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Best K-Cup Coffee Machine for Your Dorm Room

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Keurig B31 Mini K-Cup Coffee MachineStudents everywhere know that coffee is part of the lifeblood of any college or university campus. All-nighters, group study sessions, and even just making it to that morning class that you regret signing up for but are really interested in all call for a steaming hot mug of coffee. Coffee is the brain-fuel of academia, but rarely does your average young scholar have need of a big pot of coffee.

Enter Keurig K-Cup coffee machines. These ingenius single-cup coffee makers are perfect for today’s student. They are compact, affordable, and easy to use when life calls for coffee on the way to class. On top of that, the K-Cup coffee packaging prevents coffee from going stale and prevents you from having to worry about drippy filters and messy coffee grounds, making it perfect for the dormitory.

Keurig Mini B31 K-Cup Coffee Machine: The Student’s #1 Coffee Maker

Keurig Mini B31 Gray K-Cup Coffee MachineThe best K-Cup coffee maker for these applications is clearly the Keurig Mini B31 coffee maker. This little dynamo has most of the capabilities of any other K-Cup coffee machine but is engineered with lower volume consumption and space constraints in mind. This in combination with the convenience and variety offered by K-Cup coffee together are reason enough to make this a great coffee maker for dorm-bound students. They are, however, only the beginning of the features that make this K-Cup coffee machine awesome.

The Keurig Mini B31 K-Cup coffee machine features easily cleaned parts and a water reservoir with a capacity designed for single cup brewing. This alongside K-Cup brewing technology gives the Mini B31 the capability of brewing a cup of coffee in under two minutes! Those two minutes could be the difference between making it to that A.M. lecture on time or not.

Beyond that, this machine knows you are busy and thinking about lofty ideas and weighty theories, so don’t worry about it. It’ll shut itself off if you forget as you grab your notebooks and bolt out the door.

Yes, the Keurig Mini B31 K-Cup coffee machine is practically designed with today’s college or university student in mind. Also available in grey models.

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