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10 Amazing Finds for Coffee Lovers on Etsy
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10 Amazing Finds for Coffee Lovers on Etsy

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Showing Off Your Love For Coffee With Handmade Goods From Etsy

With over 35 million products listed for sale, navigating Etsy can be an adventure that calls for a big cup of brew in and of itself. We hope this guide has helped shed some light on the finest coffee-related goods the site has to offer, and we wish you happy sipping (and shopping)!

1 - Sterling Silver Coffee Bean Necklace

This beautiful sterling silver necklace is a simple and elegant way to show you’re passionate about coffee. Order it here.           

 Sterling Silver Coffee Necklace

2 - Espresso Poster

For the aspiring barista, this attractive poster deconstructs a number of popular espresso drinks. Get it here.

 Espresso poster

3 - Coffee Stencil

If you’ve ever wanted to make latte art but lacked the steady hand and experience needed to pour hot milk with expert precision, try taking the easy route with one of these user-friendly coffee art stencils. Get them here.

 Coffee stencil

4 - Scented Candle

True coffee fanatics know that there are few smells better than a fresh brewed pot of coffee. Fill your home with the aroma of coffee with a handmade candle seated in an upcycled glass jar. Check it out here.

 Scented candle

5 - Edible Doilies

Impress your guests with these beautiful edible doilies. They’ll make your coffee so pretty you (almost) won’t want to drink it. See more here.

 Edible dollies

6 - Coffee Mug Sweater

Get cozy with a cup of coffee in your new favorite comfy sweater that will let everyone know how much the bean means to you. Grab one here.

 Coffee mug sweater

7 - Coffee Plant Cell Phone Case

Some of the best things in life come from plants, and coffee lovers can celebrate the plant that creates their favorite morning beverage with this cell phone case, featuring a coffee plant illustration. Get one here.

 Plant based cell phone case

8 - Get Me Coffee Socks

Tell them what you really want with these cozy socks. Perfect for the coffee lover who can’t really wake up without grabbing a mug of coffee first. Grab them here.

 Get me coffee socks

9 - Coffee Pins

Add some style to your outfit with a variety of pins that show off what you’re truly passionate about. Get them here.

 Coffee pins

10 - Caffeine Molecule Necklace

When you’re a science enthusiast and caffeine addict, you’ll have a hard time resisting this stylish necklace. Order yours here.

 Caffeine molecule necklace

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