Grow Your Own Coffee From Green Coffee Beans

Green Coffee Beans are Coffee SeedsDo you absolutely love coffee? Odds are that you love coffee if you read this blog. Some of us who love coffee very much find that having a coffee plant in our house is a wondrous way to be close to the plant that provides our daily perkiness. If you are that in love with coffee, then don’t worry. You are in good company. Many people grow coffee at home or even in their yard (if they have no frost) and find the experience fun and rewarding.

Coffee is a tropical tree that grows well as a bush if trimmed correctly. It has large, waxy leaves like most tropical pants and requires mottled light, which is to say indirect sunlight or lower levels of artificial light. It grows much as most any other tropical plant we keep as houseplants does, and although it calls for much care in the beginning, it can actually be a relatively low-maintenance plant once established.

What many don’t know is that you can attempt to grow a coffee plant from green coffee beans of your favorite variety. These beans are older than those you’d buy from a greenhouse or seed store and are therefore prone to lower germination rates and extended germination times, but if you are already buying green coffee beans or just want to try a little coffee-growing experiment, they are a fun way to try to grow a coffee plant.

From Green Coffee Beans to a Coffee Bush

Grow Coffee Plants from Coffee BeansGreen coffee beans bought commercially rather than from a specialty plant store are older, having been processed and shipped through the manufacturing process. So, if you are truly serious about growing a coffee plant, you may want to buy a seedling or a fresh coffee bean online or at a nursery. However, for fun, you can take a handful of green coffee beans and soak them in water. The freshest, most viable ones will sprout, possibly within 24 hours but possibly over the course of days. These sprouted seeds are your best bet from your green coffee beans.

Honestly, soak a handful of beans from your bag of green coffee beans in water, and then select the ones that sprout tails to plant in rich, yet well-draining soil. The better the soil, the better your chances of attaining a coffee bush because the next part is the hard part.

It could take months, as many as three months for the coffee plant to get itself well-established enough to be considered hearty as a houseplant. During this time, the germinated green coffee bean needs a lot of careful attention. Do not overwater it, but do not underwater it. The soil should remain moist but never swampy. Keep the potted green bean in a room temperature environment, approximately 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and wait patiently.

The plant is very slow moving at the seedling stage, and during this stage is when most everything can go wrong. You want to avoid letting the soil harbor the wrong organisms yet damp enough for the seedling to thrive.

The first set of leaves, or seed leaves, don’t look like coffee plant leaves, but they start the food production process for the plant, leading soon to waxy, lovely coffee leaves. While this might be a roundabout way to grow your favorite plant, the plant is beautiful and easy to maintain once fully grown. General care instructions are just about the same as those for camellia bushes or plants.

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  1. Sounds like a fun project, I may just give it a try. My niece is always looking for projects for her girls who are home schooled, this might be a good one for her to try as well.

  2. I have planted 2 small coffee plants 8 months ago they are now close to 5 feet tall and have 8-12 green beans on them. How do I know if they are ready?? would appreciate the help

  3. This sounds very interesting. It gives me courage to try grow green coffee beans. May you kindly forward me with information on how to grow up to the finishing product.

  4. The coffee beans are ready to pick and process when they are a deep red but not quite crimson color.

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  6. i purchase a bean coffee seed (latin america coffee seed ) online .i am not sure they can germinate .i live in thailand tropical zone .

  7. can green bean coffee germinate ? How long dose it take to germinate ?

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