How Do I Hold All These K-Cups?

How Do I Hold All These K-Cups?K-Cup coffee fanatics all know that a single flavor of K-Cup is not enough. You want to have a good dark roast, a good light roast, something moderate, something flavored, perhaps a seasonal K-Cup, maybe a favorite seasonal that you’re keeping around to savor later since it’s out of season now, even a decaf, a tea, or a favored hot chocolate. Pretty soon, you find yourself asking, “How do I hold all these K-Cups?”

K-Cup storage devices are the answer. A variety of K-Cup organizers exist to take care of this common problem, and the best of them not only store and organize your K-Cups but also display your K-Cups, making it easier to access your favored variety.


K-Cup Storage and Organization Options

When it comes to K-Cup storage and organization, the options are many, but a few specific designs are the most prevalent. These methods of organizing K-Cups make it possible to enjoy your K-Cups without cluttering your countertop with boxes. K-Cups come out of the box and display their distinctive lid designs with K-Cup organizers.

The simplest of all K-Cup storage options are basket variety of K-Cup organizer. K-Cup storage baskets are the simplest but perhaps least orderly of the K-Cup systems. They are wire mesh so that they reduce dust and particle collection while giving your K-Cups a home. K-Cup storage baskets are stackable, allowing for maximum storage while consuming a minimum of countertop space.

K-Cup Drawer Systems are a more orderly method of organizing K-Cups. This wire mesh K-Cup Storage Drawer features a sorting system that makes accessing your K-Cups a breeze, displaying the tops of your K-Cups easily and conveniently.

By far the most popular K-Cup storage system, the K-Cup Carousel system puts your K-Cups on perpetual display in a way that is most accessible and easy to use. The lazy Susan style spinning tower model makes for minimal countertop usage with maximum K-Cup organization and access. CoffeeForLess carries a 27 K-Cup Storage Carousel, a 30 K-Cup Organization Tower, and a 35 K-Cup Organization Carousel, all of which utilize this popular method of K-Cup storage and organization.

If you already wonder, “How am I going to hold all these K-Cups,” then these handy storage options are the way to go. 

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  1. I agree, the best way to store those pesky little k-cups is with one of the innovative products on the market. I personally LOVE the carousel style, it looks sharp and displays my colorful pods in a way that is almost artistic. My favorites (with a win for price and quality!) come from this site:

    Cheers and keep the good posts coming!

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