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CoffeeForLess Blog Comment Contest

Introducing the CoffeeForLess Blog Comment Contest

The CoffeeForLess Blog Comment Contest is a monthly contest rewarding customers for insightful feedback on CoffeeForLess Blog articles. CoffeeForLess will select the best comment each month (terms and conditions apply, see rules). The user who posted the winning comment will receive $50 in store credit for use at CoffeeForLess.
Please be certain to review the brief list of contest rules in the next section.

Contest Rules & Eligibility (please read)

Enrollment in the Blog Comment Contest occurs automatically when you leave a comment on any article during a contest period. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. Your eligibility to qualify as a winner is contingent upon the following rules and conditions:

  • You must have a customer account in order to be considered for entry.
    If you are not registered, you can create a FREE account.
  • Your comment submission must include your valid e-mail address in the Email field.
    This e-mail address serves several purposes:
    1. It will be used to both validate your status as a registered CoffeeForLess customer.
    2. It will be used to contact you in case your comment is selected as the winner.
    3. The account associated with this e-mail address is the one that will receive the store credit reward, should you win.
  • While we encourage posting as many comments as you would like, we can only count the first five (5) entries per person per month toward the contest. Comments after the sixth (6) will not be eligible for entry.
  • Winners will be notified directly via e-mail. Winners agree to have their name announced on the Blog Contest Winners page, and agree to be announced throughout’s social media networks, including (but not limited to) the Blog, Facebook page, and CoffeeForLess on Twitter.
    • Winners are encouraged to submit an image of themselves along with the products they purchased with their winnings, to be displayed on the Blog Contest Winners page.
  • Entrants are only eligible to win once in a 12-month period.

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How to Write a Blog Comment
  1. Visit the CoffeeForLess Blog at
  2. Browse the categories and find an article that piques your interest.
    Various methods for finding articles on the CoffeeForLess Blog.

    Use the blog Search feature (1), Recent Entries (2), or Categories list (3) to find posts. You can also navigate to older posts near the bottom of the blog home page (4).

  3. Read the article, then include your feedback in the Leave a comment form after the article.
    1. Name – This is how your name will appear beside the comment.
    2. Email – Your e-mail address is used to verify your status as a registered CoffeeForLess user, and to contact you directly if you win the contest. Don’t worry, we respect your privacy! Your address e-mail will not be displayed publicly.
    3. Your comment – Leave your feedback here.
    4. Type the text from the image below – We use a "Captcha" technology to prevent comment spam. Simply fill in the letters you see in the image below this box.
    Fill out the Leave a comment form on an article to submit your entry.
  4. You will be notified that your comment was submitted and is awaiting moderator approval. Once approved, your comment will appear on the article page, above the comment form.

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