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Can I Brew Coffee Pods in a Regular Coffee Maker?

  The profusion of such prepackaged single serving coffees as coffee pods, T-Discs, and K-Cups has left many of today’s coffee drinkers a bit perplexed as to which kind of single cup coffee will work in their coffee maker. While Tassimo T-Discs and Keurig K-Cups are proprietary refills for their specific branded coffee makers, many coffee pods are capable of being used in any pour over or drip coffeemaker. This universal functioning alongside the convenience of a prepackaged paper filter and... R... Read More »
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Coffee Review: Melitta One:One Vanilla Creme Brulee Coffee Pods

Melitta One:One coffee pods offer a good variety of gourmet and flavored coffees, but one of the going favorites around here is the Melitta One:One Vanilla Crème Brulee coffee pods. These top notch flavored coffee pods seem to get everyone’s attention each and every time someone brews them. Between the aroma and the conjuring of gourmet dessert memories, our Melitta One:One coffee maker never seems to make just one Vanilla Crème Brulee pod at a time. Someone makes one, someone else smells it... Read More »
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One Cup Coffee Pod Espresso from Senseo Coffee Pods

  Whether you would prefer your espresso neat with a frothy rich crema or like to open up the flavors of espresso the traditional Americano style, the ability to brew a single serving of espresso on demand is a gateway to luxury. Senseo Coffee Pods for your one cup coffee pod brewer make this once specialty coffee accessible to anyone with the predilection. Senseo one cup coffee pod espresso brews quickly and authentically without the need for expensive specialty equipment, making the brewing... Read More »
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New Year, New Coffee Maker: Tassimo and Keurig Coffee Machines

  The New Year is a time for a fresh start. People stay up to greet it and welcome the myriad possibilities it holds. If you are looking for a fresh start, why not try a new coffee maker? The effects on your life, the impact of a more satisfying coffee experience, are of a daily nature. One simple replacement, one little change, and every day of the new year ahead is impacted, all from replacing your old coffee maker with a new one. Maybe it is time to modernize your coffee maker?  Today’s... Rea... Read More »
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Single Serving Coffee Pods for All

Coffee pods have really taken off. They are ubiquitous in hotel and lodging services, and they are rapidly easing the effort of food service staff in their coffee service. Single serving coffee pods are now becoming a choice of preference for home coffee service as well. Home coffee and office coffee are rapidly becoming a primary consumption market for single serving coffee pods. The only problem today’s household coffee pod consumer is encountering is that the market has proliferated... Read... Read More »
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Senseo Pod Coffee Makers: Elegance and Affordability in a Pod Coffee Maker

  Senseo has come to be one of the key players in the coffee pod coffee maker marketplace, and the reason for this is the sheer elegance and affordability provided by Senseo Pod Coffee Makers. Senseo’s dedication to providing a pod coffee maker that has top-shelf features and first-rate performance while remaining reasonably priced is a show of their priorities. Clearly, Senseo values the user experience and seeks to extend that user experience of their pod coffee makers to as many coffee... Read... Read More »
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Coffee Review: Wolfgang Puck Hawaiian Hazelnut Flavored Coffee

  You have probably heard of world-famous chef Wolfgang Puck. He is famous for his fabulous dishes and amazing preparations. He has leant his name and palate to a line of coffee that truly lives up to his reputation for quality and excellence. Today, we look at Wolfgang Puck Hawaiian Hazelnut flavored coffee. Wolfgang Puck Hawaiian Hazelnut flavored coffee combines rich roasted coffee with delicious hazelnut flavor. This flavored coffee is full-flavored and aromatic no matter how you brew it.... Read More »
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Tassimo vs Keurig: T-Disc Coffee Takes on K-Cup Coffee

The many options now available in the single cup coffee maker realm have a lot of people asking which of these machines is best for them. The reality of it is that each type of single serve coffee maker has its advantages and disadvantages. Today on the CoffeeForLess blog, we are going to look at the differences between two of the leading brands in the single cup coffee machine market: Tassimo vs. Keurig.   In the battle of Tassimo vs. Keurig, we’ll discover what sets each style of... Read More »
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Single Serve Coffee Machines Are The Latest Trend

Office coffee workers the world over are embracing fresh brewed coffee at their desk or in their home office with the recent trend of compact single serve coffee machines. These highly engineered single cup coffee machines produce a single cup of coffee at a time from coffee makers that advances in technology have allowed to be so small as to be perfect for your desktop. Single serve coffee machines of this size make it possible to brew coffee right at your desk. Gone is the need to halt your...... Read More »
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Melitta One:One Coffee Pods | Buzzworthy Coffee Pods

Melitta One:One coffee pods are some of the top quality European style coffee pods on the market today. Each One:One coffee pods contains gourmet Melitta coffee. These coffee pods are some of my favorite to use when I am brewing coffee from a coffee pod brewer. While coffee pods in general offer a great selection, Melitta One:One coffee podsoffer some excellent options. Flavored coffee pods, decaf coffee pods, and even tea pods are all available for your  Melitta One:One coffee maker. Some of...... Read More »
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The Great Espresso Challenge of 2011: Espresso K-Cups, Coffee Pods, and Whole Beans

Espresso roast coffee is a delicacy to some. It is exquisite and robust, complex and nuanced. To a serious coffee drinker, espresso is one of the culminations of coffee history. Its rich, roasty notes and deep, earthy fragrance can pull a coffee connoisseur from the sidewalk all the way to the barista as if compelled by some siren’s trance. In honor of espresso roast coffee’s immense contribution to so many avid coffee drinkers’ lives, we at CoffeeForLess put our many espresso roast coffees... Read More »
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Pumpkin Spice Seasonal Coffees Are Back

The day has come, my fellow coffee fanatics. The cooling days of late August, the hint of Autumn in the early days of September, these things tell me of the return of one of my favorite seasonal coffee flavors. Pumpkin spice coffees are top on my list, and I look forward to their return every Fall. Nothing is better as the length of the day wanes. Nothing signifies the coming of cool weather comfort food and its flavors to a coffee drinker like me than the cinnamon and nutmeg taste of... Read More »
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Invasion of the Coffee Pod People

Coffee fanatics, my kith and kin, I think I have been thinking about coffee way too much lately. Last night, I woke up screaming from a horrible nightmare about coffee pods, and I awoke with a terrifying craving for Kona coffee. All in all, the juxtaposition was enough to addle my normally befuddled brain the entire stagger to the coffee maker. Allow me to tell you the visions I’ve had.   The dream started with me going to my good friend Mike’s house. We were going to do our usual figuring... Read More »
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Coffee Pods Are Not Evolution, Perhaps Revolution

Occasionally I get questions about coffee pods and other single cup coffee. People ask me, why a k-cup, why a coffee pod, what’s wrong with good old fashioned ground coffee, and more. These are good questions, and the answer to them is simple: convenience. Those coffee styles offer you variety and ease that is just far less attainable from traditional whole bean or ground coffee. Those good questions are occasionally accompanied by another odd one about coffee pods or K-Cups: Is coffee...Read... Read More »
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Not All Prepackaged Coffees Are The Same

The marketplace for prepackaged coffee has been flooded in recent years with scores of products and proprietary brewers. This leaves the average coffee drinker wondering if they will ever have a regular cup of coffee ever again, but we should embrace this change. Convenience is the future of coffee, letting every single cup of coffee a coffee machine brews be personalized to the coffee drinker. K-Cup and T-Disc coffees offer the coffee drinker single cup coffee brewing, but for those who... Read More »
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