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5 Reasons Why Tassimo Makes Great Coffee Machines

In case you haven’t heard, Tassimo has a unique line of coffee makers that brew the perfect beverage every time, be it at home or in the office. This innovative machine offers features like T-Disc technology, multiple beverage types, and liquid foam for a Tassimo latte. Before you run out and buy your next coffee machine, check out these five great reasons to consider a Tassimo. 1. T Disc Technology T-Discs can be filled with coffee or espresso grounds, tea leaves, or milk creamer (the milk... Re... Read More »
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The 5 Best Single Cup Coffeemakers

Everyone wants their own fresh cup of coffee now and that is part of the reason single cup coffeemakers have become so popular in past few years. While some coffee drinkers enjoy the pour over method others prefer K-Cups, or Coffee pods for their single cups of coffee. Both sides can agree though that the days of heated all day pots of coffee are behinds us.  Keurig has been leading the trend for single cup coffeemakers, but there are plenty of other companies like Tassimo, Senseo, and... Read More »
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The Best Single Cup Tea Brewer: Tassimo Vs. Keurig

When it comes to single serving tea brewing, the community is divided between those who love the ease and convenience provided by T-Discs and K-Cups and those that feel some finesse is lost when tea is put in individual serving pods and brewed through a single cup coffee maker. For today’s post, we are not going to debate the merits of analog tea steeping versus digital single serving tea brewing and instead focus on which single cup system is best suited to meet your tea drinking desires.... Read More »
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Is It Time to Upgrade to a Single Cup Coffee Maker?

By now, you have seen them everywhere. Keurig K-Cup coffee makers are in homes, restaurants, and even many hotels. Pod coffee makers have been ubiquitous in hotels, restaurants, and offices for over a decade. Tassimo’s T-Disc coffee makers are gaining a foothold in many coffee serving venues, and it seems that new single cup coffee makers are being developed with regularity. Single cup coffee makers appear to be the wave of the future when it comes to coffee consumption, so maybe it is time... Read More »
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Oregon Chai Tea Makes Great Iced Chai

Oregon Chai Tea is a fantastic option if you are looking for an instant chai that is full-flavored and spicy but available to enjoy nearly on demand. Oregon Chai Tea is spiced and milky, making it perfect for serving over ice, since it has flavor strong enough to hold up to the watering down that occurs when served over ice. Simply pour Oregon Chai Tea Concentrate or Oregon Chai Tea Decaf Concentrate over ice and you’ve got an instant iced chai latte that is sure to cool and invigorate on a... Read More »
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Twinings Earl Grey Tea Tassimo T-Discs Make Great Tea

  Traditionally, most people think of tea bags or loose leaf tea when they think of good tea, certainly when thinking of such stalwart traditional teas as Earl Grey. Twinings Earl Grey Tea Tassimo T-Discs offer the advantages of traditional steeping with modern T-Disc brewing convenience. The T-Disc brewing method is actually quite suited to tea steeping. The use of pressure alongside heat to accelerate steeping just as T-Discs do with coffee brewing utilizes sound scientific theories... Read More »
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My Favorite Tassimo Machine: The Red Tassimo Suprema T-Disc Coffee Maker

  T-Discs are one of my favorite ways to enjoy cappuccino and lattes at work, and the way I can do that is thanks to the Red Tassimo Suprema T-Disc coffee maker. This machine is cutting edge technology coupled with elegant design, making it not only capable of producing quality coffee but also pleasing to the eye as it sits on your countertop. Tassimo machines in general are reliable and compact, but the red body and sleek functionality of the Red Tassimo Suprema truly set it apart in the world... Read More »
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Tassimo Coffee Machines: T-Disc Elegance

  Tassimo coffee machines present an elegant option when choosing a single-cup coffee maker. These technological marvels make the perfect cup of coffee on demand without messy measuring, changing of filters, or brewing a whole pot of coffee when you only want a single serving. Tassimo coffee machines can even steep a variety of other beverages, including  both tea and hot cocoa from T-Discs. T-Discs, the refills for Tassimo coffee machines, are cutting edge coffee technology. Each one... Read More »
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Tassimo Tea Discs

If you enjoy your Tassimo T-Disc brewer, then you probably know how great it is at making coffee and coffee drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, and espresso. The instant milk technology gives it far greater flexibility with mixed drinks than most brewers on the market, but did you know it is also excellent at brewing tea? Tassimo tea discs make a perfectly cup of tea on demand. Tassimo tea discs are like any other Tassimo T-Disc. They have carefully measured quantities of tea optimized to the... Read More »
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K-Cup Filter: The Magic in the K-Cup

K-Cup coffee or tea is a product of advances in both the K-Cup filter and our understanding of what it actually means to steep or brew hot beverages. As these two technologies have developed side by side, we have gained such products as K-Cups, Tassimo T-Discs, and even coffee pods of certain types. The K-Cup filter that ensures a quality cup of coffee every time that you use your Keurig K-Cup brewer is not actually that different from a regular coffee filter. How it does differ is in scale.... Read More »
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Single Serve Coffee Machines Are The Latest Trend

Office coffee workers the world over are embracing fresh brewed coffee at their desk or in their home office with the recent trend of compact single serve coffee machines. These highly engineered single cup coffee machines produce a single cup of coffee at a time from coffee makers that advances in technology have allowed to be so small as to be perfect for your desktop. Single serve coffee machines of this size make it possible to brew coffee right at your desk. Gone is the need to halt your...... Read More »
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Tassimo Tea Discs: T-Discs That Make Tea

Tassimo T-Discs make brewing coffee a breeze thanks to their digitally calibrated barcode and your Tassimo T-Disc brewer’s ability to read that barcode to program its brew time, temperature, and water volume perfectly.  These elegant machines can also make tea from tea T-Discs thanks to this advanced hot beverage brewing technology. Brewing tea is an art in many cultures, meaning that the brewing process is so refined and so perfected that this simple act of concocting a beverage has been... Read... Read More »
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Coffee Pods Are Not Evolution, Perhaps Revolution

Occasionally I get questions about coffee pods and other single cup coffee. People ask me, why a k-cup, why a coffee pod, what’s wrong with good old fashioned ground coffee, and more. These are good questions, and the answer to them is simple: convenience. Those coffee styles offer you variety and ease that is just far less attainable from traditional whole bean or ground coffee. Those good questions are occasionally accompanied by another odd one about coffee pods or K-Cups: Is coffee...Read... Read More »
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Cappuccino and Lattes at Work

Lattes and cappuccinos are hoity-toity coffee house fare, but these days they are as common as fast food despite lacking fast food prices. For many of us, a stop by Starbucks or some comparable coffee shop is a daily ritual. That daily ritual hits the wallet pretty hard, making finding any way one can cut into the cost of the habit a great idea. The luxury of steamed milk espresso drinks is not something most people are willing to give up, and so the advancements in single serving coffee... Read More »
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Tassimo T-Discs Make Great Summer Coffee

Summertime is when the top shelf coffee shops roll out their iced coffee beverages, and these drinks are a satisfying solution to summertime heat but often a rough choice for the wallet. My solution has been to circumvent the middleman and cut those pricey coffee boutiques out of the equation entirely. What I do is buy flavored syrup sweeteners when I buy Tassimo T-Discs and make those iced coffee drinks at home.   Most times, that is all the pricey coffee shop chains do anyway.  The recipe... Read More »
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