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3 Cups of Coffee Per Day Protects Against Alzheimer’s Disease

A recent study to be published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease describes the results of observation of 124 people between the ages 65 to 88 over the course of either a 2-year or 4-year period. What the study found may just surprise you. Those who had blood caffeine levels equivalent to those experienced by those who consume three cups of coffee peer day were significantly less likely to develop Alzheimer’s Disease as well as a number neuropathic disorders. Further study will be... Read More »
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Tassimo T-Disc Coffee Maker Recall May Affect CFL Customers

  Tassimo in a cooperative effort with government agencies in Canada and the United States has issued a recall on certain Tassimo T-Disc coffee makers. The recall only affects specific models, but the risk of injury the models with a defective part present is real, and we at CoffeeForLess feel it is our duty to ensure our customers have access to the information necessary to engage this recall. The Tassimo brewer recall was issued after certain models of T-Disc coffee maker were found to... Read More »
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Happy Holidays from the CoffeeForLess Crew

  Today is the darkest day of the year, the longest night, the Winter Solstice, and while humanity may not agree on what religion is right or how to wish each other a holiday greeting during the coldest months in the Northern Hemisphere, we can agree on at least one thing: we all love coffee. So, no matter what tradition you hold, brew a cup of good brew, gather with loved ones, and stay warm. The days can only get longer, the nights shorter from here on out. It is no wonder so many of us... Read More »
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CoffeeForLess Keurig Coupons, Discounts and K-Cup Sales

  CoffeeForLess is your source for the best price on Keurig K-Cups, and we guarantee it. We are so certain of our ability to do so that we offer Keurig K-Cup Price Guarantee, our promise that no matter what price you find for the same size and quantity of K-Cups we will match it. We take K-Cups seriously at CoffeeForLess and offer our loyal community of single cup coffee drinkers discounts and K-Cup coffee sales as often as possible. Stay in touch with us through our newsletter and social... Read More »
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Coffee News of the Weird: Coffee Science in the News

A recent study performed by CareerBuilder and Dunkin’ Donuts found the careers where one is most likely to drink coffee, and what they found is that scientists drink the most coffee! Have a look at their findings:     1.     Scientist/Lab Technician 2.     Marketing/Public Relations Professional 3.     Education Administrator 4.     Editor/Writer 5.     Healthcare Administrator 6.     Physician 7.     Food Preparer 8.     Professor 9.     Social Worker 10.   Financial Professional     Clearly,... Read More »
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