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K-Cup Sampler: A Way to Add K-Cup Variety

The best thing about owning a Keurig K-Cup coffee maker is the limitless options that such single cup coffee makers have to offer you. To fully allow you to take advantage of these broad coffee vistas, many coffee roasters offer variety packs of K-Cup coffee, and at least one domestic tea company has started doing the same. The vast majority of K-Cup samplers available are coffee K-Cup variety packs. These are either focused on one specific coffee roaster or are generally more focused on a... Rea... Read More »
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French Vanilla: America’s Favorite Coffee Flavor

French vanilla is one of the most popular flavors for flavored coffee. French vanilla creamers and French vanilla flavored coffee beans are some of the top selling coffee products in the United States. French vanilla, though, sounds as classy as it tastes delicious. It gets its name from the French way of making rich, custard-like ice cream. The traditional French style of ice cream as served in cafes in Paris is smooth and luscious, combining creamy custardy flavor with delicate vanilla... Read More »
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The Great Espresso Challenge of 2011: Espresso K-Cups, Coffee Pods, and Whole Beans

Espresso roast coffee is a delicacy to some. It is exquisite and robust, complex and nuanced. To a serious coffee drinker, espresso is one of the culminations of coffee history. Its rich, roasty notes and deep, earthy fragrance can pull a coffee connoisseur from the sidewalk all the way to the barista as if compelled by some siren’s trance. In honor of espresso roast coffee’s immense contribution to so many avid coffee drinkers’ lives, we at CoffeeForLess put our many espresso roast coffees... Read More »
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Coffee Review: Green Mountain Coffee Nantucket Blend K-Cups

Green Mountain Coffee Nantucket Blend K-Cups are one of my favorite K-Cup coffees available today, and I feel I should admit that bias up front. It is a blended coffee that is carefully balanced and delicious, so much so that it works excellently in the K-Cup coffee medium. Read on if you are looking for a coffee that brings the best varietals from around the world together. The best varietals, you ask. Well, I’m glad you continued reading. This coffee blend from Green Mountain Coffee does... Re... Read More »
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Pumpkin Spice Seasonal Coffees Are Back

The day has come, my fellow coffee fanatics. The cooling days of late August, the hint of Autumn in the early days of September, these things tell me of the return of one of my favorite seasonal coffee flavors. Pumpkin spice coffees are top on my list, and I look forward to their return every Fall. Nothing is better as the length of the day wanes. Nothing signifies the coming of cool weather comfort food and its flavors to a coffee drinker like me than the cinnamon and nutmeg taste of... Read More »
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Coffee Recipes | Coffee As An Ingredient | Coffee Cakes and Cookies

Drinking coffee is clearly one of the joys of life. A hot mug of well-brewed fine coffee on cold day lifts the spirits as much as it warms the body. Cold coffee cools and invigorates, and cleansing the pallet after a gourmet meal with an espresso can be heaven. Coffee can be more than a beverage though; it can be an ingredient too! As we the days wane into shorter daylight hours and the cool evenings of autumn approach, thoughts turn to delicious baked goods like cake and cookies, perfect... Read... Read More »
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