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New Product: Lipton Tea K–Cups at CoffeeForLess

Lipton, one of America’s favorite tea brewing companies, has recently reached an agreement with Green Mountain coffee. This means that Lipton will introduce its popular blends of hot and iced tea for the Keurig K-Cup machine. This presents a huge opportunity for Lipton because Keurig and single cup coffee makers are an increasingly popular choice for consumers in the United States. This also is a great opportunity for fans of tea – currently there are only a few brands of tea that are made in...R... Read More »
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Red, White and Refreshing: Simple Iced Tea Recipes

It is one of summer’s simple pleasures to have a tall glass of cold iced tea in your hand and hear the sounds of the ice clinking against the glass after each long sip on a hot summer’s day. Instead of getting in your car and driving to the nearest drive-thru or gas station to make your dream a reality, save some change and get thrifty instead. At home, you can still easily attain the perfectly brewed ice tea drink of your dreams in no time. Keurig Coffee Ice Brewer: Not Taking the Heat It’s... Read More »
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Uniq Teas Blend Artful Teas and Herbal Tea Blends

Uniq Teas loose leaf tea blends are taking tea to a whole new level by creating tea varieties designed to please the 21st Century tea drinker’s palate. By combining traditional tea with unique flavors and creating new and exciting herbal tea varieties, Uniq Teashas created a depth of variety unseen prior in the tea market. Uniq Teas are all selected from the finest ingredients artfully composed to create new tea tastes. These teas are typically sold loose leaf in order to allow for steeping... Read More »
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Chai Tea Lattes Keep You Warm on Rainy Autumn Days

The seasonal shift during the month of October as we approach Halloween puts a chill in the air and, for many, frost on the pumpkin. Gray days, rainy weather, and the beginning of the winter freeze are enough to make any shiver and go searching for a blanket. This is the season for a warming beverage that raises your internal temperature to combat the chill in the air. Chai tea lattes are a great option for those who want a warming beverage but do not want to drink excess coffee. A chai tea... Read More »
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Tetley Tea is What Defines Tea to Most

Maybe you think of afternoon tea or maybe you think of when you had a sore throat and your mother added honey to hot tea to soothe the winter ills, but either way, Tetley Tea has come to define tea to the majority of folks. Tetley Tea is the gold standard of tea bag tea, and this is for good reason. Tetley Tea is smooth and bright with a general black tea palatability and mild citrus twist. However, most do not realize that what we know in general of Tetley Tea is just the tip of the iceberg.... Read More »
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Loose Leaf Tea With Keurig Coffee Makers

Is your countertop crowded with a coffee maker and a kettle alongside the many other appliances of daily life? Perhaps you are holding onto your kettle because you prefer loose leaf tea and simply cannot imagine giving up the speed with which a kettle can heat water for steeping tea. Your Keurig K-Cup coffee maker is capable of replacing that old kettle, though, even if you did not think so before. Keurig machines heat water very quickly, often making them as fast or faster than the average... Re... Read More »
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Tea Pod Review: Melitta One:One Shades of Jade Tea Pods

Many beverage consumers think of coffee when they think about single serving pods, but tea pods are a great way to brew a single serving of tea without the need of a separate kettle. Tea pods are also faster to brew and steep than traditional kettle and tea bag steeping, so if you value your time, then tea pods are a great way to enjoy tea quickly and efficiently. Add to that the fact that tea pods are specifically programmed for optimal steeping, and tea pods represent an advance in tea... Read More »
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K-Cup Tea Review: Celestial Seasonings English Breakfast Black Tea K-Cups

Celestial Seasonings is one of the largest domestic manufacturers of tea products in the United States, offering tea drinkers a greater variety of all-natural, kosher-certified teas that are certain to tickle your tastebuds. Located in Boulder, CO, they are constantly updating their herbal tea offerings to include herbal, green, white, black, and rooibos teas sourced from around the world. Beyond all of that, Celestial Seasonings Tea ingredients are sourced from international growers with a... Re... Read More »
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Oregon Chai Tea Makes Great Iced Chai

Oregon Chai Tea is a fantastic option if you are looking for an instant chai that is full-flavored and spicy but available to enjoy nearly on demand. Oregon Chai Tea is spiced and milky, making it perfect for serving over ice, since it has flavor strong enough to hold up to the watering down that occurs when served over ice. Simply pour Oregon Chai Tea Concentrate or Oregon Chai Tea Decaf Concentrate over ice and you’ve got an instant iced chai latte that is sure to cool and invigorate on a... Read More »
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Lipton Black Tea Has Traditional Iced Tea Taste

A recent Spring heat wave has the nation sweating, making it the perfect time for a pitcher of iced tea or sweet tea if you prefer. This traditional beverage accounts for nearly 85% of tea consumption in the United States, and when the weather turns warm, that ice-cold pitcher sweating condensation is just the solution that most of us turn to in combatting the heat. Lipton Black Tea is a great tea to use for traditional iced tea flavor. Lipton Tea has a natural lemon flavor and authentic... Read... Read More »
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Tea Pods Turn Pod Coffee Makers into Tea Makers

The tea bag is not a new image to most anyone, but the appearance of tea pods might be a new sight to some. Tea pods are almost exactly the same as tea bags but lack the iconic dunking string and tag familiar to most American tea drinkers. Tea pods also differ in that they are specifically calibrated to make a great cup of tea in a specific brewing device, rather than the usual single cup dunking procedures for which regular tea bags are designed. Today, we discuss the many tea options... Read More »
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Is K-Cup Brewer Tea as Good as Classic Preparations?

  Our recent post on T-Disc tea got some asking if K-Cup tea made in a K-Cup brewer is any good. Well, we’re here today to clear this up and suggest that tea made in a K-Cup brewer really is rather good. The reason being that tea made in a K-Cup is actually encountering very similar conditions to tea made in a T-Disc. The combination of heat and pressure used in K-Cup brewing creates an ideal extraction environment for quick tea steeping. As such, K-Cup brewers make tea basically as well as... Read More »
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Twinings Earl Grey Tea Tassimo T-Discs Make Great Tea

  Traditionally, most people think of tea bags or loose leaf tea when they think of good tea, certainly when thinking of such stalwart traditional teas as Earl Grey. Twinings Earl Grey Tea Tassimo T-Discs offer the advantages of traditional steeping with modern T-Disc brewing convenience. The T-Disc brewing method is actually quite suited to tea steeping. The use of pressure alongside heat to accelerate steeping just as T-Discs do with coffee brewing utilizes sound scientific theories... Read More »
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K-Cup Tea for the Winter Season

  Winter is the season for hot mugs of soothing salves against the biting cold found outside in much of the Northern Hemisphere. As the snow flutters outside the window, a comforting mug of hot tea often makes for a warm belly and a soothed psyche. What many do not know is that K-Cup tea is great for just this purpose. Pop some K-Cup Tea into your Keurig K-Cup coffee maker and enjoy an instant mug of your favorite style tea on demand. Read on for some links to great Winter K-Cup teas that... Read More »
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Tassimo Tea Discs

If you enjoy your Tassimo T-Disc brewer, then you probably know how great it is at making coffee and coffee drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, and espresso. The instant milk technology gives it far greater flexibility with mixed drinks than most brewers on the market, but did you know it is also excellent at brewing tea? Tassimo tea discs make a perfectly cup of tea on demand. Tassimo tea discs are like any other Tassimo T-Disc. They have carefully measured quantities of tea optimized to the... Read More »
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Tassimo Tea Discs: T-Discs That Make Tea

Tassimo T-Discs make brewing coffee a breeze thanks to their digitally calibrated barcode and your Tassimo T-Disc brewer’s ability to read that barcode to program its brew time, temperature, and water volume perfectly.  These elegant machines can also make tea from tea T-Discs thanks to this advanced hot beverage brewing technology. Brewing tea is an art in many cultures, meaning that the brewing process is so refined and so perfected that this simple act of concocting a beverage has been... Read... Read More »
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Tea K-Cups Contain L-Theanine, The Relaxation Amino Acid

I have had a lot of trouble integrating tea into my hot beverage routine, I’ll admit. I like tea. It’s good tasting. They say it’s good for you with all of its naturally occurring antioxidants, and I’ve bought a good number of tea k-cups that I’ve just let go bad because I always go for the coffee k-cups when I do. Well, I’ve read about something that just might change that for me. You see, tea k-cups have tea in them, and what I’ve learned is that tea contains L-theanine, an amino acid that... Read More »
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