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Coffee drinkers the world over agree: they cannot agree about flavored coffee. Sure, some people love flavored coffee, but coffee purists claim to loathe it. Well, I’m not one of them apparently because flavored coffee is a joy in my life, and I love it. When it comes to green-mountain-coffee-donut-house-cinnamon-roll-k-cups-24ct-flavored-914enjoying flavored coffee, I turn to my Keurig K-Cup coffee maker and enjoy a variety of K-Cup flavors.

The number of K-Cup flavors is stupendous. I love sampling new flavors with the single cup at a time feature of K-Cup flavored coffees. That way if I don’t like one flavor or another I’m not committed to an entire pot of coffee I’d rather not drink. A single cup of K-Cup flavored coffee sets me up with variety and options, and that means great coffee every time.

K-Cup Flavor Favorites

wolfgang-puck-creme-caramel-k-cups-24ct-914If you are looking for over the top K-Cup flavor, then this post is for you. Below, we review some of our favorite intensely flavored coffee K-Cups. Read on for the skinny on K-Cup flavor. Every single K-Cup reviewed below has intensity, impact, and the sort of K-Cup flavor preferred by flavored coffee lovers.

Light coffee drinkers who love a lot of flavor from K-Cup coffee are going to want to try Green Mountain Coffee Cinnamon Roll Flavored Coffee K-Cups. This offering from Green Mountain Coffee packs a lot of K-Cup flavor onto a light roast coffee ideal for breakfast. Our overall review of this K-Cup flavor: pour me another cup.

If you want a K-Cup flavor that is smooth as silk, try Wolfgang Puck Creme Caramel K-Cups. This K-Cup flavor is a luscious mix of vanilla cream and buttery rich caramel flavors over a quality roast. A little stronger than the Green Mountain Coffee in the prior paragraph but just as full of K-Cup flavor. Our overall review of this K-Cup flavor: we could drink this for dessert after dinner, it’s so good.

Maybe you want K-Cup flavor but aren’t looking for the buzz of regular coffee. If that’s the case, we highly recommend you check out Green Mountain Coffee Decaffeinated French Vanilla K-Cups. They are by far our favorite decaffeinated K-Cup flavor. The classic French vanilla flavor rounds out this medium intensity coffee, making it a well-balanced offering for anyone who wants K-Cup flavor without the caffeine.

Let us know your favorites!

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  1. I have to say I absolutely LOVE the Donut House Collection Cinnamon Roll blend. I also love the Golden French Toast K-cups. Flavored coffees are my favorite!

  2. I must comment on the flavored coffee’s as I have tried most all of them. By far my favorite is Wolfgang Puck’s Crème Caramel of course obviously because I love caramel. I have tried other caramel flavored coffee’s and none come close to the rich, creamy and real caramel taste that I get from Wolfgang Puck’s. It is the only one that can be used to make an iced caramel coffee and actually taste great. I make my own iced coffee and save a ton of money, so simple to make with the Keurig brewer and the Wolfgang Puck Crème caramel K-cup. I was so afraid that Wolfgang Puck was going to discontinue making the Crème Caramel that I ordered 3 boxes of the 24 count and once they arrived I ordered 4 more boxes just to be safe. I love the coffee that much! I am hoping that Wolfgang never decides to stop manufacturing the K-cups, because I will not be a happy camper as they say. I do like my regular hot coffee too, but I am addicted to iced coffee it’s an actual life saver for me. When I say life saver I mean it literally as I survive on only liquids & some purees I lost my ability to swallow solid foods 13 yrs. ago due to an brain stroke, which caused permanent dysphasia. So when I say I LOVE my coffee I really mean I love my coffee and I want it to taste GOOD! It’s the only real enjoyment I get and I savor it , the best investment I ever made was the brewer. I can have my own ice coffee any time I want and The Wolfgang Puck Crème Caramel is the best for making iced coffee, that is my story and I am sticking to it !! LOL

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