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Can I Brew Coffee Pods in a Regular Coffee Maker?

  The profusion of such prepackaged single serving coffees as coffee pods, T-Discs, and K-Cups has left many of today’s coffee drinkers a bit perplexed as to which kind of single cup coffee will work in their coffee maker. While Tassimo T-Discs and Keurig K-Cups are proprietary refills for their specific branded coffee makers, many coffee pods are capable of being used in any pour over or drip coffeemaker. This universal functioning alongside the convenience of a prepackaged paper filter and... R... Read More »
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Coffee Review: Caribou Coffee Mahogany Blend K-Cups

  Dark roast coffee fans are in for a treat this week as we review Caribou Coffee Mahogany Blend dark roast K-Cups coffee. This blended roast coffee from Caribou Coffee exemplifies what makes a dark roast excellent to many dark roast coffee enthusiasts by combining coffee from a variety of regions to truly foreground specific dark roast flavors. Beyond that, this delicious dark coffee K-Cup is Rainforest Alliance certified, making it an authentically good choice for environmentally conscious... R... Read More »
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Best K-Cup Coffee Machine for Your Dorm Room

  Students everywhere know that coffee is part of the lifeblood of any college or university campus. All-nighters, group study sessions, and even just making it to that morning class that you regret signing up for but are really interested in all call for a steaming hot mug of coffee. Coffee is the brain-fuel of academia, but rarely does your average young scholar have need of a big pot of coffee. Enter Keurig K-Cup coffee machines. These ingenius single-cup coffee makers are perfect for... Read More »
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Best Single Serve Coffee Maker: Keurig, Senseo, or Tassimo

  Proprietary single serve coffee makers are flooding the market, and while each may have its own character or advantages, the sheer number of them may confuse the consumer. This often leads to the question: which is the best single serve coffee maker? It is not an easily answered question, as it is a bit like asking someone the best coffee. Everyone has a different answer because coffee is such a personal experience, such a subjective preference, that we all consider our intimate perspective... Read More »
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The Old Debate: Ground Coffee versus Whole Bean Coffee

  One thing coffee drinkers seem to argue endlessly about is whether they are justified in buying their coffee ground or they would be better off buying whole bean coffee. This debate, while seemingly a matter of subjective preference in the eyes of some, does have some scientific merit. The process of grinding coffee beans to make ground coffee exposes more of the roasted coffee bean itself to the environment, essentially as a result of the grinding process creating more surface area on the... R... Read More »
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New Year, New Coffee Maker: Tassimo and Keurig Coffee Machines

  The New Year is a time for a fresh start. People stay up to greet it and welcome the myriad possibilities it holds. If you are looking for a fresh start, why not try a new coffee maker? The effects on your life, the impact of a more satisfying coffee experience, are of a daily nature. One simple replacement, one little change, and every day of the new year ahead is impacted, all from replacing your old coffee maker with a new one. Maybe it is time to modernize your coffee maker?  Today’s... Rea... Read More »
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K-Cup Coffee Machine Review: The Keurig B155 K-Cup Coffee Maker

  The Keurig B155 is the focus of this K-Cup coffee machine review because it is the top of the line K-Cup coffee maker available at CoffeeForLess. Now, this is not just because it is one of the more expensive K-Cup coffee makers. No, this is because it is one of the most capable coffee makers, able to service such higher volume environments as offices and complimentary hotel breakfast service stations. The features offered by this model make it the right fit for high volume single cup coffee...... Read More »
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Is There a Great Instant Coffee Brand?

  Americans have long rejected the instant coffee brands loved by Europeans and Asians alike. While there is no lack of excellent instant coffee on the market, Americans prefer fresh coffee. This is easily evidenced by the focus on the seductive aroma of brewing coffee. This has long been the reason why many instant coffee brands have difficulty gaining traction amongst American coffee drinkers. This is not to say that Americans do not want their coffee instantly or on demand. The priority on...... Read More »
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Do I Need a Tassimo Cleaning Disc to Clean My T-Disc Brewer?

  A few companies are marketing branded cleaning discs for a variety of single serving coffee makers, including such CoffeeForLess favorites as Tassimo and Keurig coffee machines. These products appearance in the marketplace has led some in our coffee community to ask if these products are necessary when it comes to coffee machine maintenance. Today, we put to rest he question of whether you need a branded Tassimo cleaning disc or some sort of special cleaning K-Cup to clean these... Read More »
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K-Cup Tea for the Winter Season

  Winter is the season for hot mugs of soothing salves against the biting cold found outside in much of the Northern Hemisphere. As the snow flutters outside the window, a comforting mug of hot tea often makes for a warm belly and a soothed psyche. What many do not know is that K-Cup tea is great for just this purpose. Pop some K-Cup Tea into your Keurig K-Cup coffee maker and enjoy an instant mug of your favorite style tea on demand. Read on for some links to great Winter K-Cup teas that... Read More »
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Keurig K-Cup Coffee Maker Gift Sets –Holiday Coffee Gifts

  CoffeeForLess is offering a great deal that will make Christmas shopping this year far easier for a lot of us coffee fanatics. CoffeeForLess is offering Keurig coffee maker gift sets that combine a variety of Keurig K-Cup coffee makers with samples and accessories. These Keurig Coffee Maker Gift Sets make the ideal gift to get a friend, loved one, or associate enjoying K-Cup coffee as soon as they open their K-Cup coffee gift set. Give the gift of K-Cup coffee this holiday season with the... Read More »
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Time for Hot Chocolate K-Cups

  As anyone who reads the K-Cup Blog here at CoffeeForLess knows, I love coffee, and I love K-Cups. So naturally, I think coffee when I think K-Cups.  This time of year, though, brings with it a delicious treat that I look forward to every year: Hot Cocoa K-Cups! Hot chocolate K-Cups are great. They let me enjoy hot chocolate any time I want it without having to spill cocoa all over the counter ripping open an instant hot cocoa packet. With hot chocolate K-Cups, I can simply pop a K-Cup in... Read More »
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CoffeeForLess Keurig Coupons, Discounts and K-Cup Sales

  CoffeeForLess is your source for the best price on Keurig K-Cups, and we guarantee it. We are so certain of our ability to do so that we offer Keurig K-Cup Price Guarantee, our promise that no matter what price you find for the same size and quantity of K-Cups we will match it. We take K-Cups seriously at CoffeeForLess and offer our loyal community of single cup coffee drinkers discounts and K-Cup coffee sales as often as possible. Stay in touch with us through our newsletter and social... Read More »
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K Cup Holders Options At CoffeeForLess

  K-Cups are convenient, but one thing that I find is that my quest to try new coffees often outpaces my consumption of coffee. When this happens, I end up with a box of miscellaneous K-Cups all mixed up in a box in the cupboard. This is clearly not the most effective way to store my K-Cups. CoffeeForLess offers a variety of options for K-Cup storage, and these well-designed K-Cup holders are truly the solution to this problem. They are specifically designed to hold a variety of K-Cups in a... Read More »
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CoffeeForLess K-Cup Flavor: Delicious K-Cup Flavored Coffee

  Coffee drinkers the world over agree: they cannot agree about flavored coffee. Sure, some people love flavored coffee, but coffee purists claim to loathe it. Well, I’m not one of them apparently because flavored coffee is a joy in my life, and I love it. When it comes to enjoying flavored coffee, I turn to my Keurig K-Cup coffee maker and enjoy a variety of K-Cup flavors. The number of K-Cup flavors is stupendous. I love sampling new flavors with the single cup at a time feature of K-Cup... Rea... Read More »
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Keurig K-Cup Coffee: Over 200 Varieties of Single Cup Coffee

  Keurig K-Cup coffee has me a bit overwhelmed these days. These K-Cups offer so much variety that I do not know where to start or finish with the joy of single cup coffee. I started with a goal of trying a new Keurig K-Cup coffee every time I ordered more K-Cups for my Keurig brewer. Since then, I’ve learned that the variety offered in terms of coffee in K-Cup form is amazing! There are so many varieties! I thought it would be a good idea to share some of my favorite Keurig K-Cup... Read More »
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Keurig Coffee Reviews at CoffeeForLess

Keurig K-Cups offer so many coffee options that it can be a bit overwhelming sometimes. Even if you know what level of roast you like, the number of K-Cups available in any style is immense. CoffeeForLess provides a platform where our coffee-drinking community can share Keurig coffee reviews. These handy Keurig coffee reviews make finding the right K-Cup easier. Read these reviews from actual Keurig K-Cup coffee drinkers to learn all about the aroma and flavor of K-Cup coffees before you... Read... Read More »
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Reusable K-Cups: Guilt-Free K-Cup Convenience

  Those who do not know about all of the efforts that Keurig undertakes to ensure that their K-Cups are as ecofriendly as possible often ask if there is a way to enjoy K-Cups with less waste. While convenience always comes at some cost, K-Cups are as low impact upon the environment as such a product can be. If that is not enough for you, though, the reusable K-Cup is the solution to your green guilt. This innovative product for your Keutig K-Cup brewer gives you all of the convenience of... Read More »
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K-Cup Filter: The Magic in the K-Cup

K-Cup coffee or tea is a product of advances in both the K-Cup filter and our understanding of what it actually means to steep or brew hot beverages. As these two technologies have developed side by side, we have gained such products as K-Cups, Tassimo T-Discs, and even coffee pods of certain types. The K-Cup filter that ensures a quality cup of coffee every time that you use your Keurig K-Cup brewer is not actually that different from a regular coffee filter. How it does differ is in scale.... Read More »
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Tassimo vs Keurig: T-Disc Coffee Takes on K-Cup Coffee

The many options now available in the single cup coffee maker realm have a lot of people asking which of these machines is best for them. The reality of it is that each type of single serve coffee maker has its advantages and disadvantages. Today on the CoffeeForLess blog, we are going to look at the differences between two of the leading brands in the single cup coffee machine market: Tassimo vs. Keurig.   In the battle of Tassimo vs. Keurig, we’ll discover what sets each style of... Read More »
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