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K-Cup Tea Review: Celestial Seasonings English Breakfast Black Tea K-Cups

Celestial Seasonings is one of the largest domestic manufacturers of tea products in the United States, offering tea drinkers a greater variety of all-natural, kosher-certified teas that are certain to tickle your tastebuds. Located in Boulder, CO, they are constantly updating their herbal tea offerings to include herbal, green, white, black, and rooibos teas sourced from around the world. Beyond all of that, Celestial Seasonings Tea ingredients are sourced from international growers with a... Re... Read More »
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Drinking Coffee May Prevent Heart Failure

A recent study published in the journal Circulation Heart Failure appears to indicate that coffee consumption can reduce the risk of heart failure in coffee drinkers. This is great news to the 5.8 million Americans who suffer from heart failure currently and even greater news to those who will suffer heart failure in the near future. Heart failure is a condition in which the heart is not sufficiently strong to pump blood to the far reaches of the body, and this condition is on the rise as the...... Read More »
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The Top 5 K-Cup Coffee Brands at CoffeeForLess

Readers of this blog know that K-Cup coffee has taken the country by storm, showing up in workplaces, homes, and even commercial businesses like restaurants and hotels. The best K-Cup, of course, is the K-Cup that you enjoy most. Today, we focus on the top K-Cup coffee brands on the market. These coffee roasters package their delicious coffee in K-Cups, making their brand of coffee more accessible to a wider audience than it might have been had their coffee remained a regional favorite. So... Read More »
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9 Reasons Coffee Pods Will Revolutionize Your Morning

Just like Starbucks before them, coffee pods and K-cups have revolutionized the beverage world, allowing at-home coffee lovers the same high quality roast they normally buy in cafes.  With a small initial investment, daily coffee drinkers can reap hundreds of dollars of value using single serving machines made by manufacturers like Keurig and Tassimo.  Whereas K-Cups remain a popular, albeit less environmentally friendly option, coffee pods are gaining popularity due to their ease, simplicity...... Read More »
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Oregon Chai Tea Makes Great Iced Chai

Oregon Chai Tea is a fantastic option if you are looking for an instant chai that is full-flavored and spicy but available to enjoy nearly on demand. Oregon Chai Tea is spiced and milky, making it perfect for serving over ice, since it has flavor strong enough to hold up to the watering down that occurs when served over ice. Simply pour Oregon Chai Tea Concentrate or Oregon Chai Tea Decaf Concentrate over ice and you’ve got an instant iced chai latte that is sure to cool and invigorate on a... Read More »
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Iced Chocolate is a Warm Weather Treat

Perhaps you are yearning for a cool day to dive into that winter-time treat you love so much, or perhaps you are just a chocoholic with a daily yearning for a cocoa-rich treat. Whatever the case, iced chocolate is a perfect treat for a hot day. Surely, you have heard of iced tea and iced coffee. Iced chocolate works off the same premise. Take a hot beverage that you love and serve it over ice to make it warm weather appropriate. This works great with hot chocolate, and with a Keurig coffee... Read More »
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How to Make Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnamese coffee is popular both in its native Asia and in the Americas thanks to Vietnamese-Americans popularizing both the hot and iced versions of this coffee preparation. It may seem ironic, but Vietnam is one of the world’s top coffee producers, having taken to the practice after the colonial French introduced coffee to Vietnam. The video below is making the rounds on the Internet and provides an excellent introduction to this quality coffee preparation. Vietnamese coffee is consumed... Read More »
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K-Cup Coffee Review: Tully’s Coffee Italian Roast K-Cups

Dark as night, bold as someone from New Jersey, for some, this is the definition of good coffee. Some coffee drinkers can barely picture themselves drinking anything but dark roast coffee with its intense flavor and strong body characteristics. If you are one of those people, then we have a great coffee for you today: Tully’s Coffee Italian Roast K-Cups. Tully’s Coffee Italian Roast K-Cups are some of the most satisfyingly bold K-Cups sold at CoffeeForLess. They are so strong, in fact, that... Read More »
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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from CoffeeForLess

Mother’s Day is May 13th, making now a great time to be thinking about gifts for mom. CoffeeForLess offers a great variety of gift options for Mother’s Day. We carry gift baskets for a variety of tastes and a number of excellent coffee gifts under $100. So, maybe think of trying something a little different this year from the regular old flowers, and give your mother a gift that anyone can enjoy. Coffee makes a great gift because it is one of the finer things in life, like a good bottle of... Read More »
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K-Cup Coffee Review: Coffee People Jet Fuel K-Cups

Often when one looks for a great coffee, one seeks a growing region or roast that is most likely to match one’s tastes; other times, one might be looking at coffee as a vehicle for caffeine, a tool in the one’s morning wakeup routine. Today, we focus on the latter of the two with Coffee People Jet Fuel K-Cups. Coffee People Jet Fuel K-Cups are calibrated with take-off in mind. They have added caffeine to ensure your eyes pop wide open when you need them to, but do not underestimate this brew....... Read More »
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Brew Over Ice for Perfect K-Cup Iced Coffee

The unprecedented heat wave that overtook the United States in March of this year has some already yearning for iced coffee in the early days of spring. If you are one of those iced coffee fanatics, then today’s post is just for you. Today, we unpack a great procedure for brewing perfect iced coffee from your K-Cup coffee maker. While K-Cup iced coffee is not that different from regular iced coffee, the array of options available to K-Cup coffee drinkers truly takes iced coffee to the next... Read More »
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Praise for the Reusable K-Cup

K-Cups are convenient and offer a great variety, but what of those of us who like a scoop of espresso in our French roast or who like to enhance our coffee with natural flavorings in the actual brewing process? The answer is the reusable K-Cup, a refillable multi-use K-Cup filter for Keurig K-Cup coffee makers. Personally, I like to control my coffee experience as much as I enjoy the freedom to explore different coffees that the Keurig machines provide. So, while the reusable K-Cup is not my... R... Read More »
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K-Cup Coffee Review: Wolfgang Puck Crème Caramel Flavored Coffee

If you are a fan of flavored coffee or just plain love a quality light roast coffee, then the subject of today’s coffee review, Wolfgang Puck Crème Caramel Flavored Coffee K-Cups, is the coffee for you. This light roast coffee is mildly flavored with subtle yet enriching dessert flavors. Wolfgang Puck Crème Caramel Coffee K-Cups make a cup of coffee that is light and flavorful, naturally sweet and lovely of aroma. If you want dessert flavor without all of the calories of flavored... Read More »
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K-Cup Coffee Review: Green Mountain Coffee’s Kenyan AA Extra Bold K-Cups

  Have you ever had friends or coworkers tell you all about someone and how much they love that person, how funny that person is, and how much everyone likes to be around that person, only to finally meet the person in question and not like them at all yourself? Sometimes personalities don’t mesh universally, and this is particularly true of big personalities. You either love them or hate them, and today’s coffee from Green Mountain Coffee. Green Mountain Coffee Kenyan AA Extra Bold K-Cups brew.... Read More »
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Decaffeinated K-Cup Samplers Offer Options

  K-Cups offer Keurig coffee maker owners a wide range of coffee options, making them one of America’s favorite single cup coffee products. Few realize, though, that K-Cups also offer one of the best selections of decaffeinated single cup coffees available today. Decaffeinated K-Cup coffee is great because many coffee brewing environments don’t need a whole pot of decaf coffee brewed every time one person wants a cup of decaf. This makes brewing a single serving of decaf K-Cup coffee ideal.... Read More »
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Coffee Review: Tully’s Italian Roast Coffee K-Cups

  K-Cup coffee fans who are looking for a strong and flavorful K-Cup coffee experience are in for a treat this week as we review Tully’s Italian Roast Coffee K-Cups. This exceptional K-Cup offering from Tully’s Coffee represents the finer points in dark roast coffee served strong and delicious as most dark roast coffee fans prefer. Tully’s does not skimp on the amount of their Italian Roast Coffee packed into these K-Cups, ensuring that each K-Cup brews a bold, full cup of coffee. This in... Rea... Read More »
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K-Cup Coffee Review: Green Mountain Coffee Our Blend K-Cups

  Today’s K-Cup coffee review addresses Green Mountain Coffee’s house blend. Green Mountain Coffee Our Blend K-Cups is a smooth and satisfying American style house coffee that exemplifies popular flavor and enticing aroma. The use of fair trade Guatemalan coffee beans roasted light to medium and blended in Green Mountain Coffee Our Blend K-Cups results in a rounded taste profile that is just as satisfying as this coffee’s ethical profile. Green Mountain Coffee Our Blend Coffee is fair trade... Re... Read More »
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Can I Brew Coffee Pods in a Regular Coffee Maker?

  The profusion of such prepackaged single serving coffees as coffee pods, T-Discs, and K-Cups has left many of today’s coffee drinkers a bit perplexed as to which kind of single cup coffee will work in their coffee maker. While Tassimo T-Discs and Keurig K-Cups are proprietary refills for their specific branded coffee makers, many coffee pods are capable of being used in any pour over or drip coffeemaker. This universal functioning alongside the convenience of a prepackaged paper filter and... R... Read More »
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Coffee Review: Caribou Coffee Mahogany Blend K-Cups

  Dark roast coffee fans are in for a treat this week as we review Caribou Coffee Mahogany Blend dark roast K-Cups coffee. This blended roast coffee from Caribou Coffee exemplifies what makes a dark roast excellent to many dark roast coffee enthusiasts by combining coffee from a variety of regions to truly foreground specific dark roast flavors. Beyond that, this delicious dark coffee K-Cup is Rainforest Alliance certified, making it an authentically good choice for environmentally conscious... R... Read More »
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Best Single Serve Coffee Maker: Keurig, Senseo, or Tassimo

  Proprietary single serve coffee makers are flooding the market, and while each may have its own character or advantages, the sheer number of them may confuse the consumer. This often leads to the question: which is the best single serve coffee maker? It is not an easily answered question, as it is a bit like asking someone the best coffee. Everyone has a different answer because coffee is such a personal experience, such a subjective preference, that we all consider our intimate perspective... Read More »
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