Decaffeinated K-Cup Samplers Offer Options

K-Cups offer Keurig coffee maker owners a wide range of coffee options, making them one of America’s favorite single cup coffee products. Few realize, though, that K-Cups also offer one of the best selections of decaffeinated single cup coffees available today.

Green Mountain Coffee Decaf Coffee K-Cup SamplerDecaffeinated K-Cup coffee is great because many coffee brewing environments don’t need a whole pot of decaf coffee brewed every time one person wants a cup of decaf. This makes brewing a single serving of decaf K-Cup coffee ideal.

Whether you are looking to add some nighttime decaf coffee to your repertoire or just want to try some new flavors, decaf K-Cup samplers are a great choice.

 Green Mountain Coffee Decaf K-Cup Sampler

Green Mountain Coffee offers a great Decaffeinated K-Cup Sampler. It covers four of their top decaffeinated coffee roasts portioned into perfect single cup servings. The four decaf K-Cup coffees that they offer are described below:

Newman’s Special Decaf K-Cups – A mix of medium and dark roast coffee that is mellow and smooth

Dark Magic Decaf K-Cups – A dark roast coffee that is bold and strong with roasty flavor

Breakfast Blend Decaf K-Cups – A medium roast coffee blend that is mild and flavorful

Vermont Country Blend Decaf K-Cups – A blend of light and medium roast coffee that is sweet and citric

Decaffeinated K-Cups like those offered in the Green Mountain Coffee Decaf Sampler make it possible for me to enjoy a single cup of decaf at night when I want a cup of coffee but don’t want to be kept up by the caffeine.

Give these delicious decaf coffee K-Cups a try and let us know what you think. It is also available K-Cup Sampler by the case.

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