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Brewing Coffee Beer for a Different Buzz
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Brewing Coffee Beer for a Different Buzz

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coffee-and-beer Home brewing beer has become a very popular hobby of late, and it’s no mystery why so many people are eager to try their hands at making beer at home. It’s a fun and rewarding way to spend your time, and it doesn’t actually take that much work to brew a quality batch of beer. And because you choose what goes into your beer, you get to create your perfect suds every time, assuming all else goes according to plan. At first blush, beer and coffee might seem to be strange bedfellows. One is perfect for a morning perk, while the other is generally enjoyed with friends during the evening hours or at weekend barbecues. But as many beer enthusiasts have learned, coffee and beer can be paired to excellent effect.

Buying Coffee Beer Around Town

types of coffee beer These days, you can purchase several different varieties of coffee beer from most places where quality brews are sold. But like many of the most intriguing beers on the market, this drink actually has its roots in the home brewing world. The first widely published mention of beer coffee production methods was in Charlie Papzian’s 1991 book The New Complete Joy of Home Brewing. What’s so great about it, anyway? Well, let’s start with the flavor. The rich roast bouquet of quality coffee pairs quite nicely with stouts and porters, as the flavor profiles are simpatico. There’s nothing quite like the rich earthiness of a good stout. Of course, dark beers aren’t the only option. Like beer, coffee beans have many different flavor profiles. Some brewers are experimenting with coffee IPA, barrel-aged coffee beers, and even with using cascara, the dried outer fruit that surrounds the bean.

Other Perks Associated With Coffee Beer

Unlike some other beers, coffee beers don’t drag you down quite as much. Even brews with higher alcohol content are tempered by a nice caffeine perk. You’ll still get the traditional alcohol buzz, but you’ll feel a bit more energetic. Drink more than your usual indulgence, and the alcohol will eventually overpower the caffeine. Still, it’s a great choice when you want to enjoy a beer with friends and still have plenty of energy to get things done afterward. We wouldn’t recommend substituting this kind of beer for your morning java, because we don’t think that’s a healthy way to start your day. But if you’re a beer drinker and a coffee lover, then we wholeheartedly recommend that you try some of the great beers on the market (when the time is right!). If you’re a home brewer, why not experiment with making your own coffee or cascara brew. Who knows? You might brew up the next big flavor!

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