The World’s Largest Coffee Cup or Strong K-Cup Coffee

World's Largest Coffee CupThe size of the American coffee cup has been growing over the last century, from the European-style demitasse into all varieties of large, even quart-size monstrosities at your average gas station., however is selling a coffee mug that redefines the American definition of large.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present the World’s Largest Coffee Cup.

This mug can hold 20 cups of coffee, nearly enough to dunk your head in on those mornings when coffee by regular administration does not seem to be nearly enough. While I don’t advocate coffee consumption by personal immersion, this gag coffee cup makes a salient point about we coffee fanatics.

With time, one wants stronger coffee. Caffeine builds a tolerance in its consumers, and the tendency to increase coffee consumption over time is relatively common. Instead of upping your coffee cup size, may I recommend drinking stronger coffee? I’ve accumulated a list of some of my favorite strong coffee K-Cups below.

Strong Coffee K-Cups, Great Coffee Flavor

Most K-Cup coffee roasters carry an extra-bold or extra-strength coffee K-Cup, and I’ve searched through them all to find the best of the best: great, strong coffee that packs a punch without sacrificing flavor.

Emeril Lagasse is known for putting the BAM in his cooking, but his line of coffees also seeks to capture the intense flavors of his art. When it comes to intense coffee K-Cups, his Big Easy Bold K-Cups are worth a try. They have extra coffee in them to ensure a strong extraction as well as a rich French roast to the beans that ensures full flavor.

Green Mountain Coffee is a perennial favorite with Keurig K-Cup coffee maker owners, and two of their offerings belong on our list of strong K-Cups. Green Mountain Coffee Dark Magic K-Cups brew a truly dark cup of bold coffee that is robust without being bitter. For extraordinarily dark coffee with full-strength flavor, try Green Mountain Coffee Double Black Diamond K-Cups. Warning, though, Double Black Diamond is a full force coffee not recommended for those who cannot tolerate a truly intense brew.

Readers of this blog have heard me recommend the following K-Cups before, and this is because they hold a special place in the heart of myself and any other K-Cup coffee drinker who prefers coffee to resemble a kick in the head from a mule. Coffee People Jet Fuel K-Cups and Black Tiger K-Cups are intense. They pack seriously dark roast potency into a K-Cup that is only matched by the other K-Cups discussed today.

So skip the World’s Largest Coffee Cup and instead brew a truly intense cup of coffee from your Keurig. Lower the brew volume for greater intensity and let us know what super-bold K-Cups get your gears grooving.

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  1. This article is right up my alley! I love a dark brew and am continually in search of the one that best meets my criteria for "the perfect cup of coffee". Emeril’s Big Easy Bold is pretty darn close, but I’m still searching for a comparable decaf substitute for those times when I just don’t want the caffeine. Tully’s French Roast Decaf is close, but additional suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Black tiger I’d my favorite kcup, I could also use that mug, I wonder how many kcups I’d need to use?

  3. I love my Kcups as does my husband. He can brew smaller cups of wonderful coffee as strong as he wants and I can brew what I like. He loves to drink his coffee hot – so a larger cup would not be answer for him. I on the other hand, tend to drink mine over an hour so temp is irrelevant. We both love the Green Mountain Bold coffees. We’ve tried both and don’t have a preference over either but don’t care too much for the Jet Fuel personally.

  4. Rosalind Morrison

    I am one of those people that like the extra kick in my coffee. I tried the breakfast blends and some med roast but found the Dark Magic to be the best. Others I have to use two pods, run one on small cup and another on large in order to get the flavor I desire.

  5. What is it made up of, is it heavy? Please leave room for cream.. Is there a contest to see who can drink it the quickest?

  6. Carolyn Spillman

    My daddy taught me when I was only 12 years old, if you’re going to drink coffee, then drink coffee. Not coffee flavored sugary cream or watered down . When I joined the Air Force, I learned what they meant when they called my favorite black cup of brew "java". And as I went thru the coffee house phase, I learned that not all coffee is real coffee. But at this ripe old age of 58, I’ve learned that my daddy had it right. Give me my coffee, straight up black, strong enough to smack me upside the head, please. Thanks to K cups, I can have quality strong coffee anytime I want it.

  7. A Hawaiian coffee will be in my next order. I have enjoyed the Black Tiger K-cups in the past.

  8. This is as great tip! I recently started doing this with my "breakfast" strength coffee when I want a slightly bolder taste in the evening.

  9. As someone else who prefers coffee to be like a kick in the head from a mule, I agree. But I recently realized the opposite with tea! For some reason I didn’t like my favorite teas from K-cups. Then I realized they were too strong.

  10. As a dark coffee lover, I have been THRILLED with the Green Mountain Dark Magic. It’s the first Decaf I’ve ever found that is rich and robust. Awesome!!

  11. Thx for the tips. I’m relatively new to the k-cup world & I’ve been trying to find the right brew (strong with a lot of punch). I’ll be sure to try these listed k-cups.

  12. Lol We should of suspected that someone, somewhere would create the world’s largest cup. XD

  13. Ok i need my coffee to get going in the morning….but id need my coffee to get going just to use that coffee cup!!!!! I already love a dark brew…Rev and Black Diamonds (i think thats what its called) is awesome!!!!

  14. Black Tiger is the Best!! If I could have it fill that big cup, I might end up in the ER

  15. This old college student walked in the rain too many days this past Winter. There were certainly days when dunking my head in an enormous cup of coffee would have felt great. 😉

  16. the hawaiian blend will be on my next order. i will close my eyes remember my recent trip to Oahu

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