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Decisions, Decisions: Tassimo Latte vs. Tassimo Caramel Latte Macchiato

The other day, I had some friends over for coffee. I had forgotten they were stopping by, and my nearly empty pantry had only two options left: Tassimo Latte and Tassimo Caramel Latte Macchiato. Luckily, these were among my friends’ favorite drinks. Unsurprisingly, they cleaned me out of both beverages. When it came time for my last guest to pick her drink, she couldn’t make up her mind. She couldn’t decide if she wanted to keep things simple or if she wanted that hint of caramel. Being... Read... Read More »
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FRAVA ENERGY DRINKS: The Power of Green Coffee

Frava Energy Drinks began its inception in the spring of 2010. Three college students were enduring finals week, and they were starting to grow weary of their dependency on caffeine. They liked juice, but juice had no place in the frenetic world of demanding deadlines. Caught in between the tantalizing refreshness of fruit juice and the much-needed energy boost of caffeine, the friends hatched together a plan for a drink with the perfect balance: striking a perfect medium between fruit’s...Read... Read More »
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Coconut Water A Healthy Alternative to Sports Drinks

We’ve been hearing it for years: electrolytes are key for quick and effective hydration. Sports drinks advertise them, enhanced water brands add them, and now coconut water is making a splash by focusing on its natural electrolyte content. Some swear by the rehydrating power of coconut water while others just like the taste. Either way, coconut water appears to be here to stay. Coconut water is the water that is naturally found within coconuts. It has been the survival strategy of Robinson... Rea... Read More »
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Crystal Light Instant Drink Packets Beat the Heat

The weathermen are predicting a huge heat wave over the next week, and that means thirsty times are ahead. If you are looking for a great diet-friendly way to beat the heat and quench your thirst, then Crystal Light instant beverages are a great choice. Try any of a variety of Crystal Light drink mixes over ice and enjoy a cooling, satisfying drink beverage that has as much as 90% fewer calories than leading drink brands. CoffeeForLess carries a variety of Crystal Light flavors, so there’s... Rea... Read More »
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Tortuga Rum Cakes Taste of Florida Cakes

For more than 25 years, Tortuga Rum Cakes has been bringing a traditional taste of the Caribbean to North American plates, and now they have released a unique line of Florida-themed flavored rum cakes in favors familiar to Floridian throughout the peninsula. Tortuga Rum Cakes Taste of Florida Cakes are flavored with some of the traditional dessert flavors beloved to Floridians. By enhancing their traditional rum cakes with flavors one might normally associate with pies, Tortuga Rum Cakes have...... Read More »
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