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 Don't be fooled by competitors' prices!

Don’t be fooled! Some of our competitors advertise prices that seem competitive with our K-Cup prices, but if you look closer, you will see that many are on lower quantity packs of the same product.

CoffeeForLess shops for the best price on bulk quantity Keurig K-Cups. By offering you K-Cups by the case and at regularly low prices, we give you the best price per K-Cup possible. If anybody ever manages to top our industry-leading prices, we’ll match them.

We’ve done the math and make every effort to pass these savings on to you, but feel free to check our work. We are confident that our prices are the best. Buy direct from CoffeeForLess and get the best price on K-Cup coffees online today.

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Keurig Home Brewers and K-Cups are only available to home consumers in the US and Canada. A special note for our commercial customers interested in Keurig products: All Keurig commercial orders will need to be placed through our commercial website. Our sales region for commercial customers includes: the Greater Philadelphia area, the state of New Jersey, New York Metropolitan Counties of Richmond, King, Queens, New York, Bronx, West Chester, Rockland, Nassau, Suffolk, Fairfield CT and the city of Wilmington DE. Please call us at (800) 261-2859 for details on how you can order from us online.
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