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10 Popular Songs That Mention Coffee in the Lyrics
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10 Popular Songs That Mention Coffee in the Lyrics

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Singing the Praises of Your Favorite Morning Beverage

Many coffee lovers feel so strongly about coffee, it can seem like the flavorful brewed beverage practically makes the world go round. This extreme devotion to coffee even tends to manifest within the work of musicians, with several popular songs making references to a good cup of Joe.

In this article, we’ve rounded up ten of our favorite songs that mention coffee in the lyrics. Drink up and enjoy the music – you might be surprised at just how many songs pay homage to your favorite beverage, with a mention to coffee in the lyrics!

1. One More Cup of Coffee - The White Stripes

Here, indie rockers The White Stripes offer their cover of the Bob Dylan song, “One more cup of coffee for the road / One more cup of coffee before I go.” That’s pretty much how we feel about leaving the house, too.

2. Coffee Homeground - Kate Bush

The unique and tragic song about a murder ends with the lyrics, “And may they rest in peace with coffee homeground”. A strange, but somehow fun and playful song with a sinister story. 

3. Black Coffee - Ella Fitzgerald

Sometimes it takes a strong beverage like black coffee to get us through a heartbreak. When Ellen Fitzgerald sings “My nerves have gone to pieces / My hair is turning gray / All I do is drink black coffee / Since my man's gone away,” we’re practically crying into our cup of Joe!

4. Cup of Coffee - Garbage

This song from Garbage is yet another example of coffee as the universal pick-me-up drink for those going through a heartbreak. With lyrics like, "You told me you don't love me / Over a cup of coffee," and "It took a cup of coffee / To prove that you don't love me," we’re ready to fight whoever hurt singer Shirley Manson.

5. Coffee and Cigarettes – Jimmy Eat World

If you’re in the mood to brood, listen to “Coffee and Cigarettes” by Jimmy Eat World. “Coffee and Cigarettes / As simple as it gets / Of all the things I think I'll miss / There's staying up with you / Coffee and Cigarettes, Coffee and Cigarettes.” This alternative rock anthem reminds us of youth and yearning, and coffee habits that fuel tumultuous teen years. 

6. Intergalactic - Beastie Boys

Lighten the mood with Adam Yauch, Mike D, and Ad-Rock, grooving along to goofy lyrics like “When it comes to beats, well, I’m a fiend / I like my sugar with coffee and cream.”

 7. The Coffee Song - Cream

“The coffee tasted so fine.” It sure did, Cream.

8. Coffee and TV - Blur

“Give me coffee and TV / peacefully / I’ve seen so much, I’m going blind / And I’m brain-dead virtually.” The perfect song to listen to while sipping your favorite pick me up.

9. Cappuccino Bar - Jonathan Richman

This rock’n’roll song is like an anthem for the over-caffeinated. “Three cappuccinos and three au lait / Jonathan, Jonathan / What do you say / Not me, not me? I can't sit down no more.” Preach, Jonathan.

10. Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle - Dethklok

There’s even a coffee song for heavy metal fans, brought to you by Dethklok, the fictional band from the Cartoon Network TV series of the same name. “Guatemala blend / Ethiopian / French vanilla roast / Dying, dying / You're dying for a cup.”

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