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Coconut-flavored coffee fanatics, the day has arrived! Green Mountain Coffee’s seasonal Island Coconut K-Cups are out! This day is a pretty big deal in some circles. This seasonal K-Cup is one that we’ve had many requests to carry year-round, but it just isn’t possible. Green Mountain Coffee continues to release it as a seasonal, so now is the time to stock up.

We regularly sell out of Green Mountain Coffee Island Coconut K-Cups, so while hoarding a stash might seem a bit absurd, it really isn’t. Our customers love this K-Cup, so without fail, we have a difficult time keeping it in stock.

If you’ve had it already, then you know how great it is, but if you have not had the joy of this spring seasonal coffee K-Cup, read on. Our review today highlights many of the reasons our customers have told us this is their favorite coconut flavored K-Cup.


Green Mountain Coffee Island Coconut K-Cups Cup Experience

This seasonal is truly a treat, one that has been reviewed before as “the best coffee I have ever had,” and while that may seem like hyperbole, the difficulty we have trying not to sell out of this seasonal is a testament to the truth in those reviews. Light roast coffee is enhanced with just the right amount of savory-sweet coconut flavor to ensure that this flavored coffee from Green Mountain Coffee seems to appeal to most any palate.

Upon brewing, Island Coconut K-Cups have a bright, exciting light roast aroma that has distinctly sweet undertones of coconut. The result is a very sumptuous yet not overbearing aroma that, once you are familiar with this brew, kicks the salivary glands into action like Pavlov’s bell. The mouth remembers, and the mouth loves this coffee.

In the cup, it is light roast in appearance with a very mild oil and cling. The aroma is intensified in concentration, and the lighter color does not belie the truly full flavor of this coffee.

Green Mountain Coffee Island Coconut Coffee has a very balanced acidity that highlights a mildly citric character balanced against the smoother coffee tastes highlighted by coconut flavoring. The coconut flavor in these K-Cups is not perfumed or at all like coconut candy. It is like coconut macaroons but less sweet. It draws out the savory flavors of this light roast and truly foregrounds them against the fruitier acids of the light roast.

Cases of Green Mountain Coffee Island Coconut Coffee are available, and you may want to consider buying it in such quantities. This one won’t last, and as a seasonal, it’s only around for a limited time.

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  1. I love those!!!! One of my beat uses is to brew a cup and use it in brownie mixes or in homemade frostings!

  2. Elizabeth Trobaugh

    I love this stuff and wished it was all year around 🙂 oh and blueberry morning… Heck actually Green mountain coffee is my favorite 🙂

  3. Love Island Coconut Coffee. It is my fav for summer

  4. this counds like it might be a great coffee for early morings by the lake.

  5. This is a fabulous summer coffee — the aroma makes me feel like I’ve gone on a tropical vacation. It is not just great for the morning — it makes a wonderful iced coffee drink in the afternoon, as well. So happy it is back — now I just need some 70 degree weather and sunshine!

  6. I think I will try this.I like a light to medium roast coffee in my keurig I have found after trying a number of different types.Which is odd because I prefer medium to dark in my Bunn.It sounds interesting and alluring,coconut macaroons and coffee,yummy.

  7. Island Coconut Coffee is one of my favorite coffees, so when they are in stock, I hoard them so I will have them year round.

  8. Island Coconut is my absolute favorite!! I stock up now to last till next year!

  9. this sounds like the best idea for coffee yet most flavors are a coverup for a too strong brew or sugarry taste brew but I like the Hawaiian and coconut flavors. Ill take two

  10. We used to get this Island Coconut at work and it made the kitchen smell like a tropical island! One cup and I could feel my drifting away to that vacation hideaway. Two cups and I was ready to ditch my banker’s suit and don a bikini!

  11. This information is great. We just got our machine and are looking for all the information we can find.

  12. This one sounds good. I am not real big on coconut flavor but I do like having an occasional tropical flavored coffee. Thanks for this well written review.

  13. Is there any way to get a sampler pack? That would be a great idea!

  14. we love coconut, and can’t wait to try this one!

  15. I will have to try these!

  16. Love the Island Coconut and look forward to this time of year when I can order them. Green Mountain brand is my brand of choice.

  17. Can’t wait to try — sounds too good to be true!

  18. Island coconut is our family’s favorite! I wish that we could get it year round!

  19. I am anxious to try this too-I love coconut and dark roast coffee. ..what a great combo!

  20. Ican’t wait to try this new coconut coffee!

  21. My wife is terribly excited about trying this coffee. I’m not much for flavored coffees, pretty much of a traditionalist, but I will give it a try with her.

  22. If there is a flavor that is so popular, then why don’t you sell it year round? I would like to be able to purchase Island Coconut and it is no longer available, not even online. Is there anywhere that sells it right now? Thanks

  23. The island coconut is really good. So is the french vanilla blend.

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