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Best Single Cup Coffee Makers for Those On A Budget

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Melitta One:One Single Cup Coffee MakerBeing on a budget doesn’t mean you want to sacrifice convenience or quality for cost necessarily, and coffee is definitely one of those things in life where quality matters. So, if you are on a budget and shopping for the best single cup coffee maker for you, then read on. Today, we evaluate some of the competitively cheap single cup coffee makers on the market today. By comparing the features available on the Melitta One:One Coffee Maker, the Senseo Single Cup Pod Coffee Maker, and the Keurig Mini Plus K-Cup Coffee  Maker, we’ll seek to uncover those traits that make any of these easily affordable single serving coffee makers best for your needs as a coffee drinker. All of the single cup coffee makers in our analytical sights today are with the budget of under $100 in cost. This means that these are single cup coffee makers for everybody, whether you just want a convenient coffee resource for your desk at work, for if you want an elegant piece of brewing machinery for your home, or even for students looking for an affordable way to get their caffeine fix without leaving their dorm room.

Budget Single Cup Coffee Maker Features

Senseo Single Cup Coffee MakerThe Melitta One:One Coffee Maker is a good model for those who are more concerned with convenience than quality. It produces a reasonably good cup of coffee at both American and European standard sizes, and has a reservoir capable of producing up to five cups of coffee between refills. It uses coffee pods to that are easy to add to and remove from the machine with little mess. The pressure on the unit produces a good regular cup of coffee relatively quickly compared to more traditional machines, but the resultant coffee is certain to leave those who prefer coffee house espresso a bit disappointed. The Melitta One: One single cup coffee maker is perfect for those more concerned with getting their caffeine than their crema. Crema fanatics are going to want to take a look at the Senseo Single Cup Pod Coffeemaker. This little beauty is perfect for those who want a more coffee shop experience with the convenience of single cup pod coffee brewing. The patented frothing chamber ensures each cup of coffee that you brew has a frothy head to it, ensuring a rich and heady brew every single time. The Senseo Single Cup Pod Coffeemaker is perfect for espresso-type coffee drinkers who want a shot of excellent coffee. It has a feature that will brew a double cup for more standard, American sized coffee drinkers. The cappuccino milk-included pods available for this machine are quite good. Keurig Mini K-Cup Single Cup Coffee MakerMaybe you don’t know what kind of coffee drinker you are, or maybe you’re the kind of person who tries to order something different every time you visit a restaurant; possibly you just love exploring new taste sensations. If any of the prior statements is true of you, then the Keurig Mini Plus K-Cup Coffee Maker is probably the right single cup coffee maker for you. Keurig and its K-Cup dominate the market when it comes to variety of offerings in single cup coffee. Beyond that, the machines are very durable and designed with most coffee drinkers in mind, making it a very capable machine for anyone who likes a mug of coffee fast and delicious. Thanks to CoffeeForLess, you needn’t sacrifice convenience, quality, or options to enjoy a quality cup of single serving coffee brewed at your convenience.

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