Eight O’Clock Coffee K-Cups Now At CoffeeForLess

Eight O'Clock Coffee K-CupsEight O’Clock Coffee has been an American favorite for more than a century and a half. After introducing a range of light coffees to Americans in 1859, Eight O’Clock Coffee has gone on to become one of the top four manufacturers of domestic coffee and a preferred coffee roaster across the nation.

Named for the fact that the majority of Americans surveyed at the time drank their coffee at eight o’clock in the morning or eight o’clock at night, Eight O’Clock Coffee continues to put their great amount of experience into every roast. Their coffee is renowned for its smoothness and the perfectionism with which they approach every roast. Their Columbian roast has been ranked a “best buy” by Consumer Reports in the past, beating a variety of nationally popular varieties.

Now, you can enjoy the classic taste of Eight O’Clock Coffee from your Keurig K-Cup System with Eight O’Clock Coffee K-Cups from CoffeeForLess.

Eight O’Clock Coffee K-Cup Varieties at CoffeeForLess

Eight O’Clock Coffee Original K-Cups – The coffee that put Eight O’Clock Coffee on the map is now available in K-Cups, making it easy to enjoy the delicious taste enjoyed by generation of Americans from your single cup coffee system. This smooth coffee has a complex finish thanks to the medium roast applied to the 100% Arabica coffee beans that make it.

Eight O’Clock Coffee Colombian K-Cups – Rated “Best Buy” by Consumer Reports in 2009, this Colombia-sourced coffee has a full, rich flavor with a lingering sweetness and a syrupy body. Eight O’Clock Coffee Colombian Coffee is a medium roast with full flavor well worth savoring fresh from your Keurig.

Eight O’Clock Coffee Hazelnut Flavored K-Cups – Medium roast, 100% Arabica coffee beans are selected to be combined with savory hazelnut flavor to produce the delicious flavored coffee in Eight O’Clock Hazelnut K-Cups. This delicious flavored coffee K-Cups is a delight for daily drinking or as a dessert coffee.

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  1. How much caffeine is in one Eight O’Clock Hazelnut k-cup of coffee?

  2. Depending on the roast, coffee has between 75 and 150mg of caffeine per cup, so the brew made by these K-Cups could safely be estimated to be within this range.

  3. Where is the 8:00 o’clock decaf????

  4. There is absolutely nothing better than waking up to the smell of fresh coffee. My boyfriend brings a cup to my bed every morning and it starts my day wonderfully.

  5. I remember when I was a kid, getting a pound of Eight O’Clock coffee at the grocery store and then taking it to the cashier where they ground it fresh. Little did I know then that I would enjoy EIght O’clock coffee again as an adult so many years later. Brings back many memories!

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