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An Ode to the Krups Gold Tone Filter

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Krups Gold Tone Reusable Coffee FilterLong gone are the days when I would use paper coffee filters to make my morning brew. The disposable filters served me for years, ensuring my coffee lacked any granulated additions, but today I celebrate The Krups Gold Tone Reusable Coffee Filter for its many functions and the freedom it brings. Not only does this lovely metallic coffee filter save trees; it also saves money. It guarantees that my coffee never comes in contact with a material that has been treated with bleaching agents as it once was with crisp, white disposable coffee filters. No, the Krups Gold Tone Filter is innert, guaranteeing that the hot water that extracts my coffee extracts only my coffee.  

Krups Gold Tone Coffee Filter: The Super Filter for Coffee Fanatics

The Krups Gold Tone Coffee Filter has not only changed the way I interact with my drip coffee maker. It has also had a pleasantly positive impact on my other beverage preparations. This versatile reusable coffee filter with its fine mesh screen is useful for all sorts of beverage preparation. The Krups Gold Tone Coffee Filter is immensely useful for those of us who enjoy cold coffee brewing. After a good cleaning, this filter is all you need to ensure that your cold-brewed coffee is free from floating coffee grounds. I pour my 12-hour steeped cold-extract coffee through my Krups Coffee Filter, and as simple as that, I have a mellow, delicious coffee perfectly prepared for service over ice. You might not put a coffee filter and iced tea together immediately, but this filter is excellent for making iced tea from loose tea leaves. Personally, I enjoy an iced green tea or even an iced Oolong to add variety to the typical iced black tea, but these two types of tea are often sold loose leaf. After I use loose leaf tea to make sun tea or other iced tea steeping, I simply pour the resultant mix of tea and leaves through my clean Krups Gold Tone Coffee Filter, and even the odd powdery sediment from the leaves is captured. No longer is there any sediment in the bottom of my iced tea glass. So, I sing the praises of the Krups Gold Tone Coffee Filter, a device that saves trees, saves money, and makes for excellent filtered beverages. Let us know if you have any novel uses for this wonderful reusable coffee filter.

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