Tassimo Review Pride Vs. Keurig Review Pride

Tassimo Reviews and Keurig Reviews Show People Love CoffeeA distinction appears, even with a mild perusal of community chatter,  in the single cup coffee drinkers of our coffee community. Tassimo reviews on our site show some who enjoy the convenience of single serving  brewing clearly prefer their Tassimo machine, and they have their reasons. Others, just as passionately, hold their Keurig brewer dear as is evident in their impassioned reviews of various Keurig machines and K-Cup coffees.

While the two camps may seem to be a civil war amongst coffee enthusiasts, they enjoy many of the same conveniences and appreciate a variety of similar attributes between the machines. Tassimo reviews and Keurig reviews both speak to single serving coffee’s ease, speed, convenience, and all of the other more cup experience oriented details that make single serving brewing such a pleasure.

What differs between single cup coffee maker reviews offers an insight into the joys of both brands of machines.  Someone once said to me that there are two types of coffee drinker, those who prefer to taste the roast and drink darker roasts and those who like to taste the bean and often drink lighter roasts. While one may oscillate between these two camps, this Yin and Yang of coffee appreciation, a correlation to the joys of these two brands of single cup coffee maker seems to exist.

In Tassimo reviews, the reviewers often focus on the espresso drinks that they enjoy or on the full body and robust character of the coffees that Tassimo T-Discs brew. Keurig users often describe the joy of differing varieties of coffee, of the fun of trying new things, and of their daily coffee instead of a fancy coffee drink. It is a loose correlation, but the joys of owning one machine or the other seem to be savored amongst their owners.

Show Your Coffee Machine Pride, Write a Tassimo Review or Keurig Review

At CoffeeForLess, we offer you the opportunity to wear your coffee maker pride on the outside. We never get tired of hearing about your love for your coffee maker, as some in your life may have during periods when you were seriously enamored with these wonderful machines.

Tell us what you love about your Tassimo or Keurig machine. Have you had a conversion experience from one machine to the other? We would love to hear about it, and by writing a review, you help future customers choose the correct machine for their preferences.

So step out on the balcony and declare your Tassimo or Keurig love to the world. Okay, maybe don’t do that. Write a review on CoffeeForLess and have a receptive audience. We understand. Coffee is our passion too.

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  1. I purchased a Tassimo about 2 years ago – it was between this and a Keurig. I picked Tassimo because, at the time, this was the only one that did Chai Latte….and had the best hot coacoa. The unit works very well, although we have very calcified water (I use tap which is my problem) and the red light would come on, but it still works and has always been a hard worker for me.
    My major beef is this – the pods are getting more and more expensive. And less stores are carying them, and of my local stores that do carry their pods, they are not carrying the Chai Latte..I have to tell you this Chai was the BEST I have ever had….very few calories, and it tasted like heaven…kind of like a creme brulee with cinnamon…just absolutely awesome. I kept this machine running just because of the Chai, although over time it was getting more and more expensive. Started out about 7.50, and is now running about $12…you get 8 servings. Sometimes during the day, in the winter, I had more than one a day. This is where it gets expensive.

    My local store stopped carrying the Chai. This is when I made my decision.

    The pods were getting too costly….I looked and ALL pods are getting expensive…..on the average about $12 for anywhere from 8 to 12 servings. This is for a Keurig, Tassimo, whatever unit you get. And you are spending a heck of alot for the unit to make this expensive drink.

    I went back to my normal coffee pot. I am getting the flavored coffemate for it. Its cheaper – yes I don’t get my Chai Latte anymore, but I am saving sooo much money. I get one pot of coffee – a whole POT – for the cost of just one pod….one serving.

    These companies lost me

  2. The t-discs are expensive but I recently purchased my Tassimo and I have been in coffee heaven. Every time I brew a cup, I think it is my favorite until I brew another. I love how it reads the disc. I am disappointed that I can not find the iced latte for sale any more. It. Is my husbands favorite drink and I didn’t realize it was off the market until after I bought the machine. My regular coffee pot just can’t compare.

  3. debi B – Amazon carries many pods including Twinings Chai latte – maybe that’s the on you liked. Your description sounded yummy, so I’d love to know if that was the brand. Since you already have the machine you could still use it once in a while, just not for coffee. Oregon Chai also makes a concentrate which is very good and a pretty good value.

  4. The Tassimo coffee is ok, but I’m very disappointed that it takes 2 weeks or more to get discs delivered through the tassimo site. Nespresso coffee is just as good and they ship same or next day.

  5. Tassimo direct.

    Solid pricing, free shipping on orders over $35 and through end of march 2014 buy 5 get 6th free.

    Also where I live BB&B has the Chai Latte in stock in every store I have been to…

  6. Nancy Aubertin-Pipkins

    We took a lot of time reading reviews and finally decided to purchase Tassimo T65 over Keurig. We have loved it for just a little over 2 years. I just ordered 3 coffees, a filter and dezcal from Tassimo and before it arrived my machine just stopped working correctly. I have now descaled it twice, as that is the only advice they gave us over the phone. (I took good care of my Tassimo, only using filtered water and cleaning it often) Just this morning I tried to brew a latte and no water at all came out through the espresso disc. It is like it won’t read the bar codes properly. Tassimo customer service said it sounds like we have a defective machine but there is NOTHING they will do for us.
    Sadly, I may not purchase their machine again. I am looking around now for something new, even though I have a ton of discs that will be wasted! For the price and for their loyal customers, you would think they would at least offer a discount or something. I’m extremely disappointed.

  7. Is the Tassimo just more complicated than it’s worth?

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