K Cups vs. Ground Coffee Cost

5 Reasons Why K Cups Are The Better Choice

It’s the eternal coffee debate: K cups vs. ground coffee cost. Which is your preferred choice? I’ve tried both ways and can tell you from research and experience that your best option is going for the K cups. To prove my point here are 5 reasons why k cups are your best option when it comes to coffee flavor and convenience.

K Cups Vs. Ground Coffee Cost

1. K Cups Do Not Waste Coffee

When you use coffee roast coffee you waste a large amount of what you buy. Think about how often you throw away excess after you make a full pot. Second, when you run out of coffee you spend three times as much by buying from your local Deli or coffee shop. With the average price of a cup of medium coffee being enough to buy six K cups, K cups are the smarter choice when you add it up.

2. Convenience

You can’t put a price tag on convenience. Think about the countless time you’ve woken up running late for work and didn’t have the time to brew up an entire pot of coffee. The beauty of the K cup is it allows you to brew a perfect amount of coffee in minutes without having to scoop out grounds of coffee and pour out excess coffee when your pot is full.

3. Savings

When you compare K cups vs. ground coffee roasts you buy at coffee houses like Starbucks, you save a lot more in the long run with K cups. Your total cost for the first year of drinking K cups comes to approximately $331 or $0.91 cents per day. Compare that price with the average cup of Starbucks coffee of approximately $2. That’s easily double the cost of what you pay for using K cups.

4. Variety

Try an experiment. Walk down the coffee aisle of your local grocery store and look at the variety of flavors and brands selling K cups coffee. Then go to your local Dunkin & Donuts or Starbucks and peruse their coffee menu. It’s easy to see that when you compare K cups vs. ground coffee roasts at local coffee houses that K cups offer you a much larger selection. Not only does this give you flexibility with choosing flavors, it also gives you the price options, as well.

5. Freshness

You can’t beat the freshness of a K cup. While ground roast coffee roasts you buy at the grocery store lose freshness the day you open up the bag, K cup coffee cups stay airtight until you brew them. That means you get a fresher more flavorful cup of coffee every time you choose K cup packaged coffee.

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  1. unfortunately buying and brewing a pot of coffee will always be the cheapest option. a 33.9 oz can of folgers can make around 250 decent sized cups of coffee for about $9. thats about 3.6 cents per cup. buy 200 coffee filters for around $5 avg. thats 2.5 cents per filter. assuming you’re making 200 12 cup pots of coffee that is. creamer? coffee mate 16 oz creamer at 14 cents per ounce. .5 oz to 1 oz= serving usually. thats about 30 cents per cup. idk the difference in electricity consumed by brewing a pot vs k cup makers tho lol.

    • Use an example of coffee that isn’t awful(not Folgers or maxwell house). Usually a lb of decent coffee is about $12-$15 and that makes around 48 6oz cups or so. So the difference isn’t that far off.

  2. I have to say that for me personally K-cups are the best thing since online shopping. I waste no more coffee as I once did and I save a ton of money. I love not only a cup of hot regular coffee in the am. but I love iced coffee. I had been making my own iced coffee using the standard coffee brewer , it became a hassle and just a waste of coffee, at times the coffee I had saved would taste horrible. I decided to buy a Keurig , I have “Mastered” the art of making the perfect iced coffee and there is NO waste. I save a lot of money as I don’t have to buy filters, any more coffee ,except what I want in the K-cups. I have found the perfect flavor and I love it. It comes out perfectly every time. All it cost is the price of the K-cups (average less than .50 a cup) a little splash of creamer, a bit of caramel ice cream topping(one bottle lasts me a long time) and ICE cubes which are FREE. All and all the total cost for my large iced coffee is less than .60 cents. I was at one time having a friend buy them for me at McDonalds the cost around $4.59. I can have one anytime I want and know that it’s clean & going to taste great. The same goes for a great cup of hot coffee any time of day , I can make a cup whenever I want and not waste half a pot of coffee. I also get a chance to try new and different flavors , if I don’t like them they don’t go to waste , I give them away to someone that will use them. I shop online & always get the best prices for my K-cups and shipping is always free. In my opinion the cost per K-cup for someone like me OR to buy a big container is a no brainer . LOL

  3. Nice infographic but it would be great to see the environmental cost of the waste from the K cups; I’d also like to see prices of a Keurig/drip electric/French press/single melitta-style drip over the lifetime included in the cost, as well as power/filters.

  4. # 3 Savings
    You are comparing home brew K cups with store bought Starbucks? That’s classic apples to oranges comparison.
    Stick with home brew K cups to home brew coffee and your own charts shows that K cups are almost 3 times more expensive.
    I’m thinking about how often I throw away excess after making a full pot? It’s never happened.

    • Could try as I have to make a 12-cup pot of coffee period I drink 3 cups a day so 12-cup last 3 days. I do not throw out coffee which does not get old if you don’t keep it hot. Cold coffee lasts very well. Also I have a Keurig that I have learned to start with a small cup brewed and run a second cup from the same K-Cup. I can be very frugal. With French vanilla or other Kramer you can’t tell the difference from one day we’ll coffee to three day old period so there.

  5. Good article but apples to oranges comparison. Compare the home brewed, home made k-cup which has no waste to the store bought k-cup and from what I’ve read on other websites and it is 3 times cheaper to make your own k-cups. Not to mention I have an easier time finding really good deals on coffee beans at the store. I bought my last two $5 bags for $1 each. I am not brand picky, just home brewed picky.

  6. Patricia Yantomasi

    Most people buy ground coffee at the grocery store, not at a coffee shop. I just bought Folgers, 30 oz., 240 cups, at Target for $6.99. That’s less than 3 cents per cup. Add a penny for a filter from the dollar store and it’s still less than 4 cents per cup. If you use regular ground coffee with the Keuric, a cup of Folgers will cost 3 cents plus 10 cents for the dopey little filter, or about 13 cents. Either way, the grocery store coffee at 4 to 13 cents per cup is way cheaper than 50 – 65 cents each for K cups.

  7. This is a terrible misrepresentation of the facts. You want to talk about waste? How about throwing a plastic cup away every time you want a single cup of coffee. Why are we even talking about this? K cups are the stupidest invention since the baby duster onesie.

  8. I’m amazed that only ONE person raised concern for the environmental impact of k-cups!!!!
    Home brewed leaves a paper filter that decomposes.
    K-cups leave a plastic cup that will choke landfills for CENTURIES!!!!!
    The inventor of K-cups says he wishes he never invented them when he realised the environmental impact!!!!

    • San Francisco French roast comes in biodegradable K-Cups. There is no environmental impact. They cost no more than conventional K-Cups.

  9. I use a reusable kcup cartridge so the extra cost and environmental factors are completely eliminated for me. That said, IMO kcup style coffee tastes better then regular brewed coffee.

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