Favorite Flavored Coffee: Mint Chocolate Chip Flavored Coffee

New York Coffee Mint Chocolate Chip Flavored CoffeeSometimes I get really excited about coffee. Anyone who reads this blog knows this, and today, folks, I am really excited about a coffee. Have you tried New York Coffee’s Mint Chocolate Chip Flavored Coffee? This coffee combines some of my favorite coffee flavorings, mint and chocolate, with one of my favorite beverages.

Mint Chocolate Chip has long been my favorite ice cream flavor, the cool mint flavor coupled with sumptuous dark chocolate chips that just melt in the mouth after the ice cream has long since melted away. The experience is so sensual that I can barely write about it here, and now there’s a coffee that captures the taste of this decidedly decadent dessert in a flavored coffee!

New York City Coffee Mint Chocolate Chip Flavored Coffee

Mint mocha is not a new flavored coffee formula by any means. Many chain coffee shops offer a seasonal mint mocha latte, and any number of flavored coffee creamer manufacturers produce their own mint mocha variant. As far as flavored coffees go, though, New York Coffee’s Mint Chocolate Chip Flavored Coffee stands alone as a truly authentic version of the mint mocha formula.

New York Coffee’s Mint Chocolate Chip Flavored Coffee shoots for more than just the mint mocha taste. It strives for an emulation of the ice cream that many of us love, and the end result is an inherently sweet and creamy mint and chocolate flavored coffee that stands on its own amongst the crowd of mint mocha coffee flavorings.

Mint chocolate chip ice cream is more than just mint and chocolate. It’s a cool and creamy taste that is more than the sum of its parts. This taste is something that New York Coffee Mint Chocolate Chip Flavored Coffee captures, making this flavored coffee truly something wonderful.

New York Mint Chocolate Chip Flavored Coffee beans are available year-round.

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  1. Oooh, that sounds SO good! I’d love to know how you make it taste both cool and hot! :-) Can I get it in a bag or do I need K-cups? (I don’t have that kind of coffeemaker.) Thanks (am I entered into the contest?)

  2. @Colleen Stadnick: This coffee is available as coffee beans or ground coffee, so you do not need a Keurig machine! It’s soooooo good!

    This comment does enter you in the contest.

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