High Caffeine K-Cups: GOOD MORNING


Alright everyone, I think I’ve had too much caffeine. It’s alright though; it was my goal. I put my well-being on the line for you, the faithful coffee drinkers of the Internet, and tested out a couple of coffee K-Cups that I had been curious about for some time. Now, I’m typing this blog post at about twice my usual speed, occasionally getting out of my chair to do jumping jacks. Let me tell you something, it was worth it.

I love high test coffee, and I’ve been a fan of Coffee People’s Donut Shop Coffee and their Black Tiger extra dark coffee, both of which I get in single serving K-Cups. I had seen a few other Coffee People K-Cups recommended on the Coffee For Less website, that promised a lot of bang for your buck, a lot of buzz per mug, if you will. So I made a guinea pig of myself for science!

Much Caffeine Buzz Per K-Cup

coffee-people-jet-fuel-extra-bold-k-cups-24ctThe first that I tried was Coffee People’s Wake Up Call coffee. In order to make it live up to its name and control for exhaustion, I got up at 4:30 A.M., well before the sun, and drug my zombie-brained self to my Keurig machine. Would it live up to the name Wake Up Call? Could it possibly penetrate the depths of exhaustion that I was experiencing? Holy cow, did it. 5:00 A.M. saw me cleaning the kitchen. I don’t know why. It was pretty clean to start with, but I had to do something with the energy despite everyone else in the house being asleep. I zipped around and organized. The last thing on my mind was going back to bed. It actually tasted pretty good for such a utilitarian brew.  It’s bold and dark, earthy and bitter in the ways I like. Although I’m normally a two cups to start in the morning guy, this stuff might make one enough of a kickstart.

Then I gave Coffee People’s Jet Fuel a try. I’m tempted to type my description entirely in sound effects here, but I’ll stick to standard English for the sake of communication. It’s great. It’s sweet and citric for a dark coffee and, boy oh boy, does it pack a punch. It is probably the perfect coffee for someone who has a serious caffeine tolerance. It was probably also a bad decision after waking up to Wake Up Call coffee. I’ve got the jitters like the first time I ever had a cup of coffee.

The Highly Caffeinated Conclusion

Between the two, I found the Jet Fuel had the better flavor for my tastes, but obviously that’s personal. Both are dark coffee and neither one is fooling around when it says it is strong and for serious coffee drinkers only. So, if you are not an energy drink kind of person and prefer your coffee over any other source of energy, go with either of these high test options from Coffee People Coffees, and enjoy a single cup any time without committing to a whole coffee pot of rocket fuel thanks to K-Cups.

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  1. Thank you for writing this.

    It’s one of the only articles I have found about the caffeine levels.

    Which is honestly pretty surprising to me.

  2. Thanks for the great read. Couldn’t find my answer anywhere and sure enough, found the answer here. I am glad you stepped into the world of caffeine for your readers.

    Cheers to many a cup,

  3. Thanks for this. Love Jet Fuel but wasn’t sure if it really could compete with other high caffeine but lower taste options from the caffeine perspective. And I’m in the market for as much zing as possible. 🙂

  4. I prefer REVV. (R E V V ). Strong and tastes great!

  5. It reads like you tried one coffee and then the other in succession. That would seem to invalidate your findings because you are, in essence, stacking your caffeine dosages; given that it takes several hours for your body to eliminate the chemical from your system. Perhaps you had a cup of each on separate days and I misread it.

  6. Thanks for the review I’ve just gotten a box of Jet Fuel after reading this & you pretty much hit the nail on the head,thanks.

  7. Why is it soo hard to find Caffeine content on these products?

  8. Who sells the k cup people’s wake up call coffee

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