Enjoy Starbucks Single Cup Coffee at Home

Starbucks K-Cups For Starbucks At HomeIn the aims to provide customers with a consistent, quality cup of coffee that is equal to what is severed in stores, Starbucks has been producing single cup coffee products. As customers call for the ability to craft rich and flavorful cups of their favorite coffee at home with just the press of a button, Starbucks has delivered with their limited selection of single cup coffee. In an attempt to build their brand, enter consumer’s homes, and be in their head morning through night, Starbucks is hoping to build a base of repeat customers with their single use product line. Although the quality is not exactly the same, Starbucks single cup coffee delivers reliable rich flavor that is convenient to make and won’t waste any coffee, all without having to leave your kitchen.

Starbucks Extends Contract with Green Mountain Coffee

Although in the past year Starbucks has produced their own coffee maker, the Verismo, they have extended their contract with Green Mountain Coffee to continue producing Starbucks coffee in the popular K-Cup format. Many K-cup customers thought they would never see their favorite Starbucks single cup coffee ever again since it seemed to pose a threat to Starbuck’s new machine. Yet Starbuck’s upper level management felt that extending their contract with Green Mountain would be a win-win-win for both companies, and for coffee consumers around the world. As part of this new agreement Starbucks will add more single cup coffee for Keurig machines including Seattle’s Best, Torrefazione, Teavana, and Starbucks Coca brands. In the past year, the single cup coffee segment has grown nine times faster than the overall coffee category during the past year, and Starbucks hopes to strengthen its leadership position in this industry.

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  1. I think it’s great that I can get Starbucks coffee in a single cup serving at coffee for less and get it at a reasonable price too. The only thing I do miss about getting it at home however, is that I don’t get it served to me like I do if I go out to Starbucks. Somehow, getting a great cup of coffee and having it served to me, is more fun !! But I’ll settle for this since going out to Starbucks isn’t as convenient.. I’ll just have to close my eyes and have my imagination take me to where I want to be.

  2. This is my daughter’s absolute favorite coffee. When she started drinking it, we had a lot of trouble finding it in any store and it always cost more than others. Great that you have it on your website and I hope it continues to be available…PS: I like it a lot too.

  3. Ilove starbucks k-cups

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