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Can I Brew Coffee Pods in a Regular Coffee Maker?

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Aloha Island Kona Coffee PodsThe profusion of such prepackaged single serving coffees as coffee pods, T-Discs, and K-Cups has left many of today’s coffee drinkers a bit perplexed as to which kind of single cup coffee will work in their coffee maker. While Tassimo T-Discs and Keurig K-Cups are proprietary refills for their specific branded coffee makers, many coffee pods are capable of being used in any pour over or drip coffeemaker.

This universal functioning alongside the convenience of a prepackaged paper filter and coffee grounds has made the coffee pod one of the favorite ways of providing coffee in the hotel industry. No doubt, coffee pods are here to stay.

 Great Coffee Pod Options

When it comes to coffee pods, CoffeeForLess has you covered, offering an extraordinary variety of coffee pods that will work for you. These coffee pods were selected for their quality and popularity.

Barrie House Espresso Coffee PodsAloha Island Coffee Pods offer some of the highest quality Kona coffee and Kona coffee blend coffee pods on the market today. This authentic Hawaiian coffee company provides gourmet coffee pods of excellent quality, sure to impress customers and guests alike.

Barrie House Coffee Pods are an excellent coffee pod choice for those who love espresso and want the convenience of coffee pod without sacrificing gourmet espresso quality. Barrie House espresso coffee pods are calibrated to let you choose your preferred espresso strength, including double shot pods.

For a great flavored coffee pod, try Wolfgang Puck Coffee Pods. These coffee pods are filled with ground coffee that was selected for taste and flavor before some of that coffee is flavored. Wolfgang Puck coffee pods are delicious and flavorful whether they hold flavored or regular coffee.

Coffee pods are a great way to enjoy coffee without a mess. Try them for your home or business.

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