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10 Cold Weather Coffee Cocktails and Drinks You're Going to Love
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10 Cold Weather Coffee Cocktails and Drinks You're Going to Love

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We're nearing the peak of winter and it's been brutally cold outside in many parts of the country, so many of us are in search a little something extra, like a coffee cocktail! Here are ten great tasting coffee cocktails and non-alcoholic coffee drinks (in alternating order), all of which can warm you to varying degrees against the rest of the season’s cold winter days.

1 – Coffee Martini

Coffee martiniA coffee martini is simply 1 part coffee liquor, 1 part espresso, and 2 parts vodka, shaken with ice, and strained. It’s just that simple. Note: the espresso should be chilled to at least room temperature, or it will water down the drink.



2 – Café Con Miel

Cafe con mielA hot, layered espresso drink popular in Spain, the café con miel starts with a half ounce of honey on the bottom. Then you pour over a shot of espresso next, and then an equal part steamed milk, and finally a sprinkle of cinnamon goes on top.


3 – Cowboy Coffee

Coffee cowboy drinkThe most no-frills drink on this list, cowboy coffee is simply a strong cup of coffee with a shot of bourbon poured into it (think: hot boilermaker). It will keep you warm under the coldest of starry skies.


4 – Café Bombón

Cafe BombonA Spanish variation on a Southeast Asian classic, the bombón is a layered drink made of equal parts espresso and sweetened condensed milk. Stir and enjoy.


5 – Mexican Coffee

Mexican coffeeTo make a classic Mexican coffee, take 1½ ounces of tequila, 1½ ounces of coffee liqueur, and a cup of coffee and stir them together in a sugar-rimmed glass. Put in a scoop of vanilla ice cream and top with a sprinkling of cinnamon.


6 – Mexican Mocha

Mexican mochaYou make a Mexican mocha the same way you would make a regular mocha, but with Mexican chocolate instead, and with a dusting of cinnamon instead of the regular cocoa powder topper. Mexican chocolate has a slightly spicy, strong chocolate flavor that provides a little extra kick on a cold day.


7 – Yuanyang Tea

Yuanyang TeaIn Hong Kong, they drink their coffee mixed with black tea and milk in a 1:1:1 ratio. It’s called yuanyang tea and you can make it with Chinese black tea, English breakfast, or even Earl Grey if you’re looking for that Bergamot hit.


8 – Baby Stout

Baby stoutA baby stout is a shot made with two ounces of coffee liqueur topped with a ½ ounce of Irish crème liqueur. If executed correctly, it looks like a baby-sized pint of stout beer.

9 – Café Affogato

Café AffogatoStrong-brewed coffee or espresso meets ice cream in this delicious dessert turned beverage. A café affogato starts with a scoop of coffee, vanilla, or chocolate ice cream. Pour a shot of espresso or three tablespoons of strong coffee over the ice cream and enjoy!



10 – Coffee Beer

Coffee beerThis one definitely isn’t for everyone, but those who do like it swear by it. Take equal parts fresh brewed, hot (yes, hot!) coffee, and mix it with equal parts cheap American lager. Adjust the ratio to your taste, and you’ve got your own version of coffee beer.


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