Is It Time to Upgrade to a Single Cup Coffee Maker?

Tassimo Single Cup Coffee MakerBy now, you have seen them everywhere. Keurig K-Cup coffee makers are in homes, restaurants, and even many hotels. Pod coffee makers have been ubiquitous in hotels, restaurants, and offices for over a decade. Tassimo’s T-Disc coffee makers are gaining a foothold in many coffee serving venues, and it seems that new single cup coffee makers are being developed with regularity.

Single cup coffee makers appear to be the wave of the future when it comes to coffee consumption, so maybe it is time to join in the exciting new world of single serving coffee brewing. The opportunities offered by single cup coffee makers are so accessible and so abundant that the upgrade is sure to be an improvement over your old coffee maker.

Single Cup Coffee Maker Options Available Now

If you are trying to decide which single cup coffee maker is going to be a suitable upgrade over your current coffee maker, then the many options can seem a bit overwhelming. When you look for a single cup coffee maker, you quickly find that they all have interesting features that make them quite useful. Some, however, are better targeted at specific types of coffee drinker.

Keurig makes a quality line of coffee makers that brew a single serving at a time. Keurig K-Cup coffee makers are designed with the daily coffee drinker in mind. These tough machines can brew all throughout the day and never brew the same cup of coffee twice thanks to the amazing variety of K-Cups on the market. While K-Cups do not provide much in the way of prepared coffee drinks, they excel at offering variety and quality coffee choices.

Keurig Single Cup Coffee MakerTassimo T-Disc coffee makers are the single cup coffee maker for the espresso fanatic or the coffee drinker who loves their Starbucks milk and espresso drinks. T-Disc coffee makers use a barcode system and additional instant milk T-Discs that produce a single cup of coffee, espresso, or espresso drinks just like those you are familiar with paying too much for at the chain coffee shops.

A variety of companies produce excellent coffee pod single cup coffee makers. These are the single cup coffee type that has been around the longest due to the simplicity and ease of use provided by coffee pods. They are essentially coffee enclosed in a coffee filter, much as tea is in a tea bag, and that makes them easy to use across a variety of pod coffee makers.

Whichever single cup coffee maker you choose as an upgrade over your old brewer, you are sure to enjoy a new world of convenience and options that just were not possible before single serving brewing technology took off the way it has.

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  1. Thank you for the single cup coffee maker. Because of it I was able to get my developmentally disabled, ‘ diabetic boy to switch from his soda addiction(sugar) to coffee. It’s fun to brew a cup.

  2. I finally caved in and bought a Tassimo. I chose Tassimo over Keurig, because I was impressed with the way each "pod" has a barcode, which allows the machine to adapt to whatever brewing style is needed. I just wish that the Tassimo folks were as aggressive as the Keurig marketing staff has obviously been. The selection is not as great in the grocery store – at least 50+ selections for Keurig and only 3 for Tassimo in my local Kroger!

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