Time for Hot Chocolate K-Cups


Green Mountain Coffee Hot Chocolate K-CupsAs anyone who reads the K-Cup Blog here at CoffeeForLess knows, I love coffee, and I love K-Cups. So naturally, I think coffee when I think K-Cups.  This time of year, though, brings with it a delicious treat that I look forward to every year: Hot Cocoa K-Cups! Hot chocolate K-Cups are great. They let me enjoy hot chocolate any time I want it without having to spill cocoa all over the counter ripping open an instant hot cocoa packet.

With hot chocolate K-Cups, I can simply pop a K-Cup in the Keurig brewer and enjoy a steaming hot cup of hot cocoa on demand!


Hot Chocolate K-Cups Options: Traditional or White Chocolate

Timothy's White Hot Chocolate Hot Cocoa K-CupsReally there are two hot cocoa K-Cups that I buy. They are both excellent but for very different reasons. While there may be other options, if hot chocolate in a K-Cup is what you want, I recommend these.

Traditional hot cocoa enthusiasts will enjoy Green Mountain Coffee’s Hot Cocoa K-Cups. This is your standard cocoa and milk delicious hot cocoa from your childhood school snow days. It is rich and milk chocolate delicious.

The more adventurous amongst us might enjoy Timothy’s White Hot Chocolate. It is so good if you are a fan of white chocolate. It merges smooth cocoa butter flavor with creamy whole milk fullness to produce a hot and steaming cup of white chocolate hot cocoa that you would never expect to find in a K-Cup. It feels like a boutique treat every time.

Let us know how you feel about these flavors and if there are any other Hot Chocolate K-Cups that you enjoy.

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