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6 More Ideas on How to Re-Use K-Cup Pods
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6 More Ideas on How to Re-Use K-Cup Pods

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Help the Environment and Create New Crafts by Re-purposing Your K-Cups!

The convenience of popping in a K-Cup is a great way to save time during your
morning routine, but tossing the used coffee pod in the trash on your way out the door has environmental consequences you may not consider.

Consider this: you’re throwing away materials that could have a great second life! If you’ve got both a coffee habit and DIY-inclined mind that’s prone to crafting, check out these six handy ways that you can feel good about your caffeine consumption and get your craft fix too!

Using K-Cup Pods as Seed Starters for the Garden

K-Cups are the perfect size to start growing little seedlings in your kitchen, before
planting them in your spring garden! You can mix your used coffee grounds into the soil as extra fertilizer, then plant two or three seeds in each cup, watering as needed.

Soon, you’ll see little sprouts start to spring up! Once your plants get too big for the K-Cups, you can transfer them to a larger container, like a washed out sour cream tub, and start over with new seeds. This way, you have a use for the coffee grounds and your K-Cups, and fresh ingredients for your next meal.

Herb Preservers

K-Cups aren’t just great for growing greens – they’re also great for storing them! If
you’ve got fresh herbs left over from your last recipe, freezing them can be the best way to maintain freshness, and K-Cups are the perfect size to keep them in.

Simply use a pair of kitchen shears to snip up your extra thyme, basil, or other herbs over the K-Cup, and pop them in the freezer for later use. When you find another recipe that calls for those ingredients, you’ll have them at your fingertips!

Bath Bombs Made From Used K-Cup Pods

If you like to indulge in life’s little luxuries, you probably love a good bath bomb.
Store-bought ones can break the bank, though, so why not make your own – in a K-Cup pod!

There are thousands of recipes out there for every scent, so pick your
favorite and whip up a batch of bath bombs, using your washed-out K-Cups as the molds. You’ll have saved money and keep plastic out of a landfill – a true win-win!

String Lights Made From Used K-Cups

Looking for inexpensive options for mood lighting? Grab some twinkle lights and a
simple paint set, and you’re halfway there. The other half? Your K-Cups, of course!

Paint the K-Cups with your desired color(s), wait for them to dry, and then stick the lights through the small hole in the bottom of the K-Cup. String them up, plug them in, and you’ll get instant ambiance!

K-Cup Pods Doubling as Small-Item Storage Vessels

Earrings, bobby pins, sewing needles and thread – you’ve got endless tiny things
that could be easily lost without proper storage. Enter K-Cups! Invest in a second K-Cup rack, and place it on your dresser or desk where you can easily sort and store the little things you use every day without adding to your daily waste.

Shot Glasses?!

Take some of the hassle out of making Jell-O shots by reusing your K-Cups! You
won’t need to go out and buy more plastic, so you’ll save money and throw fewer
things in your city dump. Cheers to that!

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