is here. Robins sing from the trees in bursts of song. Daffodils and tulips poke from gardens in bright flashes of color. The weather is the sort of uncannily comfortable that erases memories of snow storms and ice. Soon, though, summer will be here and with it heat, the same heat that can make many a coffee drinker decide to opt for iced coffee. Green Mountain Coffee has heard the cry of Keurig K-Cup coffee system-owning iced coffee fans and answered with their line of... Read More »
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Single Cup Starbucks Coffees Stick with Keurig

Keurig K-Cup coffee system owners across the country can breathe a sigh of relief. Green Mountain Coffee, makers of Keurig single cup coffee systems, have struck a deal with Starbucks to continue manufacturing Starbucks K-Cups and Tazo Tea K-Cups. Starbucks released their own single cup coffee maker called the Verismo, prompting many Keurig system owners to worry about the loss of access to Starbucks coffees and Tazo Teas in K-Cups. The two companies struck a deal extending the business... Read... Read More »
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Keurig Declared Best Single Cup Coffee Maker 2013

A 2013 Harris Poll EquiTrend(R) Equity Study declared Keurig "Brand of the Year" in the coffee maker category. Keurig K-Cup single cup coffee systems were recognized for “emotional connection, functional attributes, brand awareness, influence and familiarity.” This poll showed the 38,814 U.S. consumers polled viewed Keurig the best single cup coffee maker for the second year in a row. Consumers love Keurig K-Cup systems for the convenience of single cup coffee brewing but also for the... Read More »
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K-Cup Coffee Review: Green Mountain Coffee Island Coconut K-Cups

Coconut-flavored coffee fanatics, the day has arrived! Green Mountain Coffee’s seasonal Island Coconut K-Cups are out! This day is a pretty big deal in some circles. This seasonal K-Cup is one that we’ve had many requests to carry year-round, but it just isn’t possible. Green Mountain Coffee continues to release it as a seasonal, so now is the time to stock up. We regularly sell out of Green Mountain Coffee Island Coconut K-Cups, so while hoarding a stash might seem a bit absurd, it really... Rea... Read More »
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The World’s Largest Coffee Cup or Strong K-Cup Coffee

The size of the American coffee cup has been growing over the last century, from the European-style demitasse into all varieties of large, even quart-size monstrosities at your average gas station., however is selling a coffee mug that redefines the American definition of large. Ladies and gentlemen, I present the World’s Largest Coffee Cup. This mug can hold 20 cups of coffee, nearly enough to dunk your head in on those mornings when coffee by regular administration does not seem... Read More »
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European Coffee from Green Mountain Coffee Barista Prima K-Cups

European coffee is renowned for the heavy body and bold taste imparted by the dark roasts that are most popular across the continent. These roasts are even named for European countries, French Roast coffee being a popular roast the world over and Italian Roast agreed upon as the espresso extraction standard. Now, Keurig K-Cup coffee system owners can enjoy true European coffeehouse-style at home or at the office with Green Mountain Coffee Barista Prima K-Cups. Barista Prima K-Cups from Green... R... Read More »
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Dunkin’ Donuts Employee Uses Hot Coffee As Weapon

Quick thinking on the part of a Dunkin’ Donuts employee and minimal thinking on the part of a would-be crook has taken the Internet by storm. A failed robbery and hot coffee used in self-defense make for good water cooler chat, and this Dunkin' Donuts robbery story has it all. Quick thinking heroism, dumb criminals, and our favorite beverage standing in as the weapon that vanquished the criminal. The scene opened on the Dunkin’ Donuts drive through window seen from the vantage of a security... Re... Read More »
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K-Cup Coffee Review: Green Mountain Coffee Gingerbread Flavored Coffee K-Cups

Gingerbread is a classic taste of winter holidays. Its ginger-spiced, molasses-sweetened taste is made into cookies, traditionally cut into the famous gingerbread man or made into eccentric gingerbread houses, that are enjoyed around the holidays. The taste is so popular that it can be enjoyed year-round in the form of ginger snaps-style cookies. Green Mountain Coffee Gingerbread Flavored Coffee K-Cups from CoffeeForLess produce a coffee that captures this sweet and spicy flavor in a cup of... Re... Read More »
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Keurig K-Cup Coffeemaker Holiday Packages A Great Deal

CoffeeForLess has packaged some excellent Keurig K-Cup Coffeemaker Holiday Packages that are available exclusively through CoffeeForLess. These bundles make great last minute gifts but are also a great opportunity to replace your old coffee machine and venture into K-Cup coffee. These Keurig K-Cup Coffeemaker Holiday Packagesprovide both a high quality Keurig K-Cup coffee maker and a variety of delicious K-Cup coffees to either your gift recipient or yourself. They are a great introduction to... Read More »
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Winter Seasonal K-Cups Are Here!

K-Cup fans know that seasonal K-Cups are around for a limited time each year, so when your favorite seasonal coffee K-Cup is out, you have to get it before it is sold out. We are pleased to announce that winter seasonal K-Cup coffees are available now! These tasty K-Cups represent the flavors of the season, emulating traditional holiday food and drinks in an easy to brew seasonal flavored K-Cup. Enjoy the taste of the winter holiday season with the Green Mountain Coffee Seasonal K-Cups that... Re... Read More »
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October Brings Autumn Flavors of Flavored Coffee

Shorter days and cooler nights mean one thing to flavored coffee drinkers: Autumn seasonal flavors! The taste of this season is highly influenced by the traditional flavors of Autumn holidays, and these desserts tend to be a combination of enticing spices and seasonally appropriate fruits. These flavors are a natural pairing with coffee at the dinner table and make for a natural pairing in your coffee mug as well. The number one taste of Autumn seasonal desserts is pumpkin pie, a dessert that...... Read More »
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My Top 10 Flavored Coffee K-Cups

I was not much of a fan of flavored coffee before Keurig came along. I was leery of buying a pound of coffee that I may not like, and generally, if I wanted to flavor my coffee, I turned to a flavored creamer or a flavored syrup, feeling that either one was less of a commitment. Thanks to Keurig though, I’ve embraced flavored coffee K-Cups. Really, flavored coffee is not all that different from adding flavor after the fact. The flavors that one enjoys in creamer or syrups are simply applied... Re... Read More »
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K-Cup Coffee Review: Green Mountain Coffee French Vanilla Decaf K-Cups

Did you know that some people are still under the impression that decaffeinated coffee somehow sacrifices flavor to remove the caffeine? Today, we are here to disprove this outdated mode of thinking and review Green Mountain Coffee French Vanilla K-Cups. If you are looking for delicious coffee that is decaffeinated and that you can brew in your K-Cup coffee maker, then look no further. Green Mountain Coffee French Vanilla Decaf K-Cups produce a decaffeinated coffee so sweet and... Read More »
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K-Cup Coffee Review: Green Mountain Coffee Half-Caff Coffee K-Cups

Coffee is good, even great, in most people’s opinions, but caffeine is not always so positively reviewed. Many people want to enjoy their coffee without as much caffeine, and often the only option available is entirely decaffeinated coffee. Green Mountain Coffee has sought to provide a coffee that meets coffee drinkers in the middle, providing a coffee that is mildly caffeinated compared to regular coffee but not lacking in caffeine as decaffeinated varieties are: Green Mountain Coffee... Read More »
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K-Cup Samplers A Great Way to Try New K-Cups

If you are like me, then you are always looking for new K-Cups to try when the opportunity presents itself. Generally, this means committing to a whole box of K-Cups that may not be entirely to your liking, you know, the ones that linger around in your K-Cup storage unit gathering dust as you go through newer boxes of K-Cups that you actually like. CoffeeForLess and Green Mountain Coffee have come up with a great way to get around this problem, and the answer is K-Cup Sampler Packs. These mix...... Read More »
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