K-Cup Coffee Review: Tully’s Hawaiian Blend K-Cups

Tully's Hawaiian Blend Coffee K-Cups ReviewKeurig K-Cup coffee maker owners are in for a treat this week. We are reviewing a recent line to the Tully’s Coffee line of K-Cup coffees, Tully’s Hawaiian Blend K-Cups. This Hawaiian coffee blend from Tully’s manages to capture some of the finer qualities of Hawaiian-grown coffee beans while enhancing those qualities with complexity resulting from the 100% Arabica coffee beans blended with them.

If you are looking for a great everyday-drinking coffee and are already a fan of Hawaiian coffees, then Tully’s Hawaiian Blend K-Cups provide the right brew for you. Each brew is a consistently pleasant, temptingly aromatic brew that is excellent for clearing groggy morning minds without being too strong.

Tully’s Hawaiian Blend Coffee K-Cups Cup Experience

Tully’s Coffee discontinued their Kona Blend K-Cups and then released Tully’s Hawaiian Blend K-Cups as a replacement. Comparing the two is difficult to avoid, but fans of Tully’s Kona Blend have typically found this alternative Hawaiian coffee blend to be an excellent as well. They contain 10% Hawaiian coffee blended with 100% Arabica coffee.

This blend creates a lovely aroma as it brews from the Keurig, a stronger, bolder aroma than one would expect from most Hawaiian coffees thanks to the Arabica beans used in the blend. The brew has a medium roast appearance and a relatively light oil content.

The taste of Tully’s Hawaiian Blend Coffee is quite good. It is mellow yet robust with a light mouthfeel but full flavor. The depth of the flavor profile is surprising, mostly thanks to the way the brighter acidity of the Hawaiian coffee plays off the robust character of the other beans in the blend. This provides a complex and interesting taste profile that is exciting to the tongue before diminishing to a relatively sweet aftertaste.

If you are looking for a replacement for Tully’s Kona Blend K-Cups, try Tully’s Hawaiian Blend K-Cups. I’m certain you will find this coffee blend’s artful composition is an excellent replacement.

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  1. Elizabeth Maxwell

    I’d like to suggest you put a Kcup in each delivery you mail out – something different than the customer has ordered – so they can taste-test a variety of flavors. I’m reluctant to order a whole box of the tried-and-true varieties because I might not like it and we’d be stuck with a boxful.

  2. Robert Pandolfo

    These are pretty good but the Tully Kona KCUP was a milder coffee, more of a medium blend, and in my opinion much better.

  3. I would love to try this….can you think of a comparison to something else?

  4. I’m with Elizabeth Maxwell on the 1 K-cup to be included as a sample that is different from my order. I order all the time from you because of the great prices, selection, and amount of K-cups in each box. However, I would never buy a 24 pack without having tried it first as I could be throwing my money away.

  5. Sounds Yummy! I enjoy a good Kona coffee and this might be a nice substitute. But only a 10% blend of Hawaiian makes me think it won’t have a very Kona flavor. I like Elizabeth’s idea of putting a sample of new flavors with orders.

  6. I love this new line. It definetly wakes you up yet it is smooth tasting. I have been searching for a replacement to Kona so thank you

  7. The Tully’s Hawaiian Blend is quite good! It’s well rounded and bold without being too strong. A great aroma and perfect for all-day coffee drinking. Great in the morning, it also makes a pleasing "3 to 4 pm pick me-up cup" – and we also enjoyed it as an after dinner cup as well. Overall, a really good cup of coffee without the bitterness or acidity that can ruin a lot of bold blends.

  8. I tried this for the first time yesterday… and fell in LOVE instantly! Great coffee 🙂 Robust, yet not too strong.

  9. Christine McNally

    I love Elizabeth Maxwell’s comment – this would be excellent for marketing – was really excited to see Hawaiian K cups – delivered, but I haven’t tried them yet.

  10. I tried this blend for the first time a few weeks ago. I absolutely loved Tully’s Kona blend, and like you, found this to be a great alternative. it’s smooth and not bitter. A very nice coffee.

  11. I must agree with Elizabeth Maxwell above… giving a sample K-Cup with each order would be a wonderful idea.
    And speaking of a new coffee to try… if you have not tried the Donut House Coconut Mocha… oh my… you have to give it a sip… it is wonderful… perfect blend of Mocha with a hint of coconut… yummy!

  12. A free sample is a great idea. I like to order variety packs to test new flavors. Only problem is there are usually one or two flavors I am not fond of included. Enjoy trying new flavors.

  13. This is good to see. I was a big fan of the Kona Blend and miss them.

  14. Order Tully’s Hawaiian with my last order and love it!!

  15. Love tully’ hawaiian…. do you have it in decaf k cups

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