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10 Delicious Coffee Drinks Just in Time for the Spring Season
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10 Delicious Coffee Drinks Just in Time for the Spring Season

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Spring Is in the Air – Is Your Coffee Beverage Keeping Up?

The days are heating up, so it’s time to grab one of these delicious iced beverages so you can cool down. But it’s not quite summer yet! With rainy days ahead too, you can also cuddle up with one of these warm coffee drinks for a flowery pick-me-up that matches the blooming of the season all around us. This spring, amp up your classic coffee with these fun and fresh espresso drinks. 

With that in mind, these amazing spring-time coffee drinks are perfect for sunny and rainy days, and all the beautiful blossoming of the new season. Read on and discover the perfect flavor and style of coffee for the new season today.

 Lavender Latte

Lavender latte recipe

This light, spring-season drink is super popular among baristas this season. The subtle, flowery lavender offers a modern spin on a classic espresso drink.

Café con Miel

Café con Miel is a Spanish coffee drink that features ingredients like milk, honey, vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Talk about delicious! Try it with blueberry extract for an extra spring season taste.

Iced Americano

Spring means the weather is warming up and our drinks are cooling down. This classic warm weather coffee drink is simple and solid. Espresso lovers will opt for an iced Americano over an iced coffee, and this spring, we recommend doing the same.

Mint Mocha

Mint is a refreshing and crisp way to vitalize your mocha. We love mint and chocolate, but if you don’t, consider a raspberry mocha instead.

Caramel Frappuccino

This classic drink has made springtime coffee lists for years, and probably will for years to come. Caramel, coffee, milk, and ice are blended into a delicious Frappuccino that will keep you cool and get you going.

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Thick and creamy, Vietnamese Iced Coffee is made with condensed milk and is rich and delicious. It tends to have a stronger, darker taste that when mixed with the thicker consistency makes it truly special.

Sea Salt Iced Coffee

Using a sea salt syrup, your iced coffee can be quickly revolutionized. The salt cuts the coffee flavor, combining to make an unlikely but awesome cup of Joe.

Rose Cappuccino

This year is all about taking care of yourself, so treat yourself well with a specialty rose cappuccino. By mixing rose water into the milk before steaming, the whole drink becomes invigorated with the lovely taste of roses in the garden. The kiss of rose in this classic, light espresso drink makes it an easy springtime favorite.

Chocolate Coconut Coffee Seltzer

Combining chocolate, coconut, and coffee sounds great enough, but this drink really takes it to the next level. With just a dash of seltzer water, this drink becomes bubbly and, honestly, revolutionary. We loved this fresh spin. Try it out and let us know what your think!

Irish Iced Coffee

The days are getting longer, which means summer nights are almost upon us. For an evening pick-me-up, try a bit of Bailey’s Irish whiskey in your iced coffee. This drink is great to wake you up and get your evening started right.


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