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K-Cup Samplers A Great Way to Try New K-Cups

If you are like me, then you are always looking for new K-Cups to try when the opportunity presents itself. Generally, this means committing to a whole box of K-Cups that may not be entirely to your liking, you know, the ones that linger around in your K-Cup storage unit gathering dust as you go through newer boxes of K-Cups that you actually like. CoffeeForLess and Green Mountain Coffee have come up with a great way to get around this problem, and the answer is K-Cup Sampler Packs. These mix...... Read More »
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Decaffeinated K-Cup Samplers Offer Options

  K-Cups offer Keurig coffee maker owners a wide range of coffee options, making them one of America’s favorite single cup coffee products. Few realize, though, that K-Cups also offer one of the best selections of decaffeinated single cup coffees available today. Decaffeinated K-Cup coffee is great because many coffee brewing environments don’t need a whole pot of decaf coffee brewed every time one person wants a cup of decaf. This makes brewing a single serving of decaf K-Cup coffee ideal.... Read More »
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K-Cup Sampler: A Way to Add K-Cup Variety

The best thing about owning a Keurig K-Cup coffee maker is the limitless options that such single cup coffee makers have to offer you. To fully allow you to take advantage of these broad coffee vistas, many coffee roasters offer variety packs of K-Cup coffee, and at least one domestic tea company has started doing the same. The vast majority of K-Cup samplers available are coffee K-Cup variety packs. These are either focused on one specific coffee roaster or are generally more focused on a... Rea... Read More »
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