K-Cup Coffee Review: Green Mountain Coffee French Vanilla Decaf

Green Mountain Coffee French Vanilla Decaf K-CupsDid you know that some people are still under the impression that decaffeinated coffee somehow sacrifices flavor to remove the caffeine? Today, we are here to disprove this outdated mode of thinking and review Green Mountain Coffee French Vanilla K-Cups. If you are looking for delicious coffee that is decaffeinated and that you can brew in your K-Cup coffee maker, then look no further.

Green Mountain Coffee French Vanilla Decaf K-Cups produce a decaffeinated coffee so sweet and satisfying that you will want to enjoy it as a dessert coffee. The fact that it is decaffeinated coffee makes it all the easier to put this K-Cup into your evening coffee rotation, ensuring that you can enjoy a delicious French Vanilla flavored K-Cup without worrying about it keeping you up all night.


Green Mountain Coffee French Vanilla Decaf K-Cups Cup Experience

If you are already a fan of Green Mountain Coffee K-Cups, then you know they smell heavenly when they brew. This olfactory foreshadowing never lies when it comes to Green Mountain Coffee K-Cups, and this is true of their French Vanilla Decaf K-Cups as well. They smell heavenly when they brew, combining the smell of light roast coffee with just a hint of vanilla essence.

Once in the cup, the brew appears truly light roast with a mild color and light cling to the cup. It tastes truly wonderful with smooth light roast coffee flavor and the mildest hints of coffee acids giving it a light, bright citric hint that is nearly overshadowed by the lush French Vanilla flavor.

The French Vanilla flavor captures the taste of vanilla beans in such a creamy delicious way that this coffee stands on its own well, even without creamer or sugar, though a bit of either truly accents the dessert flavor of this K-Cup coffee.

Green Mountain Coffee French Vanilla Decaf K-Cups produce this elegant taste and show the decaf coffee doubters that decaffeinated coffee K-Cups truly can be as delicious as they are convenient.

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  1. I was once under the impression that decaffeinated coffee takes away from the flavor of the original, caffeinated version but I’m willing to try it! I often find myself wanting a cup of French Vanilla coffee from my K-cup machine on a school night but I don’t want to stay up all night from the caffeine. These decaffeinated K-cups sound perfect! After reading your blog, I am more willing to purchase some.

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