How to Fix Your Senseo Machine

Senseo makes a great coffee brewer. The machine makes fresh and flavorful coffee every time, but as with most any device, problems can occur, so it’s good to know how to fix them. That’s why we’ve put together a list of five common issues people have with their Senseo machine along with some quick and simple solutions. Don’t waste your time and energy on easily remedied problems.

1. Light Blinks On and Off

Solution: Use a magnet to connect to the valve from the outside of the machine. Slide the magnet slowly upwards along the water level. This should stop the constant flashing and the water level should start to heat again.

2. Coffee Comes Out Watery

Solution: Add more coffee to your brew. It’s really that simple! The machine is made to make a great cup of coffee, but a certain amount is needed to make a strong, flavorful, brew.

3. The Machine Will Not Heat Water

Solution: Unplug the machine and move the water reservoir out of the tray. Then pop the cover off the back of the machine. Chances are one of your heating wires have come loose, so you need to identify which ones. By looking into the back of your unit, you’ll see four wires. These wires should be covered in a plastic wrap. If you don’t see a plastic covering on the wire, you need to pinch it together with pliers then wrap it with electrical tape. This will allow the wire to once again conduct the flow of electricity.

4. How to Descale Your Senseo Machine

Solution: Fill the unit with white vinegar then put a pot or bowl underneath the spout. Next, press both the cup and two cup buttons at the same time. Run the vinegar through the system as if you were making a regular brew. Finally, run water through the system twice to clean out any lingering taste.

5. My Senseo Won’t Complete Its Initial Flush

Solution: This issue may be fixed by simply making sure you’ve sealed the machine properly. Run a test by pushing the pin at the bottom of the reservoir and see if water comes out. If that’s the case, then it’s most likely an internal problem and you may want to contact Senseo customer service for additional troubleshooting help, or entertain the thought of a new machine.

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  1. our new senseo machine is “leaking water / coffee” from underneath where the bottom black clip is…..any suggestions please?

    Kind Regards,

    Amanda Buchanan

    • @Amanda,
      I’ve had that happen before. It seems to happen, with mine at least, when the pod is not centered or the paper on the edges isn’t laid out strait. (A little annoying.) Also notice that one side of the pod is flatter. The flatter side should be up.

  2. my supreme senseo won’t let me choose two cup brew feature…button doesn’t light up and it say it’s out of water…

    • I have the same issue. Did you fix it?

      • Some pods are real fat and you need to use the 2 cup holder even though you are only making one cup. If you have to struggle to close the top, it is too tight.

      • I have same issue and I think the problem is with the gizmo that measures the water level. Possibly minerals from the water are mucking up the works. If I lightly strike the side of the carafe with my fingers, I can get the light to come on. This makes me think the floater is not moving freely. I am going to fill my carafe with some white vinegar and let it sit. I will let you know if it helps.

    • You need to clean he carafe. minerals build up on the little floaty things inside that determine the water level. I used white vinegar. I just let it sit for a few hours inside the carafe. After only 1 treatment, it is already working better. May require a couple before the mechanism is completely free of minerals.

  3. My Senseo is probably at least six to ten years old. Today when I pushed the heat button it lit, to I pushed the two cup button and did not get any water? I cleaned every thing and still can not get the water to come through? Help, any suggestions.

    I would buy a new one if they made them. Want to sell yours?


  4. My Senseo will not stop blinking to allow me to brew a single or double cup of coffee – I do not think it is warming up – any ideas – it is a new machine that I purchased as a back up several years ago

  5. Live and die for my Senseo! But, I also have the problem where I can’t get the larger cup on the right to light up! Shifting the water reservoir helped in the beginning. I know there must be an easy solution to this dilemma! Any suggestions would be welcome!!

  6. I havent used my machine for many years. Im trying it out. Water comes through only if i hit the 2 cup and the one cup at the same time. Plus, it doesnt heat up. I took the back cover off and checked the wiring. Its all connected. the on/off light keeps blinking slowly. Never stops.

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