K-Cup Coffee Review: Green Mountain Coffee Half-Caff Coffee K-Cups

Green Mountain Coffee Half-Caff Coffee K-CupsCoffee is good, even great, in most people’s opinions, but caffeine is not always so positively reviewed. Many people want to enjoy their coffee without as much caffeine, and often the only option available is entirely decaffeinated coffee. Green Mountain Coffee has sought to provide a coffee that meets coffee drinkers in the middle, providing a coffee that is mildly caffeinated compared to regular coffee but not lacking in caffeine as decaffeinated varieties are: Green Mountain Coffee Half-Caff Coffee K-Cups.

If you are looking for a delicious coffee that is mildly caffeinated, then Green Mountain Coffee Half-Caff Coffee K-Cups are the brew for you.


Green Mountain Coffee Half-Caff Coffee K-Cups Cup Experience

Green Mountain Coffee Half-Caff is an excellent blended roast coffee that is designed with two intentions: a lower caffeine content that is not as low as decaf coffee and an excellent brew that is satisfying any time of the day. Green Mountain Coffee has succeeded at these two goals with their Half-Caff Coffee K-Cups.

Green Mountain Coffee Half-Caff Coffee brews with a medium aroma that hearkens to traditional breakfast blends. It is enticing and mellow but the exact sort of aroma that lures the many coffee drinkers from the comfort of their beds.

As these mildly caffeinated K-Cups brew into your cup, the color of the coffee most resembles a medium roast, though this brew is blended from multiple roasts. The overall character is most similar to medium roast coffee, and this character comes across distinctly in taste as well. The flavor of this coffee is middle-of-the-road pleasant with a smooth taste and mild acidity. It has a nice lack of bitterness as well.

The mouthfeel is light, almost watery, and the aftertaste of Green Mountain Coffee Half-Caff K-Cup Coffee is mild, distinctly lacking in the astringency to be found in some decaf coffees.

Most importantly, the caffeine buzz of Green Mountain Coffee Half-Caff lives up to its half-caffeinated reputation. There is a mild pick-me-up to it, but it truly is not a buzzy blend, making it a great coffee for evening coffee consumption.

If you love this half-caffein coffee, you can also buy Green Mountain Coffee Half-Caff K-Cups by the case.


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  1. Looking forward to trying Green Mountain’s Half-Cafe K-Cups next time I order.

  2. How much caffeine is in a half caff K-cup?

  3. I have found that getting the Green Mountain Half-Calf K-cups are a Godsend. I used to have to buy both regular coffee and decaf coffee and mix it all up in a larger can in order to cut the caffeine content of our coffee without having to go to full decaf. But with these Half-Calf cups I don’t need to do that anymore. I can get a perfect cup of less caffeine coffee by using these. I also realized that buying these saves money too..They’re so inexpensive at Coffee for Less. They cost me no more than any regular blend of coffee. They also helped a lot when the doctor told my hubby he had to stop drinking caffeinated coffee. That was too difficult for him, so these made it easier to change his ways, and not have to disobey his doctor so much. It was a very easy transition. He said they tasted just great and he could barely tell the difference from a full caffeine cup of coffee. I like it too because I don’t need to buy extra cans of coffee so I can mix them together. Green Mountain and Coffee for Less has done that for me !!

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